Wuhan bus drivers to discourage smoking was stabbed man was arrested on suspicion

Suspected men were arrested. Police photo

Due to discourage passengers from smoking in the car, a bus driver was stabbed by this passenger in Wuhan. At noon on March 17, the person holding the knife-related crime in caidian district, Wuhan City set a 213 bus on the street. 18th, surging caidian police News (www.thepaper.CN) informed overnight after careful investigation, the 18th, at 12 o’clock, criminal suspect Zhang Weihua has been arrested by the police.

Reported that at noon on March 17 at 12 o’clock, a caidian district 213 bus to Zhang Chen Wan bus station near Swan Lake Avenue, a male passenger were dissatisfied with the bus driver to discourage smoking, escaping after he stabbed the driver with a knife, he was rushed to hospital for medical treatment where he was, and was not life-threatening.

After receiving the police, Public Security Bureau of Wuhan caidian mobilizing global elite force detection. After investigation, police quickly locked the suspect’s physical characteristics, and next to the large set of Swan Lake Avenue, the street where the suspects lived within a community. 18th, civilian police has been very busy and rushed to the village, House by House investigation, after the visit of more than more than 200 households, and determine the identity of the suspect Zhang Weihua. At about 12 o’clock noon on March 18, in Hanyang district Merry a breakfast stand near the Ling Zhang Weihua arrested, he confessed of their crime.

According to the caidian branch of the criminal investigation brigade police, suspect Zhang Weihua, born in 1982, have been intentional injury record. March 17 after the murder, he fled to Hanyang district happy hiding near the ridge.

At present, Zhang Weihua was caidian police detention, further investigation of the case.

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