Women 12 years ago injections breast breast “out” to the navel

Hospital’s diagnosis.

Chutian metropolis daily, April 12 (Xinhua Li Han correspondent Liu Wang) abandon themselves “Pacific Princess”, Gabriel female white-collar injected breast has a proud figure, but recently her breasts “out” near the navel, ashamed to go out quietly for treatment. After inspection, knew it was using illegal drugs.

Ms Yang, 35, Gabriel, motivated and is now Vice President of Hankou, a private company, 12 years ago, just enter the company she thinks her chest a justice, in order to create the perfect shape, she found a hospital for the amazingel injection breast. After seeing their large breasts young lady very happy with it. Behold, from this year, she found that breasts all gradually fall, towards the direction of the abdomen, and until last week had been “out” to the navel, which made her anxious. Had to shutdown the company is sick and hand, for fear that someone went to her house to visit our condolences.

On Friday, Yang wrapped in thick jackets and hat masks, slipped into six hospitals in Wuhan. The day before yesterday, doctors through a 2-hour surgery, Ms Yang in the mud-filled everything out and rinse. After surgery, young women give up on his pursuit of beautiful and healthy practices regret.

“Amazingel not only cancer, but also walking, not compatible with the human body, over time you may run up to the belly, underarms and other parts. “Li, Deputy Director of the hospital breast surgery, said Yang-2005 using the amazingel injection breast, in 2006, the amazingel injection breast due to an adverse reaction by the state explicitly disabled, but there are still some women like Yang, holding out chances did not make it to the hospital.

Li reminded, breast enhancement and other plastic surgery must choose the regular medical institutions. Former Ogilvy injecting people, as soon as possible to the regular hospital checks, will be removed from the injection as soon as possible or Ogilvy in the body will be like a time bomb, and there may be hazardous to health.

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