Village doctors burn off patients after 500,000 ious to fame: bolts not the doctor

In the eyes of villagers, young doctors are known for warm

Burned early ious idea of him two years ago,

Henan business daily () reporter Wu Tao/Liu Hongxiang/map

A week ago, Henan Xinxiang Yang Quanhong village doctors in his clinic in the courtyard, burned patients practicing medicine nearly 50 years because there is no money to see a doctor wrote ious. This was after the media attention, has aroused strong repercussions in the country. Meanwhile, accompanied by media scrutiny, questions, praise, honour also surrounded him these days.

Yang Quanhong are famous, but he has some “fear”, those voices came from around the country, he was confident that the “bolts”. Yesterday afternoon, the septuagenarian Yang Quanhong told the Henan business daily Reporter: he tired from today is no longer to see a doctor, you want to take a break … …

70 ‘s of last century

He received his first IOU

Henan business daily journalist to interview can feel village folks respect for Lao Yang. The way Uncle heard the interview and old Yang, insisted on walking in front leading the way, “in our midst, Dr Yeoh is known for warm. ”

Yang Quanhong decades of rural doctors, has been pursuing a rule: money no money to see a doctor.

He said it with his own experiences as a young man.

Yang Quanhong was 18 years, suffer from septicemia, local county hospital comatose 9 days are over.

After discharge, 6000 worth of medical expenses, Yang Jia is not out. “Later I really had no money, lost three thousand or four thousand dollars. “Yang Quanhong says this unique experience, so from then on he was determined to become a doctor, let folks see the doctor less.

In the later practice experience, Yang Quanhong found that psychiatric patients in rural areas are often subjected to discrimination and want to watch, also tend to spend a lot of money, poverty and discrimination become a cloud hung over the heads of these families.

He wanted to heal them, and use the most cost-effective way. He began to find methods of TCM treatment of mental illness, and to a major hospital in the province.

After you have learned something, he opened clinics in Yang Cun village.

Medicine to give folks save money, Yang Quanhong carrying basket and finding all kinds of herbs in the fields, after they had made Chinese traditional medicine.

Patients on credit for the first time to see a doctor, said Yang Quanhong was in the early 70. A patient who has had mania was delivered to him here. After the patients have recovered, the family cannot afford the medical expenses, but insisted that gave him ious. “They gave me kneeling down, insisting the ious. ”

From 1969 to the present, Yang Quanhong rural doctors have for nearly 50 years, have treated thousands of patients. However, his medical experience did not bring home a lot of income, but many patients write IOU.

Starting from the first received IOU, ious are all burned before, Yang Quanhong has one of our statistics, about 500,100 Yuan.

Write IOU’s patients come from all over the country. These patients to see a doctor at a time, Yang Quanhong never asked about money, “patients to see a doctor, you can’t touch his pocket, have no money, read it first. ”

Slowly, he also used this kind of form, “account. ”

Even in the field, Yang Quanhong never refuse with ious, “he came to see you, that trust you, to issue ious promising shows is really difficult family. ”

For years, patients have also come forward to return the money, but the total is not much. Yang Quanhong has never posted. But more people due to the medical costs, when the holidays, sent text messages of sympathy for him, “ask me how, wished me a happy holiday stuff, can also be a comfort I. ”

Clinic, volunteers to come and help all the year round, is also not a penny, they feel that the clinic was not easy. Can’t afford to pay for medical expenses for families of patients will also take the initiative to help do some chores.

Patients sometimes greedy, and 5 dollars a day live on what to eat. They want to eat meat, want to eat anything else, just give old Yang said, immediately sent the money to buy them. Usually save some garbage bins, pick up some junk to sell later, used to give you a better life.

Burns is no longer

Yang Quanhong has moved four times, but saved a box of ious are always with him.

He said that with ious not to yaozhang but to leave a record. “People simply would not believe it. “Yang Quanhong said that gossip is a fearful thing. In order to prove that these ious are true, Yang Quanhong above registration contact information and address.

On March 7, the Xinxiang windy local, Yang Quanhong ious are all out of the box, all in the oven in the yard. This scene was also present at that time media to shoot down before being posted online.

But Yang Quanhong said they burned ious as early as two years ago, the idea of. At that time, he has won the village doctors in Henan province, the most beautiful, outstanding Communist Party members and so on, with a lot of honors, “IOU, meaning nothing. ”

He said, save those ious on hopeless patients can also, instead put it in the box, rather than a fire, hearts are no longer thinking about this issue later.

Yesterday afternoon, the Henan business daily reporters at the clinic’s yard, also saw no burning out ious. Picked up the only corner of ious, ashes scattered in the wind at the edge of the yard. Yang Quanhong squatted in a corner of the yard, a long sigh, like get rid of a heavy burden.

No doctor he wanted to rest for the time being

From the burning of ious that day, now over a week’s time. On March 14, after the event on the Internet, this small clinic in yangtun village, is no longer calm.

Yang Quanhong older machine will ring once every three minutes, media interviews across the country, have questioned his 500,000 metadata, even recommended him for the loan of the … …

All sound like waves, flocked to this common courtyard, also Yang Quanhong depths towards the Eddy.

Yesterday afternoon, the phone calls, Yang Quanhong all Dodge, said busy out.

“The family told me, not another word, will arouse doubts, once out in the future, you will get into trouble. “Yang Quanhong worry make it big after we questioned him. He thought about his family background – a village doctor’s identity, others more vulnerable to challenge.

“Fraud, hospitals across the country are bad you can see? ”

“National patient is, can you see? ”

“You don’t make money, you make the hospital is doing? ”

“You are the show! ”

“I do have good patient, but they don’t say that. ”

“I’m not going to fault, you see me what? “Yang Quanhong was wearing a black padded jacket, when two days before the fire, arm was burned a big hole given cartoon character was sewn up. “Oh, Yes, Yang Quanhong they say you don’t love wearing, if I would not wear this to make money, clothes were made to wear? ”

“From today on, not the doctor. “After the question and answer, Yang Quanhong got up and got everything in a drawer, and sat in the Chair.

He told the Henan business daily said: “man, great honours. ”

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