“Yu Liang, Secretary” is a three-tier actors don’t care about titles titles so far

Original title: “benign and Secretary of education” is a politician? Pick character he only three-stage actor

(Legal evening news reporter Shou Penghuan) shape of the Ming dynasty in 1566 yanshifan, the human path is the vicissitudes of Dongjian Chang Chang, but was hit by Zhang Zhijian, Yu Liang is Secretary.

Corruption dramas of the people on behalf of the hit, to play the veteran concerned, Zhang Zhijian, who plays Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee Gao Yuliang unexpectedly, he designed for the role of “micro-expressions”, as the audience was so talked about, by viewers as “Yu Liang, Secretary of the laughing”.

Zhang Zhijian on behalf of the people plays a corner of Gao Yuliang, Secretary

Recently, Zhang Zhijian told the legal evening news reporter in an interview, tells the drama play out. For this role, Zhang Zhijian made a lot of preparation, even her own pocket. The character was so popular, thanks to his background.

Zhang Zhijian shaping higher education credits in the play has an immense desire for power, but in reality, quite the contrary, Zhang Zhijian was pursued “Opera than grand” titles, titles are not important. He now remains of the Jiangsu people’s three-stage actor, he doesn’t care about this, “I think these are very minor, as long as there are good role play, it doesn’t matter. ”

In the play

Yu Liang, Secretary

Dig down for roles

Legal evening news (hereinafter referred to as law later): how to beat Yu Liang, Secretary of the role?

Zhang Zhijian: first theme has more than 10 years without such a theme emerged. Zhou Meisen’s teacher wrote the script is very good, I can read the script after, when they viewed the Kao-Yu Liang, I hope he is, I don’t have any other role temptation.

By night: why this character so appealing to you?

Zhang Zhijian: this role is too rich, looking back more. He is not traditional, no makeup, no concepts, he has a story, you see, he and several University students, the so-called best story rich.

The play also has a drama, Gao Yuliang was the first leading role, explains the importance of this character in this drama.

By night: Acting Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee for the first time?

Zhang Zhijian: for the first time. Since more than 10 years is not the subject. Previously played a nationalist General, also quite large, realistic acting provincial party Committee Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the political and Legislative Affairs Committee, so da was the first time.

By night: how to portray such characters, how do my homework?

Zhang Zhijian: in addition to read the script, benign and the character’s inner experience of higher education, in order to make themselves more like the character, much work has been done. Because my father was considered the new anti-VIII of the North Jiangsu at the students, and later in the army military ensemble work, from small to large so I have experience with many of the same officials, a general understanding of their image.

By night: image, talk, have some of your own design?

Zhang Zhijian: I hair is buzz over the years, the play retained a large back. Play a cadre suit wearing, clothing texture is not the same as other officials, is a cashmere cotton, although expensive, seven thousand or eight thousand bucks, I know finishing the show, may have trouble putting on this dress.

By night: for the play, deliberately buy it?

Zhang Zhijian: of course, including the Opera glasses, the crew prepared I am not satisfied with, an eyeglass shop and choose a pair of glasses in Nanjing, which can show the character is a professor at the University of origin, and could feel his poise, but also of good quality, is five thousand or six thousand.

By night: all out-of-pocket.

Zhang Zhijian: I think for this character, cutting the money value, including I wear trousers, jacket, scarf, are my own.

In the play

The second creation is more important

Micro-expression concerns

By night: ever talked to writers, how to hold this role?

Zhang Zhijian: the script was very well written, this role is also very rich, or on her own, the second creation of the actors is important. Because the image is in your body, we play for so many years, basically is based on plays and experience to grasp, someone can’t help you.

By night: play the role of the second creation are more important still is to try to fit with reality?

Zhang Zhijian: in fact, every official in real life, are all different people, different background, experience, and even to experience the life, it is impossible to imitate these officials act, you want the external expression of all these people has got you, must be neither fish nor fowl.

By night: so the second creation is more important?

