Woman personals on the net by lying to 430,000 trial saw only when “boyfriend” first

Victims turn saved credentials and send each other to “photograph”. Reporter Ian chivalrous photography

“See the way their nausea, I can’t wait to hit a good beating! ”

“I want to make them a meal, suppressed for so long to bring, if you really want to put me in, I can go a few days cleaning out now this debt situation. ”

At two o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, Zhangzhou, Fujian, the four men suspected of fraud by means of dating in the shapingba district people’s Court heard the case of 580,900. One of the victims in this case, older woman (not his real name) after you attend the trial, grate your regret and embarrassment.

Relatives rushed to the courtroom where the alleged fraud, a suspect’s sister cried and told reporters: “he was repairing motorcycles, we do not know when will he learn to engage in fraud, now my life is ruined……”

For his own fraud, four suspects have pleaded guilty in court. But, for the pain of the victims, but I do not know where to make up for it.


Liars and this is her first time meeting

In the name of love, more than 10 times before and after Chen Qin give cheats past 435,000 yuan.

Yesterday’s trial, she and the crooks met for the first time. 4 suspected of fraud, the oldest was born in 1984, the youngest two, born in 1997, ordinary-looking, no higher education, Chen Qin said his first impression of them: “crooked crack date, disgusting.” The trial lasted 3 hours, four people from beginning to end with his head down, back to the gallery.

The Gallery, Chen Qin was wearing a black hat, a mask, a door on some emotional, under Marshal under persuasion, she got a stable mood. 3-hour trial, Chen Qin left back, “I am death, remember this beast looks like too! ”

Two months ago, Chen Qin nose uncomfortable, check to the hospital and was suffering from nasal cancer was found. He was cheated, she was forced to the wall, and suffering over the past 10 months, life has totally lost confidence. Hearing things, she did not tell any friends or relatives, chose a person in court hearings.

Chen Qin a person appear different fraud suspect one to four or five. Because two of the suspects were released on bail pending trial, trial finished, people hurriedly left the scene, did not apologize to Chen Qin.

Love and marriage

“Warm man” captured her heart

“Let me down, a liar’s ‘ warm man ‘ image. “More than 30 years old, Chen Qin (not his real name) to fight alone in the main city, there is a house in the downtown areas of Chongqing, looks not bad. However, as older, in late March last year she was in jiayuan ID card registration on the site. Before long, Chen Qin received information from a man, want to make friends with her. Man who claimed to have called “Li Minghao”, a Hong Kong investment company managers, also sent a photo.

And like most girls in Chongqing, Chen Qin just told each other their property, and told each other, he is married to. Struck Chen Qin, was “Li Minghao” “warm man” image. “Li Minghao” micro-circle, centered on Chen Qin. “All right, are two people give change, not born to two people. Two people moving in the same direction, you will be happy. “This is the” Li Minghao “circle of friends, Chen Qin was moved.

“Wife wife I miss you, send a message to harass you really want to kiss you, hold you in my arms; I do not know at this point where, had to put in my heart … …” “Li Minghao” often in the letter, strong enough to send Word to Chen Qin.

“Old wife” cried a few times, Chen Qin to fall into it.


Cast more than 400,000 yuan to seek high returns

In late May, “Li Minghao” suddenly told Chen Qin, his company investment plan, only they know Management Insider. The investment plan is make money, money shot, doubled in a week. Chen Qin said their money need to mortgage payments, have no cash.

“Li Minghao” said he has voted 100,000 security deposit, now the bridge, hoping Chen Qin to help him. In order to increase the credibility, “Li Minghao” also took out the evidence: a lot of relevant information, swearing, let Chen Qin must believe in yourself, give yourself a hand. However, “Li Minghao” importuning, Chen Qin began to chip in. She has maxed out credit cards, sell jewelry, a mortgage, to borrow from friends and family, make up a total of more than 400,000 yuan, Hui Li Minghao more than 10 times the specified account.

In order to help “Li Minghao”, Chen Qin, and even made a usurious loan. Continuous covering process, Chen Qin is not without doubt, “but heard him swear, I still choose to believe in him. ”

After a usurious loan, Chen Qin can’t take it anymore, anyway, “Li Minghao” return the money. In the end, she got to “Li Minghao” message said: “I call the police! ”

“Alarm you are! “The other quickly back to the information and quickly shut down, could not contact.


Cheat feelings first and then get money

After the alarm, shapingba police immediately set up a joint Panel of handling. Police investigators traveled between Chongqing and Xiamen, after a two-month visit, finally found the suspect used a sport utility vehicle. On August 28 last year, police in Xiamen City haicang district will capture all four suspects.

Four people’s true identity makes people sigh – the oldest Moses Chan (pseudonym) had previously engaged in motorcycle repair, key members of Chen Jie (not her real name) had convictions for theft. Another two suspects were classmates after graduation from school, find a job, the brother-in-law of one of Moses Chan called them “work”, said Chen Jie, is his friend.

“Food wrap, cut 20%. “Moses Chan and Chen Jie, two” kids “out of the condition of loot, and Fujian to 12,000 yuan to rent a room in residential area, specifically for four fraudulent use. “Rent a House, we signed the contract with the stranger’s identity information. “Chen Jie account he used to scam bank cards are not in his name.

“You with the customer (victim) fall in love and later I teach you. “Chen Jie,” little children “talk first, wait until the key to make money when he personally. Four people with strict management, “who talked of a dividend return who. ”

In court, Chen Jie, called themselves 80% of “dividend” for drinking, and gambling “has lost some money.” Moses Chan needed money to buy a car, Chen Jie gave him 50,000 directly, “said to be borrowed, it is actually half borrowed and half.” Reporter Zhang Xu

Reporter’s notes

Chen Qin told reporters, thanked the police caught the suspect and hope that with its own bitter experience, attracted the attention of police and the relevant departments, crack down on fraud, “whether marriage fraud, and telecommunications fraud, are hateful, harm to the victim. ”

When speaking of these things, Chen Qin speed quickly, she could not come in from the shadows. Chen Qin showed reporters her to join a group marriage fraud victims, according to police records show victims, nearly 30 people were cheated from around the country more than 20 million. “We want the country to special combat, of the law against these people. ”

Xu Zhang

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