Zhou Meisen: “squatting window” prototype in Jiangsu are not recognized

[Abstract] Zhou Meisen’s response to “the ‘ squat window ‘ where the plot was inspired by” that are themselves what they see, in Jiangsu Province, it still did not recognize it, specifically does not say.


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    Today is “World Book Day” and “Jiangsu national reading day”. On April 22, “scholarly Jiangsu” prize-giving ceremony of the 13th reading Festival launch ceremony held in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province.

    Zhou Meisen, on behalf of the people, Huang beijia’s the children’s eyes, such as Jiangsu reading 12 books selected in 2017 leading group recommended 12 book to the public.

    Since its launch, on behalf of the people of strong fighter screen. The people on behalf of the paper book has now exceeded 1.5 million copies have been sold, and expects annual sales will exceed 2 million, locking 2017 ‘s best-selling book in advance.

    Before the ceremony began, modern Express () · ZAKER Nanjing Xinhua obtained an exclusive interview with Zhou Meisen’s opportunity, and “in the name of friends, an interview with Zhou Meisen” broadcast. Friends throw hot issue, Zhou Meisen calmly replied.

    Ding Yizhen “squatting window” prototype in Jiangsu

    Modern Express: a theme of political drama in Hunan, and before the start, you feel a little nervous, worried the ratings?

    Zhou Meisen: that was a little worried because Hunan is a youth drama, entertainment-oriented play, but now it seems, precisely because broadcast by Hunan, we have achieved an unprecedented, amazing ratings. In order to ensure that the show had a good start, Hunan ingenuity with a “meet you” broadcast. We play a break on the air of millions and didn’t walk downhill from the broadcast, along the lines, ratings have been broken three days ago 5, this show will break 6.

    Modern Express: operas that Ding Yizhen invented the “squat window” lets the audience feeling a lot. There is media in the country collecting this type of window, there are a lot of places this jerk was exposed out of the window, you feel, how much the masses, the media exposure that cannot be solved, now because of a series of air accidents be taken seriously and resolved. What do you think of this?

    Zhou Meisen: literary works does not assume functions to address specific social problems, it does not have this feature, it only affects and lead shidaorenxin. To solve this kind of problem should be the responsibility of all localities and departments concerned managers. However, the Manager, where I pointed out the problem, long-standing powers willful, disregard and even contempt for the common people, there was a massive breach of political ethics of the adverse event. He is not afraid, he is entitled to, and you can’t stop him. So he is blind to the plight and problems of ordinary people. Although the TV series does not assume functions to solve specific problems, but this show too much influence. Have little effect, still can not solve the problem will still not be called as a weapon to put pressure on them. Influence the play so much, play lazy governance and other aspects of a monitoring role. One of the social function of literary and artistic works, belonging to a fluke, I have foreseen.

    Modern Express: “squatting window” this episode where does inspiration come from?

    Zhou Meisen: I see, in Jiangsu. That still didn’t recognize it, specifically does not say.

    Social intolerance writers would be difficult to make art

    Modern Express: people watching the show applauded. But also caused some discontent, Beijing police said in a Twitter “this show does not have a positive image of the police.”

    Zhou Meisen: at the time I didn’t see, and later did some explaining, and now the voice eliminated. I feel that the community should be a little more latitude. If a community is not Catholic, writers and artists are hard to make art, we could hardly see any good literature.

    Modern Express: play when it comes to women, women’s Federation and some comrades are not happy, said the play “lack of gender consciousness” negative female cadre growing up “tagging” and so on, what do you think?

    Zhou Meisen: I have more than 10 years ago, wrote a play of the absolute power, starring Jean gaowa, playing a woman mayor, Tang acted in the registry. Later mayors committed suicide. At that time, also, saying that we are training female cadres is not easy, had a mayor, Zhou Meisen says her corruption, and finally committed suicide. Also said I have gender discrimination. I can’t afford to make, I can afford it. I write her well, you said I was hollow; I’m going to write her tall than Hou Liangping, also to be called; I write her corruption away too. I have no intention of discrimination against women. It is more sensitive, people strongly feminist misunderstanding.

    Modern Express: about Qi Tongwei, would have been a very negative role, in order to climb by hook or by crook, but now we feel sympathy for him, think of this poor family children were power play with again and again, finally being forced to yield to the power, or even complete loss of the soul. How do you see such a public opinion?

