Women’s bank cards after 70,000 more people claim the evidence found to be their

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According to the evening post reported on March 16: Bank cards somehow call over more than 70,000 yuan, you are happy or upset? Lived in XI ‘ an, Shaanxi Province, North of the Zhao really encounter such a thing, this year’s new year’s Eve, her cell phone received SMS alerts, said her bank card transfers deposited more than 70,000 yuan.

Where does the money come from? Who sinks? It fast collapse of Zhao, told local media she turn to look for the loser. Unexpectedly, the report came out, day 5 “owner” and media contacts, but these people are not. One month later, Ms Zhao only know that this money is from ABC baochu road, Hangzhou Branch ATM machines turn out.

These days, the reporter contacted Ms Zhao, Zhejiang Province, and joint agricultural area, Beishan mountains, West Lake District, Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau police station to investigate the origin of the money. The morning of 15th, the truth is, the result is accidents.

70,000 more into the bank card

Ms Zhao more than 40 years old, past 11 o’clock noon on January 27 this year, she received a cell phone text message, go into more than 70,000 yuan in the bank card. In accordance with the SMS alerts, the money through bank transfers into ATM machines.

Initially, Zhao thought he had encountered a liar, not paying attention, look up the bank card’s balance until the year is over, only to discover that more than more than more than 70,000 yuan.

“This money is not my own, I was not sure. “Ms Zhao said, this money with zero, who go wrong, may be life-saving money or the payment of which,” I just want to return the money. ”

Although he got the money do not suffer, but Zhao contact CITIC bank customer service, trying to find the “careless,” all but customer service says not found in people’s information, Ms Zhao to contact Union queries. Later, she contacted the Union, was actually get a useful message: “China UnionPay told me, as is the baochu branch of the agricultural Bank of China in Hangzhou City into an ATM machine. Phone is not very clear, I know of the banks through an online query. ”

Zhao was born and raised in XI ‘ an, although in Hangzhou have few friends, but usually have no intersection, no contact. “No one will give me the money in Hangzhou, unless it is wrong. ”

One night 5 people think that falsely claimed that the money

Ms Zhao verified to UnionPay information, turn to local media, hoping to find the money’s owner.

Reported by the media in XI ‘ an, the event became a hot day 5 readers call the hotline, said it was wrong to send back money.

15th, the reporter contacted the reporter for doing this post about 5 “the loser”, he is reported by–

Mr Zhao who claims to be a people of Guizhou. He said new year’s eve day in Hangzhou agricultural Bank to their accounts on deposit, accidentally mistyped numbers and transfer money to other people’s accounts. Because of this, his wife got sick. Since has been busy to look at the wife until the last few days, he found the accounts of remittances in XI ‘ an. Mr Zhao said he had sent 70,000 yuan, hoping to contact Ms Zhao to return the money.

Second place often claiming to be from Henan province. Chang said, years ago, he was in business, probably in the past few days from January 25 to January 28 at the Hangzhou meeting wrong money remittances, but the exact date he did not remember too clearly. Meanwhile, he also was on the counter or at the ATM machine on the remittances.

Third place is mine Sir. He also said the meeting was wrong, but he had already left, currently in jiaxing, Zhejiang.

When reporters contact with Ray for the first time, he said the money was “some time ago” meeting wrong, amounts to more than 70,000 yuan, don’t remember specific dates and amounts. After a while, Ray back to reporters, confirmed that he is the remittance date, January 27, at 11 o’clock, place in the baochu branch, agricultural Bank of China in Hangzhou City, but he did not specify the amount. In two communications, Ray said he was short of money, and wanted to provide him with the account to send the money to him.

Fourth place was Chen from Sichuan guangan. Chen said one of his friends before meeting the wrong change, but he is not sure about the specifics, need to ask the friend to know.

Last is a Luo from Guangxi. He claimed to be, wrong turn on March 8 by Alipay 70,000 yuan, the date of transfer and transfer modes clearly does not match the information provided by Ms Zhao.

Feedback the information to Ms Zhao, but she was sure that 5 people is not the owner. “Receive this money is not an integer, they can’t tell the specific amounts of remittances, money should not be meeting the wrong person. ”

It is your own money, SMS reminder not to elaborate this point

Ms Zhao met things too dramatically. On March 14, the journalists and contacted her, Beishan Police station, Zhejiang agricultural Bank of China, and numerous contacts and hope to find out the truth. After a day of investigation, 15th, there was a breakthrough.

“We were Zhao ‘ clues ‘ to mislead, a great deal of misunderstanding. “Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang branch Tao Menghui said initially they did not contact details for MS Zhao, did not know her name. According to her own “ATM machine”, “Bank”, “more than 70,000 yuan,” starting with these three keywords queries “queries the customer feedback, complaints, are not meeting the circumstances; query Bank ATM machines here all bills, nor affiliated with the CITIC bank transfers”.

Tao Menghui explained that ATM machines remittance is not more than 50,000 yuan, they doubt that more than one card, or even multiple summary form.

Beishan Police station queries all the police records, police also found no such feelings.

Finally, ABC Bank baochu Branch staff reporter contacted Ms Zhao, let her provide CITIC bank card number. A minute later, the truth–that the money was Ms Zhao himself.

On January 26, 2016, Ms Zhao in XI ‘ an, China CITIC Bank has purchased an insurance premium over more than 70,000 yuan, a period of one year. By January 27, 2017, the warranty just expired and premium refunds.

Ms Zhao bought the insurance with the agricultural Bank of China is cooperative relations, payment by Zhejiang Provincial agricultural Bank of China is responsible for. When Zhao’s insurance business after the expiration of the premium payments paid by the agricultural Bank of China, Zhejiang Province,.

In order to ensure that the facts are accurate, agricultural Bank of China in Hangzhou baochu Branch staff contacted Ms Zhao again, after verification, single at the end of the policy, name, phone number, ID, amount, are in conformity with Ms Zhao information. In other words, this is money do Zhao herself.

15th at noon, informed Ms Zhao felt very embarrassed.

“It is all my responsibility. SMS alerts did not say understood, I don’t remember such a thing as buying insurance. “For Hangzhou home to help her solve this mind unit, said he was very sorry, and also thanked the Hangzhou people’s sense.

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