Xueba examination in colleges and universities: Smartphones to replace older machines endorsements into the wee hours

Postgraduate examination results have been out in 2017, and Jubilate. While many candidates have complained that in recent years when the grind harder, Shandong Normal University College of 16 girls meet two dorm grind, all admitted to prestigious universities. “The grind is not the only way of life, but I believe that it will lead me to a better life. Because in my most precious time, I was with a group of friends together, had put an end to an ideal for the University. “238 dorm girl said.

Division of college dormitory 238 of 8 girls.

Division of college dormitory 242 8 girls.

All 16 students grind through

Create school history of the Mountain Division

“I’m in Mountain Division of chemistry and chemical engineering and materials science instructor for 15 years, appeared before a hostels are admitted to graduate school, but have not experienced two quarters of totally 16 students grind through rate, they are to some extent created a Mountain Division of the Institute of history. “Shandong Normal University in chemistry and chemical engineering and materials science, college counselor and Secretary of Youth League Committee 2013 Sun Nan told reporters.

Sun Nan said of the two quarters, 238 and 242 respectively hostels are pharmaceutical engineering specialty, belongs to the Mountain Division of the non-normal majors. Pharmaceutical engineering is a chemical, pharmacy (pharmacy) and engineering engineering majors at the intersection of, belongs to the study of basic subjects, relative to the graduate of direct working, further scientific research is the better choice. “If it is the only graduate may work slightly less, so we study section will have a very strong and hopes to engage in more sophisticated research. “238 dorm girls Ji Mengfan said. According to Sun Nan introduction, Mountain Division 2013 a total of 49 people in pharmaceutical engineering specialty, postgraduate students for 38, grind up to 77.6%, and examination pass rate is even higher.

According to introduced, 238 hostel 8 name girls, admitted to of University are for “211”, and “985” school, including East Polytechnic University, and Nankai University, and Dalian Polytechnic, and petroleum (Beijing), and petroleum (East), and Beijing University of (3 a); 242 of 8 name girls, admitted to of College in the 7 by for “211”, and “985” school, including petroleum (East), and Sun Yat-sen University, and Tianjin University, and Beijing University of (2 a), and Shandong University, and South Polytechnic University, Only one cross-professional exam, Shandong Normal University, College of education, because her goal is to become an educator. “From multidisciplinary research in chemistry education, there are very difficult,” Sun Nan …

Smartphones to replace older machines

Endorse the dormitory corridor into the wee hours

From junior year starting in March or April, two neat dorm girls ready to grind. 8 girls each dorm has the same routine, get up from the 6:30, till 10 o’clock in the evening back to the hostel and continued to grind time for almost half a year before. Hot summer holiday, all 16 in the study room, “study room temperature is very high, the day felt sweat dripping down from the body, clothes never did, but then only to learn, but did not feel very hard. “242 dorm girl Zhang Xiao said.

Talk about preparation, a bunch of 20-something girls gossiping about the time, face is missing. “Our study in the two quarters are on the 2nd floor, we are first to this room every day, later left the past 10 o’clock at night we do not withdraw, than to learn from each other. Many professional students begin to study in our study room, thinking that our atmosphere is awful, students taking them. “Zhao Xiaoqing said a naughty face. “If they left the study hall, to the dormitory to see everyone is still not back, feeling too uncomfortable, as if he missed hundreds of millions of points. “238 hostels Ji Mengfan said with a smile.

At the urging of Uncle Lou Guan of the teaching building, they finally left the study hall, but the dormitory wash, everyone with camp Chair also happened quietly in the hallway for endorsement. “Especially a month before schedule, your camp Chair first went to six floors from the hostel, where endorsement could not be found, articles by political needs a lot of memory, especially a month before the exam time, 10 o’clock to 12 points, the endorsement has never stopped in the corridor. “Ji Mengfan said.

More than 20 age of girls, daily also will by various of temptation, daily of high strength learning is easy let energy lax, “sometimes wandering took up phone unknowingly on play has half hours, hate have himself root itch, didn’t approach, on will phone into old machine, only call received SMS, forced himself static Xia heart come and go struggle, that is a very pure of time, I think I will with lifetime to miss it. “Hostel 242 Wang Yanping said that eyes are red.

Midnight insomnia into roommates bed

Roommates become each other’s haven

“You grind with each dorm 8 persons, do not have competition? Wouldn’t there be competition conflicts? “Why compete? Each test to the same school, professional direction is not the same, there is more sharing of resources, mutual care between mood, we are teammates in the same trench. “In the face of reporters ‘ questions, 238 hostels wangkang said it was easy.

Wangkang admitted the Nankai University this year, think of your own test preparation experience, she is still haunted by it. “September is the period of preparation, when enrollment plan come out of Nankai University, enrollment plan 23 people, but 22 people had walked out, leaving grind party places only 1. I was going to collapse, for schools, for the professional all too late. “Wangkang choice can only bite the exam, there is a chance:” maybe he is the only one. ” But the retest list came out, his fifth, “the mood was very low. Roommates put down learning, help me choose a transfer school and professional, I plan in advance. “Finally, Nankai University enrollment quota increased from one to 8,” I think I was lucky, not only was the enrollment of Nankai, roommates also gave me the greatest of luck. ”

Hostel 242 Yang Xueting, insomnia can find peace and safety in the roommate’s bed. “Under a lot of pressure during the exam, feeling inexplicably down, quiet at night the whole world after the brain is extremely active during that time was the collapse of the whole people, most fears is sleep. “Although homes friends wants to do approach enlighten she still useless, one day she think heart special suppressed, on climbed to homes friends Sun Ziru of bed Shang,” on as we two a people quiet to lying in narrow narrow of small bed Shang, although special not comfortable, but inside is think exception calm, magic of is I was while on sleep has, from that yihou, whenever I insomnia on will climbed to they of bed Shang, and they with sleep, they became I of haven. ”

(Qilu one reporter Guo Liwei, qilu evening news)

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