Women eat a pot of shrimp gets drunk during a dinner to detect drunk driving

Washington (reporter Zhao Le reporter Huang Yunfei Wang Rong interns) on 19th of this month, a woman driver for driving after eating a drunken shrimp, gets five police measure the alcohol content reaches the 76mg/100ml.

19th at 2 o’clock in the morning, the traffic Police Brigade a squadron of five civilian police when drunk driving offence in huju road renovation, stopped a car. Driver is a after the woman. The woman driver blowing test results for 76mg/100ml, to the drunk driving standard. “I did not drink a drop of alcohol! “Women drivers are certainly told police that night she and a few friends, think of driving at night to help her husband, deliberately did not drink alcohol. Not drinking alcohol can detect drunk driving? The police asked that women remembered that night at dinner, she loves to eat drunken shrimp, eating near a basin. The woman driver had to undergo blood tests at present, such results came out, the traffic control Department will be punished accordingly.

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