Unemployed man inexplicably “your wages” 12 ineligible to Shen economically affordable housing

Materials displayed, proud of the two companies has been to “wages”. /Morning news reporter Hu Ying

Proud to “pay” a worry for months/morning news reporter Zhu Ying ying

A Cub reporter Zhang Li Wu Zhengbin Hu Ying

Minhang residents proud of recently encountered a strange thing: obviously myself unemployed at home 20, tax materials show that since 2005, there have been two companies had been paid to him, but he didn’t know anything about this, but it never took the money. These two dubious salary, originally qualified to apply for affordable houses for veterans were excluded.

These days, the Department finds that the two incomes to honor “does not exist”, and his information was used, also returned to his economically affordable housing requirements. But leaving many questions, to pride in wearing the wages to the who, that two companies for what purpose … …

Without cause “extra” income

“In this matter, I eat well sleep well for months, doing it is also several times. “Talk about” company suddenly found their wages “, a tone of pride in wearing a few times is shaky.

In 1997, the proud of incapacity due to illness, has been unemployed at home for 20 years. In November 2016, pride began to apply for affordable houses. Yesterday, meilong town, Minhang district, staff of the social security centre, said on January 6 this year, accepting applications, found that their accounts would not be economically affordable housing conditions of income, look up their pride in and notice the same day have undeclared income. According to tax archives Shang of information records, to wearing for wing sent wage of enterprise respectively in, Huangpu district, and Yangpu district,, a for registered address in Henan road 655 lane 1th, 8 floor of Shanghai nine Chau industrial limited, from August 1994 began business, to communications engineering, and technical advice for main business range, another a is is contact address for Yangpu district, ningguo road 199th, of Shanghai country letter communications equipment limited, from May 2007 began business, to communications equipment, and equipment for main business range.

Hearing the news, wing Meng: “just last year, the two companies ‘ hair ‘ for 45,000 yuan, but the two companies I’ve never heard of. And these excess wages out of thin air are more likely to make me ineligible to apply for affordable houses. ”

Staff of the social security centre said only by the tax Department’s evidence to prove whether they are receiving salaries.

Tax authorities confirmed that never get the money,

In constant visits and telephone communications, proud of wearing this month from the Yangpu and Huangpu District Tax Department got the evidence, confirmed that he has not received a so-called salary.

Proud of feedback to reporters in Yangpu district, the tax authorities a written reply read: certified, Guoxin communications equipment co in Shanghai there is proud of the misuse of personal information personal tax. Huangpu district tax service feedback displays: Jiuzhou has ordered Shanghai Co, Ltd to correct tax return information, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the tax collection and administration law of the PRC on the tax treatment of the company.

Two company’s actual Office was not found

Dai is proud to produce lists of personal income tax, Jiuzhou Shanghai Industrial Guoxin communications equipment Co Ltd and Shanghai respectively from 2005 and 2010 to their wages, mostly around 3500 Yuan per month.

The two companies intended to do? To proud of wearing the money go? With all the doubts, this reporter went to Henan, lane 655 1th, 8/f, according to the property said, where a whole building belongs to private residences, no company, in Shanghai, property record information without Jiuzhou industry limited company registration information. “Jiuzhou industry? Never heard of it, there is not a company. “A property managers said. Zhihou, repeated calls to the company’s telephone number, Bell came out of the building continued, but no answer.

Ningguo road 199th, reporters went to room 1203, but failed to find a letter of Shanghai communication Corporation, this is David Kang, a health management service company.


“Fraudulent use of information in order to send temporary workers wage”

Yesterday, a reporter contacted Shanghai Jiuzhou industry limited company in charge of Mr. Wang.

Reporter: the public has pride in wearing that his identity was used to get paid by your company, this thing you know?

Wang: Yes. Tax authorities have sent us some days before.

Reporter: what is the matter, can you explain?

Mr Wang: blame it on not standard on our actions, we apologize for the distress caused.

Reporter: why do you want to use another person’s identity information to get paid?

King Mr: we company is a small company, usually main employment some temporary, basic are is foreign workers personnel, to they sent wage of when often find not to they signed, hard do account, because related sector are is has process of, do can’t account on sent can’t wage, so we on simply put wage are sent to a head Shang, then again distribution to all foreign workers personnel hand Shang. As far as I know, many small companies are operating in this way. We hire mostly temporary workers, is not easy to find their signature, we will bring so much trouble to be easy.

Reporter: identities that you are proud of where you come from?

Mr Wang: to put it bluntly, this is in fact a “misuse”. I was providing an identity by a worker at that time, he gave me one, I did not expect him to be proud of wearing the identity. If you know will bring so much trouble, I might as well use one identity.

Reporter: you took pride in wearing one’s identity information?

Mr Wang when the worker gave me this identity information, we used the identity, never used another person’s identity information.

Reporter: using someone else’s identity paid, is there a relationship with the tax?

Wang: we are such a small company, how much tax is there to report, said tax evasion is certainly not the reality. After all is a matter of irregular operation, after pay-make each worker came to sign, would not be in so much trouble.

Yesterday, the reporter also contacted Shanghai head Chen Guoxin communications equipment, he hears is “wages” this thing was said not to accept interviews.

Extension news

Enterprises suspected of fraudulent use of information to avoid tax

Fraudulent use of information by people like pride in wearing much? Lu Yin, blue-and-white law firm partner, “said similar cases are not uncommon. ”

According to Lu Yin introduction, fraudulent use of others ‘ information labor contracts may be divided into two acts, the first is personal use, such as the actual labor force is not reached the legal age for employment, or admitted to its own bad record cannot be hired. Another of corporate behavior, binding interest through various channels to obtain identity information. “A unit employment personnel’s income is 9000, for example, you can use three identity cards, split into three income under a tax threshold, achieve the effect of tax avoidance. ”

Lu Yin stressed that information easier by companies using some retired because retired officers belonging to the informal employment, are not required to pay social insurance. “This is the ‘ cost ‘ is not, and retirees are more difficult to detect and focus on your tax situation. ”

Reporters from tax-related information see, gave the two companies to be proud of the “wages”, each month are below the tax threshold.

Forged signatures to sign false employment contracts

So how did these credentials to get and sign a labour contract?

In this regard, said Lu Yin, actually a lot of access to personal information, such as ID cards to take out, workers had been working in a company, after the separation, retirement continue to work. “Does not rule out purchase identity information through illegal channels. Some enterprises tend to use these people pay taxes under each month to the relevant authorities for ‘ zero Declaration ‘. ”

Human resources experts said Feng lijuan, Shanghai most of the company’s employment and employment audits are relatively strict, for example, offer letter, medical certificates and entry materials are indispensable. But some crooked head, “through a simple process, a copy of ID card and forged signatures, a false employment contracts, will be able to ‘ manufacture ‘ a enterprises personnel that did not exist to Obtain improper benefits. ”

Labor law experts Tan Yuming said, employing units take with others information to employment workers sent wage of behavior is illegal of, first, it in labor process in the exists fraud behavior, violation has labor guarantees aspects of related legal provides, labor guarantees sector can held its responsibility; second, it violation has enterprise business of related provides, business sector and tax sector are can on its for punishment; and take with others of information, has disrupt has normal of social activities, police sector is can on its filed of; also, Fraudulent use of information the individual may bring a civil action to court, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

In addition, Lu Yin believes that enterprise use of others ‘ information with incorrect identification of wage costs are very low, “it is difficult to measure how serious to take employment losses. ”

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