Zhengzhou municipal Bureau of social security response Windows to be squatting: chairs are beginning of the masses

This picture came from Twitter @ Beijing Youth daily, Beijing Youth daily, the official micro-blog on April 14, with the name of the people hit, TV was criticized by Secretary of the dot-com district Bureau of light low window resonated with the majority of users. Today, said television was frustrated by working the crowd staged a small window in the real version, appear in Zhengzhou IESS-do Hall. Zhengzhou municipal Bureau of social security staff in a bei Qing newspaper interview responses, user exposure is not the case. He explained that the social insurance Office most of the Windows are open Office of Zhengzhou city, only two issued social security card window block with clapboard, but are also equipped with a window, high chair, convenient to working people. Recently, due to the city being updated social security card, more people came to receive a new card, some people own a Chair to the back, so only online broke the screen. Now do halls matching chairs have been reinstated.

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