Wife affair husband and children run away from home after her husband sued to pay 26,000

11 years ago, Lee and his wife Lady Wang gave birth to a girl, 8 years later had a son, into a “good”. Pleasure has not been, Mr Li were met with a thunderbolt – wife, holding their son had run away from home. After some searching, the truth emerged: wife cheating “next door to the old King” and let yourself be “Hi dad.” So, Mr Li nu took the wife to the Court. Recently, the yongning District Court heard the case, sentenced Wang of fault on marital infidelity, compensation for spiritual damage compensation related expenses such as Lee 26,000 yuan.

Run after the wife gave birth to a child is a catch

In 2005, Northern Guangxi, home to Nanning to work ladies know falling in love and living together with the King, 2006 Ms Wang Xiaohong Li gave birth to daughter (not his real name), two in 2008 and has gone through marriage. After their marriage, Mr Li often go out to run the business, get away far more than the couple, has a bad feeling. When the daughter is 3 years old they had seen divorces, but both parents don’t agree.

February 2014, the couple’s son Li Xiaogang (not his real name) was born, were delighted by Mr LI, think husband and wife relationship will improve. The son full moon before long, Mr LI to go home to his son go through the door, but then he received a call from a mother, says his wife was holding his son had run away from home. Lee quickly rode to Nanning to find wives.

Lee found his wife when home, mother-in-law and sister-in-law told his wife of the prevarication. Stand repeatedly asked Mr LEE, sister-in-law said 2014 years ago there was a man surnamed Zhou to the King family said Ms Wang, and claimed to have together with Wang for years, are “my elder sister is married, and has a 8 year old kid” reply, Zhou man expressed disbelief.

Paternity was informed that the son real

Informed of these circumstances, Mr Li associate in recent years when not at home, so began to suspect his son was not his own, and suddenly guess his wife run away from home, perhaps because the man surnamed Zhou seek reason for her fear of marital infidelity scandal was revealed.

Through persuasion, wife Ms Wang did not show up, but Mr Li and his family offered to take my son to a paternity test, Ms WONG agreed. In March 2014, finish Wang embrace a son take a taxi after paternity leave, then unaccounted for. Paternity tests confirmed the results, Mr LEE has no biological ties with Li Xiaogang.

Lee learned the truth, decides that, the wife would be a marriage’s behavior deeply hurt him and his family. Li was born Li Xiaogang, invest a lot of energy will take care of his wife, after the conclusion, like a bolt from the heavy blow, under a lot of stress.

Man has sued his wife for damages

In 2016, searched after his wife failed, Lee prosecution to court demanding an end to her marriage, sought compensation from the Wang Huai Li Xiaogang during Mr LEE’s nutritional supplement paid 30,000 yuan, hospital production operation 3000 Yuan, DNA identification costs 3000 Yuan, moral damage compensation of 50,000 yuan, a total of 86,000 yuan.

Recently, the yongning District Court through the trial, believes that Wang at the couple during the marriage, and others to produce a child, a serious violation of the duty of loyalty between couples, and Wang Li concealed the fact that led to Mr Li of Li Xiaogang was raised by mistake. Li and Li Xiaogang, the paternity test confirmed no biological kinship has no legal relationship between parents and their children should be brought up by Ms Wang to carry, responsible for all maintenance costs, and spending on compensation for Mr LI’s nutritional supplement of 5000 Yuan identification fee, paid medical costs 3000, 3000, spiritual damage compensation of 15,000 yuan and a total of 26,000 yuan. For two legitimate daughters Xiaohong Li, court by the plaintiff, Mr Li carry raised by the defendant Wang legitimate daughters living expenses to pay 500 Yuan a month.

Judge reviews

In accordance with people’s Republic of China marriage related provides, led to divorce of, no fault party right to requests damage compensation, accused in and plaintiffs marriage relationship acquired during, and others has not due men and women relationship of behavior and birth has a child, makes couples between produced contradictions led to divorce, should bear corresponding of civil compensation responsibility, marriage no fault party advocates has fault party be compensation spirit damage comfort gold, costs meet legal provides, law has according to, court be support. Pointed out that marital infidelity are intolerable of dishonesty, which not only destroys the relationship, separation of families, also hurting innocent children, corrupt society, is prohibited by law.

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