Women’s hospital medicine when personal indecency backhand slap covered “satyr”

Express News (reporters Qin Gongxuan Zhao Xiang Tao Weizhou reporters) in recent days, temperatures in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province, women dress cool, “satyr” is also ready. Ms people queuing for medicine in the hospital, were “lothario” personal molestation, she turned and slapped, “lothario” cast.

On April 12, the woman to a hospital, while queuing at the counter to get the medicine, she felt the man behind so close is. First ladies don’t want to, but as close to the pharmacy counter, men were attached to his body. Zhang realized that the man wanted to take advantage, then turned and gave them a resounding slap.

“I’ve been married for so many years, you should also take advantage of me, do you think I was a little girl afraid of you? “Zhang’s slap in the face and cursing men moments have been, standing in the ladies around us understand, she was met with” lothario “. Man with his face back, Zhang caught him immediately, and the help Wizard, allow nurses to help police. Hospital security guards soon arrived, and Zhang working together to man press. Until then only men react, arguing that he came to the hospital, Lady somehow had a hand, he to complain about the women.

Men and women quarrel, Ma Ying of Nanjing police arrived. After seeing the police, men seem to have no energy, no more arguing with Zhang, but civilian police to leave. Police stopped the man, and went to the hospital to obtain a monitor. By monitoring, police found, men behind in fact clearly not crowded but always close to the woman, is very abnormal. Hear men come to see a doctor, the police asked the man to show cases and guidance, the man falteringly, are queuing up to his, and monitor displays the row of men is medicine team, obviously not what he said.

Subsequently, the man was taken back to the police station, after 1 hour of interrogation, the man finally explain their own queue as a guise, Ms is actually cheaper. He said that their psychological problems, in order to thrill, to queue to take advantage of the hospital several times, this is the first time women who dared to fight back, so being cast on the spot.

At present, men accused of molesting women by Nanjing qinhuai in administrative detention by the police.

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