Unemployed man lied about “prominent family” cheat 4 girlfriend of more than 200,000 yuan

From xinmi city, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, incomplete, 38 years old, he was an unemployed “Uncle”. But in the eyes of 4 girls, the boyfriend in the provincial Department of public security work and family are gentlemen of character, is also going to open my own store, arrange the work for himself and his family caring “warm man”.

From 2014 to 2015, an incarnation of “good boy”, get 4 women’s trust, and to deal with them. Then he runs to find jobs to spend money, the death of his father, subordinates reasons such as an accident, 4 girl “borrows” a total of more than 220,000 yuan.

Paper cannot wrap fire after all. One of the girl’s brother had found Wu a ride electric vehicles on the streets with a girl, went to the provincial public security Department, and found that there was no people … …

Henan business daily () reporter learned exclusively, due to fraud, was sentenced to 8 years and fined 100,000 yuan.


“Prominent family” boyfriend

Her several credit cards

In June 2014, the small flowers (Note: the names involved in the paper are not his real name) using social media and get to know a man called Ah Wei. After the meeting, flowers feel good. Ah Wei told her he was province Public Security Bureau-level cadres.

Quickly determine the love relationship between two people, Ah Wei said to give flowers to open a small shop, also promised to introduce small cars took the father to the station, let flower’s brother for leadership drive, can also arrange flowers’s sister-in-law to the provincial public Security Bureau to do the cleaning work.

The story here, like a modest but happy love stories. However, the following style to change.

In the exchanges, in addition to the promised benefits, Ah Wei to find needed money for the small banks credit card, flowers to give him salary card. But those who promised things, Ah Wei nothing done.

It was a coincidence, in March 2015, the flower’s brother, Ah Wei found riding the electric car with a girl on the street. Family members went to the provincial public security Department, and found that provincial public Security Bureau did not Ah Wei to the people. At that time, little spent a couple of credit cards have an overdraft.

After May 7, 2015, the flower link not Ah Wei, found on the wages tab money gone. Floret calculated to remove Ah Wei to spend his money, some still owes her 20,000 yuan, “in love period, Ah Wei and I had sex many times. ”

Ah Wei after being caught, little flower didn’t know, Ah Wei real name is Wu.


Make up a prominent identity

From judgement, the Henan business daily reporters learned that flower is just one of several victims. And start a fraud tactics are bad not bad.

Fictional identities: from “unemployed” to “prominent family”

In communicating with victims, Wu said he works in the provincial public security department. But the “posts” are not the same, sometimes saying he is a Virgin-level cadres, sometimes describes himself as police captain, sometimes saying he retired to the provincial Department of public security work.

Also, some back to their family, all make up a good position: dad used to be a soldier, now in Hong Kong consisting; mother is English Professor Cheng; uncle is in charge of the personnel Department of Henan province headed sister is the Shanghai Prosecutor’s Office Prosecutor; my aunt is the head of the … …

According to what he said, really is a “prominent family”. In fact, 38, of one’s true identity is not even my primary school graduates “vagrants”.

For the trust: getting a job, driver’s license can get themselves into

In order to get victims trust, some a lot of ways and means.

For example, he sent the victims photographs of their uniformed; for example, in order to prove their working in the provincial public security Department, he issued consumption rise to “Henan provincial public security department” invoice.

Of course, for trusted amusing promised benefits. Wu said his ability to give people looking for a job, driver’s license, and promised victims little red can go to the Bank of China to work, little green of the victim can go to the local taxation Bureau of Zhengzhou city … …

The real “objective”: fabricated lie cheat money

Rhetoric, fictitious identities, and all this is for the purpose of service. Kite is one of the purposes.

Wu, also thought of some way in the scam. An excuse to cheat money is looking for a job, race relations and other needs. Sometimes, Wu will also make up some much-needed money reasons, such as his father died, and what you have to do surgery, subordinates were killed.

In addition to cash and debit cards, a Wu General would keep victims ‘ credit card. Credit card amount at least thousands of Yuan, more than tens of thousands of Yuan, Wu will take these credit cards, lines of credit cards is almost used up.

“” Get “”

And with a number of victims

Total fraud of more than 200,000 yuan

Judgment shows, and start a “lover” 4 women respectively, were cheated of the relationship between 77076.72 Yuan, 26487.6 Yuan, Yuan and 94749.93 Yuan, a total of 221175.25 Yuan.

In addition, one of the “girlfriend” of the parents, another “girlfriend” good friend was lying to 42,000, 32,000 yuan, respectively.

In addition to deception, some cheating color. Henan business daily reporters also noted that Wu was at the same time with a number of victims. 4 establishment of “Lovers” relationship between the victim, the first is January 2014 with an understanding of, the latest is November 2014 with an understanding of. Until May 2015, Wu and 4 women are in touch.


Court sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment

And a fine of 100,000 yuan

First instance, Zhongyuan district, Zhengzhou city people’s Court believes that defendant for the purpose of illegal possession, fictional facts, methods to hide the truth to deceive other people’s money, a huge amount, their behavior constituted fraud, punishable by law.

Zhongyuan District Court sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment and fined 100,000 yuan and ordered to return the victim economic loss.

Zhihou, not satisfied with the verdict, appeal, spend part of the money the victim informed, and consumption together with victims.

During the second trial, Zhengzhou Intermediate Court ascertained that a Tribunal finds that the amount of crime, after the victim recognised consumer amounts and late fees, overdraft interest, loss of fees, some fraud victims to surrender money, cards at its disposal, consumer, and seek not to return, victims of their knowledge or whether to participate in the consumer consumption, without prejudice to its fraud was established. Eventually, the Zhengzhou intermediate court rejected the appeal and upheld the.

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