Women journalists in Inner Mongolia were disclosed details of the domestic violence death to death the previous day were also

Concerned female journalists have been lethal domestic violence case in Inner Mongolia, March 20 in Inner Mongolia Erdos intermediate people’s Court held a public sentencing, Jin Zhu was sentenced to death with a two-year implementation of the accused. Courtroom video released for the first time, the deaths caused by the domestic violence cases many of the details are disclosed.

Trial judge: Jin Zhu and she married the defendant due to alcohol abuse, time and again, she carried out domestic violence, aggravated crime, cruelty and harm to society and should be punished.

Defendant, Jin Zhu: I’m sorry for her, I do now I don’t know, I’m such a result, their children, and, after all, our two kids, one is my wife and one for my own children, I want her.

Families seemingly happy actually the violent

He miss his wife and is killed under his right hand. Back a year ago, Jin Zhu is a civil servant of the Erdos hangjin County work safety supervision Bureau, she is a reporter for hangjin County radio and television center. Son, James elementary school in grade five. The outsider a wonderful family, but when Jin Zhu raised his fist and broken.

Foundation cover the scars to hide by domestic violence

On April 6, 2016, the day of the murder, at eight in the morning, victims she went to her sister’s House. Sister MUI’s mental state is not so good at that time, she was also sensitive to, sister while painting the makeup, but didn’t cover the scar on his face.

Armey explained before the start of a night without rest, to her sister’s help leave, but sister always felt she had something to conceal, repeatedly pressed, ameicai spoke the truth.

May had a sister: the guy (Jin Zhu) again last night, the night, it hit me last night.

Going out to dinner was beaten son scared

On April 5, the night the day before the incident, she go out to dinner with colleagues and discuss a news topic, after which she took a taxi home, saw her husband Jin Zhu is already waiting at the door.

May had a father: May 9 points less than about 10 o’clock to talk this thing out, she also knew that this guy (Jin Zhu) not too late, hurried back. Not down, dragged on into his car, trying to shut the door.

May had a father: he is stingy, really small, she cannot drink with students, sharing a meal, not with my colleagues and party, that’s it.

When this happens, two lesser son just woke up to go to the bathroom, he heard voices outside and ran out and saw dad beat MOM scene.

Lesser and aunt said afterwards that night at the door to see this scene in the car was a bit scared, he dressed only in pajamas and even a little quiver, then ran back to the bedroom. To 12 midnight, and lesser heard the sound of MOM and dad walk in the door, then had a falling out, feeling sleepy but lesser hits, asleep in a daze. Next door neighbor heard a MUI unusual movement at home.

May had a father: a neighborhood in the West, neighbors said, and both of them fight it to the three o’clock the night sounds.

Told through the family, we know that Armey on April 5 when going through a severe domestic violence, then what is the reason that domestic violence escalated once again, tragedy that evolved into April 6 AH unfortunately die?

Not pick my son up from school his family felt ominous

According to MUI’s son lesser recalled the morning of April 6, because MOM and dad the day before the fight he did not rest, so he didn’t go to school. More than one o’clock in the afternoon the same day, he was father to the school. Seven o’clock, lesser parents didn’t pick him up after school, from school to the grandparents home.

May had a sister: into the House saying my mother? We say you MOM to pick you up? He said that no, nobody to pick up. I’ll wait for a long time, who would have to pick up, I ran in front of his house.

Lesser ran back to his house, saw the door was locked from the inside, so I jumped on the fence and looked home to, and did not see the figure of father and mother through an open window on the second floor, he heard a voice inside.

May had a sister: did not see anything, just open a window, is heard, heard his father yelling to his mother’s name, did not respond to his mother, he ran at my mother in their home

After hearing the description of the lesser, family members feel that the situation is not good, hurried to Armey’s home. 7:20, family members rushed to Armey’s House. See an ambulance in front of her house and into the room, sees the doctor being lifted onto the bed she lies on the ground to rescue.

Home is a mess of victims face deformation

Armey’s sister recalls, my sister’s family is usually very clean and tidy, but the April 6 accident that night, Armey’s bedroom is a mess, casual shoes and blankets and other items on the floor.

