Zhejiang real estate Associates lists expose home buyers more for officials

Legal evening news (reporter Yang Guohua) a few days ago, a Hong Kong resort • Jing Yi Wan connections summary table records are widely spread in the network. This involved 229 people Excel records clearly recording the reservation name, contact phone number, target selection, career and relationships through which an appointment.

Reporters noted: this record displays the appointment of jiaxing, buyers are mostly local government officials or the heads of financial institutions, as well as clearly documented how these people are scheduled for sale housing.

By Combs: records table in the mentioned of officials including jiaxing land resources Council Deputy Secretary, and by open district construction Council Deputy Secretary, and by open people Social Council Deputy Secretary, and audit Council Secretary, and port authority Deputy Secretary, and employment Council Secretary, and city tobacco Council Secretary, and City Bureau Deputy Secretary, and jiaxing market supervision authority Deputy Secretary, more than 10 multiple government sector officials, and Bank President, and ABC President, and CCB Customer Manager, financial institutions head.

By late journalist (app ID:fzwb_52165216) contacted the list of jiaxing city land Bureau Deputy Director Wu Guofei, record label on “opened by the Director-General Shaw” recommended offers. Wu Fei confirmed to reporters in Hong Kong resort housing • Jing Yi Wan do advance registration. Wu Guofei said at present only reservation has not yet finalized the purchase, real estate is not open, open, to be determined in accordance with the number of lots for sale, bought cheap houses of leading cadres do not exist such a thing.

Jiaxing economic development zone referred to in the table method of finance Zhu Xiaozhong, Deputy Director of the Administration Committee, told reporters later: now buy Bazi or no apostrophe, nor does it know who leaked out.

Zhu Xiaozhong, said: they (the developers) to build a House, so to book a bit, current price, with areas not sure, when opened does not know. Just made a reservation, buy or not is not.

Jiang Guifang of the Deputy Director of the Bureau referred to in the table also confirmed to the reporter just signed a notice of intention. “Did not think was leaked out, I went to ask the developers, they said sent the wrong group, end up being spread out. ”

Sohu focus real estate network registration information: HKR • Jing Yi Wan yao playing on the East side of the Park, is located in the Southern District of jiaxing city, planning is about 120-160 square pure mansion Yuan Shu ju, 180-230 square meters, is expected to first top 127 square meters, 135 sqm, 143 square meters apartment, first floor, 16#, 18#, 15#, 12#, House, temporarily opening time is uncertain.

HKR • Jing Yi Wan reception hall (temporarily) a head, surnamed Li said not clear this matter, said to reporters after reporting to reply, as of press time had not received replies.

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