Zhang Zhijian: I just believe in me, I Yu Liang Zhang Zhijian shaped the high is like this, I believe, viewers will believe it. Include someone ask me micro expression in the play it is her own design, I said, not design, based on figures. The character of Gao Yuliang, Secretary of the old recommended him to be in charge, but parachuted to a Secretary at this time when the charge, the political situation worsened, what makes you laugh? So very often can only smile.

Gao Yuliang fans smile

By night: it was the micro-expressions to make audiences.

Zhang Zhijian: a provision situation and naturally shown, this design does not come out, and you perform every day based on opponents ‘ performances and plays.

By night: some netizens said Kao-Yu Liang seemingly upright, but the wily. How do you see this character is?

Zhang Zhijian: I think he’s a politician, all of his performances, in public performance, is in fact political formation created, he is not our concept of good guys, not so simple to understand. Finally you will know, he is one of our real-life politician among many viewers do not understand. From this point of view, you’ll find it interesting.

By night: this is character-rich place?

Zhang Zhijian: Yes, only the more interesting characters are more to the back. Such as Lu Yi’s role is a positive character, justice, drama inevitably dull. Li Dakang is a reformist, monotonous. Because his wife, Jing is also suspected of corruption, the character solid, if not this, that monotone.

Only Kao-Yu Liang, the back, the richer the so-called human side reflected most vividly, viewers see really suffer from high fertility good fun.

Play outside

Playing mostly drama

Not worried about being stereotyped

By night: you shoot a lot of film, decent villains have been tried, which role is more challenging to you?

Zhang Zhijian: I hope the side of good and evil, as a villain of his human side, rich, complex, multi-faceted, and such a person is attracted to me.

By night: acted in many drama, ever worried about being stereotyped?

Zhang Zhijian: don’t worry, I picked out the characters are very rich.

By night: you are a drama actress, play-oriented first, what is a day?

Zhang Zhijian: in fact, when we play drama, film and television drama, few, there is no temptation, then I say a year put on a drama, starring in a movie, there is a TV, then this year you will be enriched.

By night: drama starring you in the name of the people, debut in March, should be familiar to you?

Zhang Zhijian: challenges, I acted in TV series, this role should not be too much of a problem. But we are rehearsals for 18 days, and old plays at least two or three months of rehearsal time, now only 18 days on the stage were synthesized, and theatrical stage facing the audience in Beijing, this is a great challenge.

By night: and for many years did not return to the theatrical stage?

Zhang Zhijian: Yes, I have 76 years on stage, play play is physical work, very tired, but it’s time to finally come out for curtain calls, are generally not appreciate the happiness and excitement. Audiences don’t want to exit, has been applauded, that feeling is a TV series will never experience not to.

Play outside

So far is a three-tier actor

Don’t care about titles titles

By night: you still have, Nanjing city Repertory Theatre actor?

Zhang Zhijian: many things online are not accurate now, Baidu said I was on Repertory Theatre actor, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, in fact, I was the original Repertory Theatre actor, Jiangsu people’s changed, I am of the Jiangsu people’s three-level actors.

By night: certainly many will say do not believe, how is level.

Zhang Zhijian: Yes, there are many aspects for me, how can you be three levels. Because I shoot outside film and television drama, said I’m not coming back to participate in drama, only three levels. I say does not matter, as long as there are good role play, I don’t care.

By night: there is injustice and unwilling to do?

Zhang Zhijian: those are minor, I want these not be here today. All these years, this is the first time I have received such frequent media interviews. Yet this is not a low profile, said in an interview that what? My perspective is a play for so many years, you say, viewers do not read what, see propaganda?

Why would I accept? That means you play, like the role of Kao-Yu Liang, well, I talk to you, Kao-Yu Liang how can I shape, isn’t it interesting.

By night: attended the play on behalf of the people of, will put more emphasis on the theatrical stage in the future?

Zhang Zhijian: or the role play themes. Although the drama no income, but more challenging, more exciting, no doubt about it.

By night: play play, is not conducive to the rating?

Zhang Zhijian: now I don’t pay attention to them, I played the level of drama in Jiangsu, Beijing does not have any relationship. Already don’t take this seriously.

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