Wife having an affair online chatting in Nanchang after the man was suspected of cheating to commit suicide 3 times …

Alice (not her real name) a Taobao shop in Nanchang when customer service, usually chatting with customers language ambiguous, leaving them separated husband Lee can not accept, suspected of having an affair. 12th, two people after an argument on the telephone, Lee came to Nanchang to find her little red avoid seeing, run to Xiamen. Eccentric Lee Flay, pick up 18 cm long fruit knife to self-harm, and send the video to his cousin, threatening to commit suicide.

Men’s Fuzhou to Xiamen, Nanchang wife Dodge to

“My brother had a fight with his wife, from Nanchang, Fuzhou comes to find her, now said to be suicide. “12th at 9 o’clock in the evening, a man in a hurry to come to Red-State police alarm. According to Li Moutang introduction, Lee more withdrawn personality, a fancier, weekday work in Fuzhou site, his wife Alice in Nanchang to do e-commerce business, engaged in Amoy customer service. Because the nature of the work, little red people normally chat language is rather equivocal “Pro” Taobao vocabulary, which makes Lee can not accept. Coupled with the two long-separated the two, only the Chinese lunar new year to meet up, Li suspected Sean was cheating on its behavior.

The morning of 12th at 8 o’clock, both because of emotional problems after an argument over the phone, Li bus from Fuzhou to Nanchang, little red to avoid seeing him, will also house keys hanging behind the door went to Xiamen, during which Lee did not answer his phone. Under the fruit, Li found his cousin. “He met at noon after I ran away”, said Li Moutang, after which he received Lee wants suicide information on social software, “made a video of the arm was bleeding knife cut, saying he didn’t want to live. “After reading the message, brother Li Moutang rushed to the police station the police.

Man carrying a fruit knife to commit suicide the police death search

Red Valley Beach police Red-State civilian police in police stations after police, first aid action immediately to life and death. “We call Lee’s wife to maintain telephone contact with Lee, calm him down, while Lee immediately report to higher authorities of relevant information and for help, find Lee’s location,” police investigators Yu Yibing told reporters.

About a quarter of an hour, the police get feedback, Lee’s location probably in vanke golden mile along the River near Grand Bay, xihu district, but Police searching for half an hour but nothing. Police again by Li Moutang calling, texting and other communication with Lee finally determined Lee in the morning sun near the bridge.

Subsequently, the police soldiers search four road, at about 11 o’clock that night, under the viaduct in Kyushu at the corner of the control, and found on him a length about 18 cm long fruit knife, when Li left arm has been designated a three-knife, bleeding.

Loved ones a little gentle encouragemnet, Lee abandoned thoughts of suicide

“For the sake of safety, we will be Lee back to the police station, but he was very emotional, still threatening to commit suicide”, Yu Yibing said. Then Lee’s sister and brother-in-law to the Red-State police station, Lee appealed to. According to the Lee family, Lee was born in 1990, little red was born in 1993, both grew up in the countryside, while young, but Lee is the father of three children.

13th at 1 o’clock in the morning, family talk, Lee decided to abandon thoughts of suicide, and family return to Fuzhou.

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