Zhengzhou municipal Bureau of social security response-do window low: set a fixed seat

[Summary], Zhengzhou city, the social security administration response to do window low issues: the working window has a convenient seat. Due to recent work the crowd surged, crowded, and seating was removed. At present, the seat has been reset and is fixed and added waiting for seats near the window.


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    Zhengzhou municipal Bureau of social insurance office window is low.

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    Recently, some media reported Security Council Hall window does not have accessible seating, Zhengzhou city, window counters designed “high and low”, so do members of the public “stand” which in the recent hit TV show plot is very similar to the network buzz. Online channel, “episode of the original TV series come from here! ”

    On April 14, the IESS, Zhengzhou city in response, set the work window is based on the national standards, have been equipped with accessible seating. Due to the recent ongoing social security cards to exchange their business in the city, working the crowd surge, crowded, waiting in line in the seat was moved for the convenience of the situation, staff members could not be found, caused inconvenience to the follow-up work of the masses.

    In response to this situation, Zhengzhou city, the social security administration staff has been reset the seat and fixed and added waiting for seats near the window. (CCTV reporter Wu Yanmin Wang Tao)

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    Recently, some users upload a few Social Security Bureau, Zhengzhou city do a picture of a window, the window design is not high, not low, nor squat not, and recently hit the bridge on behalf of the people of very similar. Some netizens ridicule “art was drawn from life”, there are also netizens “dot-com registry fast.”

    In the name of the people, there is a classic “Windows service” Opera: Ding Yizhen corrupt officials deliberately light district Bureau for letters and calls of Windows are designed to be very low, half squats work the crowd outside, inclined sit inside love take care of staff, is a “door hard, ugly face”. Comparison, online picture show the social insurance Administration Bureau of Zhengzhou, low window really is the show’s real-life.

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