Women Metro cell phones seized upon anti-robbing mobile phone was sentenced to 7 months

Beijing News newsletter (reporter Liu Yang) temperature due to their mobile phones were robbed, imbalances, anti-robbing other people in other places after mobile phone. The Beijing news reporters today learned from the Beijing intermediate court, Wen was convicted of the crime, shall be sentenced to 7 months, fined 2000 Yuan.

According to reports, the temperature of a woman after an 85, one morning, the end of 2016, in Line 10 subway Garnet station ready to ride the escalator into the station stop, was robbed by a man who was outbound OPPO cell phones in the hands of. Temperature not up after a few steps, police returned to the subway station take the subway. Subsequently, when the temperature at beitucheng station change to Line 8 line, she followed a woman into a subway car, women into the station for the temperature after standing and holding a cell phone to watch film.

“I thought my phone was robbed imbalance, mind a hot hand grabbed the woman before the iPhone. “Wen said while the door ajar turned and ran. Robbed woman out of the subway, eventually landing up to temperature, and help control the temperature of the subway security officers until the police arrived.

First instance court held that the defendant to warm a weak, seizing property, larger amounts, their behavior constitutes a crime, punishable by law, given the crimes committed by the defendant’s temperature one can truthfully, the attempted offence and punishment according to law. Convicting the accused person to warm a crime committed, sentenced to 7 months and be fined 2000 Yuan.

After a trial, Wen appealed. After judges on sentencing and sentence explanation, temperature and a voluntary withdrawal.

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