Wuhan boss gambled 4 million high school daughter with concussion

[Abstract] men lost more than 4 million yuan in five years, owed to relatives and friends, as well as loan-sharking more than 1.5 million, DUN dare not go out by creditors. Daughter had a dream test champion scholarship to pay father’s debts, but ultimately disappointing run away from home, to concussion.

Photo is of two DUNS Chen hua business hotel for dinner.

Picture shows Chen’s daughter gave him that suspected suicide by text message.

Chutian metropolis daily journalist Liu Yi photography: chutian metropolis daily reporter Qu Yan

Rural boy, enters a restaurant, married women earn millions of assets under … … 47 years old Chen hua (pseudonym), cinematic memories in the brain more than 10 years of experience. If memories without gambling, Chen must face lit up with pleasure.

Five years lost more than 4 million Yuan, owed to relatives and friends, as well as loan-sharking more than 1.5 million Yuan, creditors still stuck in the restaurant money. In order to run away from Chen hua are afraid to go out.

What really is the daughter of Chen cannot last: three daughters have a wish, becoming Champion, gets a scholarship to help dad pay. And such a cute daughter, ran away from home to warn him to stop gambling.

Rural small town restaurants get rich

Chen is Wuhan Jiangxia hill people. In 1993, at the age of 23 Chen hua Tian men Pier to riverbank, under his cousin took over the restaurant, starting a business.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and late-night snacks, plus selling fruit. Chen got up at 4 o’clock in the morning, and did not close until 11 o’clock. Although I sleep only 5 hours a day, but poor afraid Chen felt that as long as they can make money, don’t be poor, again he did.

Lean shop, Chen earned 50,000 yuan a year, and he feels very good. Three years later, he invested 80,000 yuan, expanding the façade, the business area extending from dozens of meters to more than 200 square meters.

New store named “Tian Li food”, in addition to Cook, there are three or four waiters. Business-as-usual, and half a year, Chen paid investments. “Day had cleared more than 300 yuan, and a waiter is 350 Yuan a month’s wages. ”

When a boss, but Chen starts his stolen, learned the craft of cooking.

Business not only Automatics, Chen will also gain a love. In 1995, Chen got married, his wife is the store attendant Li Ying (not his real name).

In 1999, Chen hua Tian men Pier off the store, opened new stores in the Luo Jia Zhuang, Jian she Avenue Community. He spent ten years, originally only a facade of a small restaurant, and gradually expanded into a 4 door, business area of more than 400 square meters of large restaurants and a small supermarket. “At that time that street, I love most. “Chen said, business is best when he can NET earning 3000 Yuan a day, even if business is bad, can fall a thousand of revenue a day.

Business is getting bigger, the home also increased the small Tim mouth. In 1999, 2007, Chen’s two daughters were born in succession. In the Lake after he bought a suite.

Deep whirlpool of gambling cannot help

If not a solicitation of relatives, Chen hua and gambling probably not related.

Chen said that on October 1, 2005, Jiang Xia Ning Hong Kong, relative, invited him to the Lake to eat crabs. He invited 30 friends to go at that time. Eating after dinner, friends started playing mahjong. But relatives say, play mahjong fewer participants, you can roll the dice and play. Want to play only relatives and friends, his first exposure to gambling. Results were not good, when he with me lost 49,000 yuan in all.

“Friends are lost. “Chen recalled, was happy to play, but in the end when I come back, friends face became ugly.

Chen said, national day Hou, that name relatives often with friends to shop in, not only to he shake dice, also let he again invited people with to gambling, can two months between, he lost off near 100,000 yuan, once are didn’t win had, until one day,, makers go has Hou, he hit open has makers with of dice only found, dice inside was irrigation has lead, he this only found himself Shang has Dang. Since then, he and the relatives have no dealings.

Knowing that he had been deceived, but Chen failed to stop. “Trying to get rid of the” psychological, he walked into the Casino. But Chen didn’t lose 100,000 won, but lost more than 1 million Yuan.

Emptied the family, sold the House. Chen said that from 2006 to 2007, the two years, he again entered the Casino, however the more the more he would like to catch this until the last, he left a store.

Li Ying is not advised Chen hua, but advised not to live. Li Ying said, began to Chen in his shop on the second floor only roll the dice, after she knew that her husband was gambling, she went upstairs to lift the table a few times, but then her husband went outside to gamble on, she blocked the front door, her husband secretly slipped out the back door, even people not found. Because money is the husband, and she doesn’t even know how much her husband lose, except that, if her husband look bad any day, is losing money.

Five years, losing 4 million on the back of debt

Under Li Ying pleaded, with no money, Chen said deterred. In 2008, Chen three years without gambling.

In 2012, with the store on the jianshe road, demolition, Chen returned to Jiangxia, preparing for another shop, but he was back into the Casino.

Chen said that the end of 2012, playing at home for a few days, Christmas night, cousins said he went out to play, at first he did not know where to go, until to the place, he found his way into the Casino.

Chen failed to resist temptation, he again to the gaming table. However for 5 consecutive days, he won nearly 100,000 yuan, which took him by surprise. The following week, however, he started to lose, lose for more than 400,000 yuan.

Because of preparations for the new store, Chen Xiao Ting for half a year, but in July 2013, located in Jiangxia road after the store opened, Chen walked into the Casino, he is intent on “trying to get rid of this.”

Chen hua to sort books show, from July 2013 to April 2017, he win-less, on December 12, 2016 alone, he lost more than 900,000 yuan. Bank records show that day, Chen said the amount via bank transfer there are 650,000 yuan. “Lose your money is always a live credit card. ”

Chen said, the five years that he lost more than 4 million Yuan, not only praised a House debt was sold, and more than 1.5 million Yuan on the back of debt.

“Friends and relatives again. “Li Ying said, her husband often Casino loansharks, and to return the money, she had to borrow money from relatives or usury, the lending people everyday now in Dun.

18 year old daughter to death forced his father to stop gambling

Yesterday, the chutian metropolis daily journalist came to Chen’s shop, although the staff warm welcome, but said two men in the shop, the shop is passing, let reporters to go elsewhere to eat.

Two men, said Chen owed their boss of 60,000 yuan, their debt is to, if you do not return the money, shops don’t want to do business.

Li Ying told reporters that two people have been blocked for four days in the shop, and her husband also dare not come to shop.

“Now I am repentant. “Chen said he regretted not only debt collectors were blocking the door, much as the eldest daughter of college entrance examination.

Li Ying said that on April 3, the husband went out to bet, go home, her husband gave her the next day at about 8 o’clock in the evening, they both husband and wife arguing in the kitchen, bowl for husband her daughter to see them quietly up the stairs with a suitcase packed clothes, then out the door. Through the little girl, she knew her daughter had run away from home, phone is not connected, through teachers, she found her daughter. After leaving home, daughter to the husband a text message, said his father never gambling, hit, will never go home.

“The roof above the scenery is really good, you then call MOM, MOM, I never want to see. “Chen said children arrived that night, 20/f, on the roof of a nearby community, fortunately, the kids are not stupid. He is after you see the message, really understand that he was wrong.

Chen deeply remorse and not just from her daughter’s “threat”, and eldest daughter’s words. Oldest daughter had said, immediately the college entrance examination, she must go to a scholar, scholarships, work-study programs, to help the family debts.

“Don’t gamble, this home will lift. “Li Ying said she and her husband started from scratch, and money the debt.

Yesterday afternoon, the debt collector still don’t let customers enter the restaurant, Li Ying has alarm, police involved in the investigation.

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