May had a sister: (Jin Zhu) sputtered, she’s still a good, how’s it going? Or he’ll say, I just fell asleep on the first floor, I got nothing.

No one would, Ah sister found the doctor stopped the action, no longer rescue sister.

May had a sister: I began to ask, why don’t you rescue it? They said come in, we have had nothing of the pupil of the eye, and I knew my sister had already gone. I cried and cried out, feeling her hand and touched her feet already ice cold.

Subsequently, the ambulance vehicle security to call 110, hangjin County Police 110 command center after the alarm, rushed to the scene to Jin Zhu away.

Jin Zhu of the party, was arrested by the police after the incident, on December 20, 2016, in Ordos city people’s Court heard the case, through investigation and prosecution departments Golden column statement, after more clearly present when the crime was committed.

Dissatisfied wives to socialize at home alone drinking

According to the survey, the afternoon of April 5, 2016 after work, Jin Zhu of the accused because she went out to socialize and discontented. Starting from 9 o’clock in the evening, accused Jin Zhu drinking at home, call several times during Armey, Armey’s cell phone had been turned off.

11:30, defendant, Jin Zhu see she is still not home, decided to drive out to find her, when you drive to the area near the pond just in time to see Armey down from the cab.

Slapped on kick the bus continued beating

Jin Zhu confessions, in the district near the pond, called Armey a few ears to Armey fell, and kick a few feet. Jin Zhu after she helped to continued beating on the car.

Defendant, Jin Zhu: cars in the US after last after the car she was sitting in the back seat of the car, then when fighting fire, when she also debate on these matters, I would debate, and I’m going to touch her on the window.

Finished Golden column on implementation in the car of the accused after the beating, they return home continue to quarrel. Which is when neighbors in the morning, heard from Jin Zhu Brawl. Based on testimony from lesser, the morning of April 6, he found his mother’s body is hurt.

Prosecutor: lesser saw her mother back and found his back shoulder abrasion down, probably about 6 cm in size, their mother had a bad pain in my left breast, lesser hands touched, left chest discovered a rib seems to stick out.

Sent his son to buy back liquor argues that “mind Eraser drink”

13:40 P.M. day, defendant, Jin Zhu lesser sent his son to school in the morning, returning home en route to the area of the door to a shop and bought a bottle of corn liquor and drink in the salesroom, after drinking a bottle, bought a bottle of white wine in the 15:34 home continues to drink.

Jin Zhu: something that is blank, strange to me, for such a long time since I’ve been suspect, when police investigators questioned me, they said if you don’t recall your memories, I think, I can say that I can’t recall now.

Jin Zhu came home with liquor, till seven o’clock in the evening she died. This time both at home, behind closed doors what has happened? Jin Zhu has been the defence of the accused in the trial that he lost his memory after getting drunk.

According to forensic test results issued by the Center in Erdos city, Jin Zhu blood alcohol content of the accused is 276.410 mg/100 ml. In court, Jin Zhu confessions of the accused, drunk and not remember when he wake up to find his wife had fell to the ground again.

Presiding judge: when you see a bottle of wine, then what else do you remember?

Jin Zhu: I said this home head didn’t people, I on Shang to II floor, Shang to II floor of when I daughter-in-law, on in that bed Shang half lying with, on bust in bed Shang, half feet in ground in lying with, lying with yihou I put she helped up yihou, at she also conscious wants to with I talk said not out, with this foam, I said you is withering has, I with she talk, she wants to talk said not out.

Around death expert tribunal questions

The Court found that on April 6 at 6:56, defendant, Jin Zhu dial 120 emergency phone, Armey 120 emergency personnel arrived at the scene found no vital signs, by salvaged invalid and died. The Erdos public security centre for forensic identification, she repeatedly in the head died of intracranial hemorrhage caused by blunt force.

In this case, as defendants Golden column on the night of the crime, she was also beaten, in the identification of the cause of death said she was several times in the head by blunt force, then several times here said many times is a one-time, accumulated over a long period of times?

