Women spent million the city under more than 900 taxies proposes to boyfriend

These days, a group of photos in Zhoushan crowding the screen, taxi found in say:

“Zhang Jianfeng I want to marry you, I’ll marry you dare to marry you? ”

On March 16 on the Zhoushan Island story. “Too awesome! Zhoushan taxi how today, uniform and propose advertisements. “” What girls are so fierce! Zhang Jianfeng classmates, you don’t get married? You don’t marry me to on. ”

This simultaneous friends forwarded. The morning of March 17, release lamp advertising Yuan, head of a media company in Zhoushan total phone almost blow, friends said to him about this.

“Think forward rate is so high, that Zhoushan is a very humane city. “The afternoon of March 17, Yuan said total to evening news, considering that this is, after all, customer privacy, he did not want to reveal more.

Through relevant channels but also learned something. This is a pair of lovers is about to get married, women working in Ningbo, the men worked in Zhoushan. They met in Zhuhai. Work of the men and the company sent him to Zhoushan. This top advertising from 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock, release ranges from Zhoushan island more than 900 taxies, Chang’s girlfriend had spent tens of thousands of Yuan for advertising.

Then they went to the Seaside Park, lit candles, in the blessings of friends, creating a romantic courtship scenes. “I will be ready, will you marry me? “,” I want to marry you, will you marry me! “Four eyes and watch I love you, romantic, unforgettable in this lifetime.

Qianjiang evening news search a bit in recent years, examples of advertising courtship between men and women in cities frequently staged, the emergence of such scenes, events, first modern media tools to meet the needs of further amplify their catharsis, but also reflected the young people that open, sharing, unrestrained, romantic mood. Daring to love ourselves, like people, dare to express your love to the world, deliver a development towards human freedom of information, a reflection of “humanistic care” of social progress.


Nn: I thought it was interesting … … Some people in this way, they can’t do, and no ability to do, but in that sour families, what is the meaning of

Siren: a little girl is still reserved good, this haste estrus girl, if I were a man, I’m not, too strong hegemony. Later in life will be uncomfortable

Day after tomorrow: handsome, such as why I am still single, and today I finally found out why … … Because I have no money to contract taxi light

Wardrobe men: why girls take control is to pay it? Some boys are introverted, extroverted just girls, active points is not very good yet? Anyway, I wish!!!

That is f too √ № Simpl: do not look at others OK in your reality? Girl bold love whatever success we are encouraged to be commended! Not your so-called passers by, you say you have no simple fantasy? They can in reality adhere to the hearts that love is wrong? Regardless of how this is a kind of experience. Why must people always see things according to your way of thinking? Extremely funny!

666666: nothing wrong I feel brave enough to love, while girls should act with dignity, but also a reserve may have missed his true love

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