Young black school bus was killed in the car crash is rolling/23 on a small stool

Kindergarten students involved van 23 was placed in a small stool.

Reporter Gu Wumin Zhao Zhenheng vintu

Recently, taiqian County accident horse town kindergarten kindergarten shuttle bus inadvertently his two students killed. Local education authority said the County does not have the approval of a school bus. Meanwhile, MA Lou town, 12 kindergartens kindergarten of the accident only after approval. At present, the driver was under control, Park officials have reached an agreement and subsequent payments to the families.


Kindergarten “school bus” ran down students

“My grandson is kindergarten school buses to run over and killed, Sara how can all of a sudden in the car crash? “On March 24, Xiang Wang, Qing Shui he reflected to reporters said, taiqian, two days ago, when he was 4 years old grandson came home from school, suddenly dropped off the school bus, and later was killed by the car.

Wang said that his sunziruirui (a pseudonym) in taiqian County “experimental kindergarten of Ma Lou” go to school, usually are school buses. About 5:10 P.M. March 22, from Sara’s home on the school bus just dozens of meters, Sara suddenly fell off the car, accidentally run over by a wheel. Sara’s mother at the door to see a school bus ran over a thing, didn’t expect was their child.

According to Mr Wang, taiqian County people send their children to the hospital, the doctor said the child has had it.

“Rui Rui on the kindergarten years ago over a period of time, years later, was delayed by something at home, when children attended the incident to 10 days. “His grandson, Wang could not help but cry.


A “school bus” 23 a small stool

The morning of 24th, taiqian County Reporter went to the “experimental kindergarten of Ma Lou”, kindergartens have been closed, none of the students and teachers. Sara’s family told reporters that the accident, the town’s kindergarten was closed, head of the party, has so far not seen Park.

“Until now, we don’t know how the child fell out of the car. “Mr King says,” say school bus, in fact, Wuling minivans, is being detained by the police, there is a car in a nearby parking lot. ”

Under the guidance of Mr Wang, the reporter saw a dark blue van, opened the back door and found, in addition to front-row seats outside the car, the rest have been removed, 23 small bench was placed in the compartment. Mr Wang said that kindergarten kids usually use this car.

Subsequently, the reporters came to taiqian County Education Bureau, according to the relevant person in charge, the kindergarten through

Approval, and applications to be introduced to show reporters the kindergarten and the verification report, housing inspection report, fire inspection records and other material.

But in considering the material, attention caused by a certificate, the certificate issued by the Ma Lou Ma Lou village of the town, shown in the proof, Wei Hui, proved that experimental kindergarten of Ma Lou Ma homestead. Meanwhile, the official said, taiqian County without approval a formal school bus.

Sara was killed falling from a car, a Bureau official said, taiqian, the day of accident, driver Wang private cars driving the kindergarten Ma took Sara home, journeys in Qing Shui he Xiang Wang Jicun occurred after traffic accidents, caused by Rui Rui died. The official stressed that the car was not school buses, car and only a little Sara alone.


Concerned kindergartens to pay 350,000 yuan as compensation

The afternoon of 24th, accident branch of the police car park, taiqian, the reporter saw black Wuling brand minivan accident. All-glass solar films bearing the black, door lock, journalists cannot see inside the vehicle.

According to police, driver of the kindergarten, the horse has been detained, according to Sara causes fall car, the driver is not too clear. And 3 kids on the bus when the incident was not sent out.

Taiqian County Town Center building, school officials said in an interview, the time of the incident with teachers not yet found. Kindergarten teacher, Sara sat in the co-pilot position, after seeing dozens of metres outside the mother, opened the door that led to the accident. The Director said, MA town a total of 12 kindergarten, only an accident of the kindergarten through all the approval procedures.

Yesterday afternoon, the Town Center building, reporters from the school official was informed by the kindergartens concerned have reached a compensation agreement with Sara’s family, to pay 350,000 yuan as compensation. Meanwhile, traffic Police Department and the Education Department had another “black bus” has been investigated and dealt with.

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