XI ‘ an University student reporting illegal school report was hand sent informants

Run Arts test in college courses, hired several college classes, location on the campus of a high school. Recently, a “leave teachers” to report to the local education authority illegally running the course, but half an hour later to report the letter to be informants in his hand.

>> The reason

After pay disputes

“Leaving teachers” reported training institutions

Wang is about to graduate this year, is a professional Director of University students in Xian. Sophomore, Hanzhong, in the “Chinese arts and film and Television Arts test education” training institutions as “teacher”.

Theory of Wang Tong, hantai district, Hanzhong city, the art exam training institutions in town middle school campus, run Man Lai is a junior at Northwestern University professional Director. “Starting Arts test thanks to a freshman year courses.” Theory of Wang Tong, Lai said, chose to shop in town middle class, first, because he was graduated from the high school, people cooked, Hanzhong, then on the other hand there is no art exam training institutions, which he saw “opportunities”.

Theory of Wang Tong, the course began in March 2015 admission, his summer vacation to substitute. In 2015, the Agency employed 15 student 2016 enrollment of 20 students; this year over more than 30 students, students mainly town high school students. “Annual fee of 4000 Yuan, class teachers are college students, don’t even have a teacher’s certificate. “Theory of Wang Tong, because of salary disputes, and this year he took place thanks to a contradiction. Recently, hantai district, Hanzhong city, he will be the training agency to report to the Education Board, reflecting its operation without qualification.

Theory of Wang Tong, April 14 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, hantai district, he dialed the telephone hotlines run by education and body. Around 6 o’clock in the afternoon, he received a reply the other side said they have accepted the report, and has begun investigating, hoping he can provide details. Because he’s in the field, the training institutions will be in class to Hanzhong friends photos into documents. “Friends are sent to teach at 1:30, to the 1:58 P.M., he (Lai), on the report I made to our internal micro-groups. ”

According to classmates and cell phone screen, huashang newspaper confirmed his claim. “I’m informer, something to the education sector, how to whistle-blower by hand? The nature was so bad. “Theory of Wang Tong.

>> Inquiry

Classroom in middle school

A field instructor for junior students

At about 10 o’clock in the morning yesterday, hantai district, Hanzhong city, China business news reporters came to town middle school, the day is Sunday, but found in both the classroom teacher is teaching. In a classroom, more than 10 students of the literary sense of the books on the desk. Another classroom, news comments over more than 10 students. The platform, a young male teacher. Male teacher says he is a junior student, learning is a professional Director.

Subsequently, the China business news journalists call the class Director Lai. Lai said that the course is the town of in-house training courses in secondary schools, because he is a graduate of the school, is also the school’s first art students get admitted to College, so after college was “invited” to come back and studied in boys and girls “mentoring” Arts test.

“The courses have no qualifications” question, Lai has not been a positive answer. “Why charge of 4000 per year tuition” issue, Lai said, he found the teacher accommodations have to be resolved, so money.

>> Comments

Hantai district, Hanzhong City Education Board has ordered the Agency to stop running

Yesterday afternoon, hantai district, Hanzhong City Education Board, Office officials said they have contacted the town high school principal, asking him to explain this. The preliminary investigation, the President admitted that the training courses for “to the students in the school specialty classes”. The official said, about whether the course belongs to the illegal educational courses, they are investigating; for a whistle-blower reported materials are able to be in hand, and they also need time to investigate. Shaanxi province under the protection of citizens to report 12th of the Ordinance provides that reported receiving institutions and their staff should report to citizens in strict confidence; may not be the case and the informer’s name to be informants or irrelevant to the case officer leaked; reporting may not be material to be informants; is in charge of the source, may not be transferred to the unit.

Previously, China business daily said Lai when a phone interview, he received a call from school officials, asked for explanations are given for education and body. But in his report sources of material in the app group through a shuffle is not clear.

China business news reporters learned, training institutions for teachers, school conditions, have strict requirements and must have a school license, otherwise it is illegal educational courses. Meanwhile, according to the law on private education promotion, social organizations and individuals held without private schools, government administrative departments at and above the county level shall be ordered to rectify, in line with the provisions of this law and other relevant laws, to go through examination and approval procedures; late still does not meet conditions, order it to stop running.

At 8 o’clock last evening, hantai District Education Board sent huashang preliminary results: ordered to immediately terminate the television editing and directing community town middle school counseling, student fee on returned; issue of informant information was leaked, hantai District Education Council will, after further verification, and investigate the relevant responsibilities personnel responsibilities.

For this matter, sensitive lawyer Chang Minan said Shaanxi Province, according to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate about relevant provisions of the provisions to protect the rights of citizens to report, the informant’s name, working unit, home addresses and other relevant information and report must be kept strictly confidential reporting materials are not allowed to extract and copy without permission. “If whistle-blowers do teach Board leaked information that may be relevant staff have alleged irregularities. Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. “Chang Minan said.

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