World’s fattest woman 26 day weight 240 kg in good condition

Iman was plagued by disease, immobility.

Crane helping Egypt Iman left her home and traveled to India.

Reference news media said March 19 law, 35 years old Egyptian yiman·aihamaide·abodulati various record was a woman. Her only 1.41 m tall, weight 500 kg, was the heaviest woman in the world. Because is so heavy that she has for 25 years at home, lying on a sofa in bed days. A month ago she was taken to Mumbai, India News caused a stir, and just four weeks later, she set a record again. Iman’s sister shaymaa told Xinhua on the phone: “she is in good condition, 26 day weight of 120 kg. ”

According to Spain’s El Mundo, March 16, Iman in the company of his sister on February 10 by an Egyptian charter flight to receive treatment at a hospital in Mumbai, this is shaymaa sisters arrive in Mumbai after first media phone interview.

“Due to the hospital’s requirements, so far I never had any reporters. Reporters so quickly to my sister was surprised to lose weight. Lost in her locked body of water. “Shaymaa says.

Shaymaa before you quit working full-time to accompany my sister is an engineer. A month ago, she said goodbye to his young daughter accompany sister start a future unknown journey. “My daughter and I call every day. I left her mother to take care. She seems to have had a lot of fun, which makes me very pleased. Life can not stop here. I am busy doing a lot of things each day. We are just two people. “Shaymaa tone-show a tenacity.

Bed most of the time over the past 35 years spent on the Iman, weight loss results, also Imam drum effort out of sand. 14th Iman to Mumbai for the first time since surgery.

Lakdawala Iman doctor said: “we made her stomach under laparoscopic myotomy. At present she is in good condition and have returned to the ward. “A few months ago Lakdawala had Iman after calls from the family, decided in Mumbai providing free treatment for her.

“Iman’s main problem is that there is too much water in the body. We pass a drug has lost some of the water. “Lakdawala their patients can achieve weight reduction also surprised so quickly. “We are all surprised. Preliminary is expected to lose about 50 kg, but now appears to have far exceeded this goal, so much better than we expected. “Lakdawala said.

Last month, Iman has implemented a strict diet. “In fact she didn’t eat anything, only by intubation supplies. “The doctor said. Scales digital proof of the effect is obvious. Lakdawala of prestigious doctors in India acknowledged that Iman is very special, his team was taking a risk.

“The doctors know what they are doing here, and are very friendly. Sometimes I even feel like we are on another planet. People here are sincere, no matter where you are from, is not money. “Shaymaa says.

Iman’s experience over the past month with an epic in color: engineers first drilled a hole in the front wall of the building and cranes help home she lay for more than 20 years since Iman. Then use a truck to take her to the airport, and placed on the Airbus 300-600 aircraft. After arriving at the hospital in Mumbai, and cranes her into makeshift wards. “We ordered a bed for her from abroad,” said shaymaa: “these are things we never imagined, so well they treat Iman. Indian professionals have done than we can imagine. ”

Iman suffered a stroke 3 years ago now only speak simple words, but said shaymaa, she fully understood what people did for her all along, “I was between her and the doctor’s beliefs. She was in a good mood now, know what they’re getting better, know everything. ” (Compile/Wang Meng)

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