Expert: according to our lives reflect the judging, the injury is a fresh injury, so this fresh must be combined with the intracranial injury, and very closely, because the old injury with intracranial hemorrhage in this causal relationship does not exist, so that we do not consider old trauma and bleeding of the relationship.

According to the survey, Armey in the few days that cold lost fluids, and drinking on April 5, which is also the first day of the crime, infusion, and drinking behavior, and intracranial hemorrhage are there relationships?

Expert: we had during the autopsy process of extracting the dead she, did alcohol testing, test results are zero. And we’ve now figured out, comprehensive analysis reveals that the intracranial hemorrhage is caused by trauma, so she would have a transfusion, nor do we believe that transfusion is related to this.

Courtroom, she fell on their own fall or collision-induced blunt force also excluded by one by one. Integrated Court death identification and witness testimony proved that on April 6, 15:40, Jin Zhu beat Armey again, is the real reason for which she was killed.

According to the survey, accused Golden column in addition to the April 5, 2016, 6th consecutive outside the implementation of family violence, Jin Zhu Mei also has a history of years of domestic abuse, Jin Zhu final sentencing of the accused by the Court are also considering this factor.

Comprehensive Chamber Vice President of Erdos intermediate people’s Court of minor wulantuoya: we consider that this is intentional wounding causing death, and second, that he was the victim, since married to victims, domestic violence against the victim several times, some facts to consider in this case, we have the victim was a death sentence with a two-year, deprived of political rights for life.

Family memories after Armey was domestic abuse often choose to forgive

According to MUI’s family memories, Jin Zhu domestic violence occurs on just two people for the first time shortly after the engagement. One night, she cried and ran to the House.

At that time she accepted the advice of parents, sister, and agreed to a paraplegic, but a few days later, after anger subsided, she changed her mind.

May had a sister: when we selected here to be less, she selected for her reputation is not very well, then she is not a paraplegic.

Armey first domestic violence as a random event, Jin Zhu and decided to go to marriage. But in the first year of marriage, hurt more than once.

May had a father: marriage for more than a year, he played five times. The worst is what? He (Jin Zhu) father and son hugged, told us in the past, when very angry, put the five strips, give this to write, write to complain when books, divorce complaints

Armey’s father, a year after marriage, Jin Zhu five times atrocities as a section of the record, along with the petition for divorce gave Armey. But just like last time, a few days after Armey chose to forgive a golden column, to continue living with him, divorce things have ended inconclusively.

The people’s Republic of China Law on domestic violence in March 1, 2016, Armey why the journalist to die did not take up the weapon of the law to protect themselves? She and Jin Zhu disappear after each filed divorce what was the cause of it?

When Armey after the news of the death spread, everyone said he was surprised, and her Office colleagues said, did not know she had suffered domestic violence.

Armey colleagues: she said Jin Zhu (sound) to drink, but how to fight, how to fight, don’t tell, usually don’t say at all.

Face, child, fear of reprisal … … Armey living concerns

She seldom happened to mention home to outsiders, people familiar with her, she did well in the work, returned home under great psychological pressure.

Ah Jin Zhu students: she thought I was a journalist, and was very advanced, many of her awards. I wish I were home, outside what do people say? My family have been good, why didn’t she divorce? Is face.

Lesser was born, can give children a complete family, are supporting Armey in the marriage an important beliefs.

May had a sister: main concern is his son, had a son, she said that if I got divorced, the son from single parent families, would definitely impact on the way when she was growing up, this is a concern.

Not only that, she said to sister, Jin Zhu had threatened her if she divorced, is retribution for his family. Worried about their parents ‘ safety has become a worry most of her divorce.

Armey in a circle of friends information last updated wrote in “two people in the world, always a badgering, a smile, a noisy, coaxed, if one always loses, not eloquence is not good enough, just didn’t want to say the hardest.” Until she died, grieving relatives and friends realized that Armey is to preserve the family’s idea to pay a much greater price.

May had a sister: my sisters called on women from all walks of life of the whole society, not just for the children, in order to maintain the family regardless of their own, which finally led to this tragic situation, be sure to pick up the weapon of the law to protect their personal interests.

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