Women hammer to kill her husband son settled down next to the prison to “observe mother for a lifetime”

Mother in prison, a kiss.

It’s tragic

Depressed mothers, after a quarrel with her husband for trifles, while her husband was sleeping to hammer to kill


Once a month, separated by soundproof glass of the prison, mother and son can talk for 15 minutes on the phone moving

Son is ready, this once-a-month visits road, and then walk 20 years or even longer

On March 20, the weather is very good, Zhang once again drove to the women’s prison in Chengdu, 12 km away, visit his mother.

Once a month, Zhang on Wednesday to visit MOM.

On the left-hand side of the main entrance of the prison walls, thick around steel wire mesh. From the left of the door to enter, into the service Hall, and then go through security checks, following 26 steps, he could meet mother across the glass.

For 15 minutes, it is the dialogue between mother and son once a month. Zhang always careful to avoid murder which was about 3 years ago from, but Zhou xiaoqin always say “I’m sorry”.

She apologized to the son, because she killed her son’s father.

To near his mother, Zhang resigned, specialized in women’s prison near Chengdu, found a new job. He was ready, the once-a-month visits road, and then walk 20 years, or even longer.

A phone call

“Your dad was killed by your mother …”

Three years later, he still remembers the day’s weather, sunny spring day, and his life, appeared sharp in this moment.

On March 13, 2014, also had lunch in the junior Zhang, when returned to the bedroom, to pick up a phone. “Understanding, you should hold on. “My uncle on the phone say,” your father is dead. ”

In my uncle’s story, Zhang’s mother Zhou xiaoqin home early this morning and found her husband Zhang, derailed. And “third party” in the struggle, accidentally killed her husband.

Hung up the phone, Zhang spent the afternoon lying on the bed did not speak, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, he got up to leave, immediately to the incident in Shenzhen.

Sat for a two-day car, Wu arrived in Shenzhen.

Lawyers engaged in the detention center meets after she had brought a shocking week family news: Zhou xiaoqin, but not by a husband who cheated on manslaughter under the flustered, but premeditated murder.

“The lawyers told me that when my mom my dad go to bed, hurting him. “When you mention this old story, Zhang has always been used to” harm “the word,” my brain into a cocked hat. ”

To Shenzhen on the third day, Zhang watched dad one last look, and take the ashes to take a train home. Two days and two nights of the trip, 22 years old, he mixed new hybrid. Travel bag equipped with urns, placed in the slot under the seat, a loved one who, apart of yin and Yang.

A memory

Decades of repressed middle-aged woman shut-down

When the accident occurred, Zhou xiaoqin 50 years old.

March 11, 2014, at 4 o’clock in the morning, Zhang rode out three rounds of home, both husband and wife quarrel for trifles.

Zhou xiaoqin and her ex-husband had a son, has been prevented by her husband and her ex-husband’s son Joseph. Associate with husband and contradictions, while her husband slept, she went downstairs to take a hammer and hit her husband … …

An early age, Zhou xiaoqin was daughter of being the eldest in the family, not by his father, had had a depressing.

In his father’s arrangement, she married her first husband, marriage has always been domestic violence. After the divorce and marry again, was not satisfactory. All sorts of life experiences, and make her into a depressed, troubled man.

Zhang was under the impression, although parents often quarrel was never practical. Tragedy was so caught off guard, swept the two families become crusted wounds. The Center, except for his son, Wu, and holding strong guilt Zhou xiaoqin.

A decision

Near the prison to find work away from her mother a little bit closer

Day of trial, Zhou xiaoqin and saw her son, immediately buried the head, not saying a Word.

Shenzhen City, from the women’s prison, to the women’s prison in Chengdu, her spirit of chronic instability, occasionally, sleepwalking can occur. Although willing to see Zhang, but always cried, “I’m sorry”. Zhang has been worried about it.

September 2016, he finally made a decision-the mother a little bit closer. Subsequently, he resigned, a company near Chengdu city women’s prison.

One day each month, he can drive 12 km to the prison to visit his mother. Through the soundproof glass, mother and son can talk for 15 minutes on the phone. This is a once-a-month “tender moments”.

Deputy prison warden of the prison in a prison for women in Chengdu Zhong Maoli said Zhou xiaoqin came, several times a month, woke up, holding a broom around the toilet waving, shouting, “every time I talk to her, she was head down, do not want to talk to their own experiences. ”

On January 19, the prison held a family assistance and education activities before the Spring Festival. Prisons have special places for Zhou xiaoqin and invited her son and mother. That meeting, after the mother of Zhou xiaoqin, close to her for the first time.

Correctional police said fixed ever since her son once a month visit, Zhou xiaoqin has been greatly improved.

A plan to

Buy home visiting Lu go

On March 20, the Chengdu ushered in days of less of a sunny, warm sun, taking advantage of the lunch gap, Zhang once again drove to the women’s prison in Chengdu.

Meeting place, police in a small room, through the window, sunlight scattering on the sofa, tea table stocked with succulents and small objects, is very warm.

1 o’clock in the afternoon, Zhou xiaoqin walked into the room, met for more than a month, and let both mother and son a hug, in the arms of his son, 1.5-meter’s mother is petite.

Both mother and son laughing eyes, almost identical. Both mother and son, nervous mannerisms are the same: squeezed the index finger of his right hand with his left hand.

The conversation, Zhang often with his right hand, hugged her mother’s right shoulder, trying to get closer. This is closest in two years time both mother and son, after the mother best, perhaps, in 52 years of her life, she has never been so easy.

“Her son’s filial piety, I found working in Longquan, is a great comfort to me. “Zhou xiaoqin told his son, don’t see her every month, do not always leave from the company,” doing what works, are responsible for the work. ”

Once-a-month visits road, even in the best of terms and that Zhang had to walk more than 20 years.

But time with family is always the best medicine. Now, Zhang planned to save another two years ago in prison near buying a House a home.

In College, he had a girlfriend, graduation season girlfriend mentions marriage, he deeply bowed his head not to talk. “This situation in my family, what can I give? ”

Now, he feels that he has had the courage, again like the girls, be calm and tell each other everything. “I am my mother’s son, and that’s something no amount of potion will ever change. “He said.


Son: “Palm hand is flesh”

That bright spring day three years ago, Zhang received a phone call, life’s trajectory changed. He was a cheerful young man, became silent and low self-esteem. From University to work, and almost no one knows homes.

He changed jobs, moved to be near their mother a little bit closer.

While things have been over the past three years, Zhang, week two, but in the human heart, the case or will become lifelong scars, insurmountable.

“Keep her for two years, keep, just tell her the truth. “Together as dead and the killer’s son, Zhang claimed the most afraid of is to go back home to face my grandmother,” she told me to leave my mother alone. But how is it possible. ”

The other hand, Zhou xiaoqin more than 70 year old mother, still do not know her daughter was sentenced to life imprisonment. Family cheated, she said Zhou xiaoqin to 13 years in jail, she is still looking forward to filial daughter from prison that day.

Hate not hating mother?

For Zhang, and it does not constitute a problem. Lawyers told the truth of the moment, Zhang claimed that there had been confusion. “In a few seconds. “He said, only a few seconds, and then” down “,” Palm is the meat back. Palm hand injury will also hurt you back? “(The figures in the text are not his real name)

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