Zhengzhou women do not give the Executive judge to open the door to worry about meeting a fake judge

Husband money not to disregard Court wife? Such a thing happened recently in Zhengzhou, wife to avoid Court, facing execution judges silent, was brought back to court, wrote checks to come home. What is “adapting” the right way to judge? Follow the footsteps of Zhongyuan District Court judges by the Executive Board to look at.

| To the Executive judges not to open the door

Execution by Zhang Ling and Zhang Jie (not her real name) is a couple. On April 6, 2012, Li lent Ms Zhang Jie and operated by tongda machinery manufacturing co of 250,000 yuan, the two sides agreed to borrow for a period of three years, a monthly 2%. After the loan expires, Lee repeated payments but there was no news. Ms Lee to court. November 27, 2015, the Court ruled Zhang Jie repay Lee 250,000 yuan in principal and interest, his wife, Zhang Ling and assume joint responsibility for tongda machinery manufacturing co. Judgment comes into effect, Ms Li Zhongyuan district, Zhengzhou city people’s Court for compulsory execution.

Executive judges look for, but I have never seen Zhang Jie, Zhang Ling and the two men.

Early on March 20, do the judges ready to take a chance. At 7 in the morning, do the judges Jianjun Zhou, Marshal week Thunder, who reached the zhengdong new district Union City Community. Lee’s understanding of the person subjected to execution according to the applicant, her judge Ling Zhang are likely to be home.

“Jason at home yet? We are staff of Zhongyuan District Court, please open the door. “Standing at the door, Jianjun Zhou can clearly hear voices inside the House, but he just falls, voices in the House also ceased. Judges at the door after waiting for some time continue to knock, still no one to open the door but door noise constantly – clearly someone at home.

Judges repeatedly knocking identification and contact property to find the housekeeper, multifaceted communications, but always silent and no door. Subsequently, the courts look to unlock to unlock to enter. Police and witnesses with security, master lock will lock open – execution by Zhang Ling was at home!

Statement | ” Worry about meeting a false judge “

“Now the bad guys so much, who knows whether you really courts people! “The judge asked, Zhang Ling so justifies.

Jianjun Zhou introduced in the implementation process, often meet people at home, do not open the door, wait for the Court to force into the home, and justified worry about meeting “the judge”. “Cat’s eye on the door, we wear uniforms, property was also present, and we have clear identities, these are definitely not the reason for not opening! ”

Zhang Ling had hampered the implementation, then taken back to the Court.

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