    Zhou Meisen: we are in this day and age, Qi Tongwei such person appears to be perfectly normal. He is a typical personality of the environment, it is also of critical realism, a literary principles. And much like this character, and the life of Gao jialin, and Julien in the red and the black, they are a type of. This type of figure is a sharp change in the times. If he does not struggle, struggle to make their future generations, good fight results may still be nothing. Therefore, Qi Tongwei Gao jialin turned biyulian and much more, up to anything, and dare to act. As long as you keep me God stop killing God, Ghost block killing demons. The characters are complex, had thought at the time of writing, may give rise to the most controversial was his.

    Modern Express: businessman’s role in the play is not very positive, like Liu Jian Zhao Jia, the white gloves, Zhao’s State-owned enterprises as a cash machine, and Gao Xiaoqin, Cai Chenggong which is representative of the profiteers.

    Zhou Meisen: Wang Dalu is a very serious businessman. I play at this show is not about war, nor a commercial morality play. In this play, the merchant is just a level. The play’s theme is corruption, collusion seriously today, so in the play, merchants more.

    Shadows of reality but also to society more bright

    Modern Express: but such as Hou Liangping “tall, great light” image viewers but not particularly liked. This is not what you thought?

    Zhou Meisen: I didn’t think of that. Literary principles, even shadowed area, but also to give some light. If there are no Hou Liangping, an era when there was no hero to lead, in real life there is no light. I think this is also very scary. Especially TV, its audience is very broad, and light characters are needed to lead the wind spirit. First of all emphasized is, on the one hand to face the harsh realities of life, on the other hand, even if Hou Liangping not many such people, I also create a benchmark, it does not violate my principles, hard to set up a false image. More important still is the aesthetic principles. Life cannot be written badly, in fact, our life is not a mess. I emphasize that I reflect the problems, should be fully affirmed the achievements on the basis of the reform and opening up. Hou Liangping this light figure, part is what I want to say for sure, he represents the authority of the rule of law, representing the image of a law-abiding, upright Lawman.

    Modern Express: Secretary of the dot-com powder many netizens would like to call the role of teacher Li Dakang.

    Zhou Meisen: I know dot-com powder up to my clients live in people’s daily, just by chance, Secretary of the dot-com was broadcast the day before. He is millions of live broadcast of the beginning, 1.5 hours there will be 20 million people watching. LI LU, I live, start hundreds of thousands of (the audience). Later, with all his strength, number of the last no more than 2 million. The character so popular, accepted by the young people in the form of their own, so I was surprised, and very pleased.

    I personally think that this phenomenon shows, such as his distinctive personal touch officials are relatively rare, vulnerable young man fanatical welcome. Because of his personality, there are obvious shortcomings. Like the GDP, which is the mainstream discourse, young people did not accept, but they want to defend the Secretary of dot-com GDP. The success of the character, I need a good summary, including my creations in the future.

    Modern Express: this show to people of all ages, students wrote an article about it, saying, “on behalf of the people.” What do you think?

    Zhou Meisen: I wasn’t looking this article

    Before. But “probably is the name of the people”, I have written, in Kao-Yu Liang who’s mouth. When they did not take people seriously. This doesn’t need to be said, I have already said. People is the name of two different meanings, one is getting work done for the people, the other is in name only.

    Trial sample leaked already suspect

    Modern Express: trial sample was leaked a while ago, alarming, how is this thing now? What link is leaked?

    Zhou Meisen: after the event, and other areas for urgent action. Trial sample disclosure has been filed, had locked the suspect goal, in cases now under investigation. In the case before the end of the investigation, who don’t jump to conclusions. We can only confirm that this is standard samples and submit code to beat the time of film.

    Modern Express: this thing will you do?

    Zhou Meisen: everything in accordance with the law, like Sha Ruijin said “no cap, is not guaranteed.” If this matter is not dealt with, could seriously undermine the rule of law of our country’s image. This show has been out of the country, have an enormous impact overseas. Overseas mainstream media attention, including the loss, loss of the play link, server, and so on, many of which are abroad, not at home.

    Modern Express: users want to ask, do you have to participate in the casting process?

    Zhou Meisen: important roles, the Director will talk to me about, like Lu Yi, and so on. Director Li is a very good Director, he chose roles I agree.

    Like Lu Yi, a lot of people say the Director chose the wrong, absolutely not, Lu Yi was very good, very good, and Director and I believe that our choice was right. Lu Yi is in line with the requirements of the role, very handsome Lu Yi, Sun. He is the best in his generation actors acting. I watch him play the new romance of the three kingdoms, he played pieces of Zhuge Liang. I think that he finish the play, role, the tasks entrusted to him.

    Modern Express: weeks teachers have any new writing projects?

    Zhou Meisen: not yet, in the rest and reorganization.

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