Two farmers for a cow to court mediation failed to spend money on doing DNA identification

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How to feed cattle and DNA identification

Cattle and DNA identification, identification of soybean grain blood drops, the method used for cytoplasm mitochondria technology, mitochondrial DNA through maternal inheritance, mitochondrial DNA hypervariable region, will be able to determine if they came from the same maternal line. Identification of personnel to extract the DNA of two cows, synthesized primers for PCR amplification, by Sanger dideoxy chain termination method, sequenced using BigDye Termina-tor reaction Reagent Kit for samples of mitochondrial DNA high variable regions were sequenced. After repeated tests, samples of mitochondrial DNA sequencing and database of Cambridge reference sequence (rCRS) revealed that controversial calf cow with master Wang family in the exact characteristics variation of hypervariable region, so you can identify calves and cows from the same mother. Ningqiang two farmers for the attribution of a calf at loggerheads not only case, also decided to make the cattle DNA identification of settlement of disputes.


Both courts

BA in Hanzhong area have the habit of free-range cattle, spring to catch the autumn and then brought home, every few cows weekday in the mountains.

Mao BA town, ningqiang Wang family has 5 cows, he worked in Hanzhong city, cow taken care of by the father. In mid-September 2016, his father said, that day is the day when the cows come home, but a calf and did not come home. Wang returned home that night. “This cow is cow’s in my family, who was 1 year old. “Chef Wang avers, and the next day he looked for cattle, heard that in early August Zen surnamed Gong in town who drove an ox, calf seems to be his home.

Master Wang Gong master, walked 20 miles to home, master Gong however is very angry, insisted that cows are their own. “Cow calf production was my home, how is he? “Master Wang incensed villagers ‘ Committee and the police station, but were told that such disputes cannot be resolved. But Wang Gong master to ningqiang County Court, in November of that year to BA to court. As of yesterday, Wang said his calf is still Gong master.


Defendants do not agree

“Previously been admissible in such cases are resolved through mediation. “BA staff say Bashan regions more free-range cattle farmers, we catch the mountain cattle and feed them for months, cows mating between birth to calves and led when disputes arise, ever use” Dallas mother recognize “approach to mediation.

After accepting the case, the judge can be identified this way, but the defendant did not agree with. Dispute, by mutual consent, the final choice for the way cows do DNA identification for purposes of identification. And the fourth military medical University forensic forensic made contact, judges veterinary collection from the local chef Wang cow, calf blood samples of two disputes with plastic bags, blood samples after the results are sent to the accreditation body modification cannot be used. And for the second sample, drops of blood samples take a pair of oxen with gauze.

“In fact, this cow is not worth much, do DNA identification costs a lot. “Court staff said the calves more sturdy, both wanted to use their sires, calf of their own valuation of 3000 Yuan, but the vet only valued 1000 RMB. Although the DNA identification takes more than 2000 Yuan, but both insisted on doing DNA identification.


Calf belongs to master Wang

The fourth military medical University forensic forensic examinations introduced Zhang Xiaonan, higher cost of DNA identification, basic million, are generally do a appraisal report on the account used by cattle and their DNA identification this is the third time.

Yesterday, forensic forensic in the fourth military medical University, China business news journalists saw two cow DNA forensic reports, the report shows, master Wang and Gong master disputed calf with master Wang all the cows from the same mother, the calf belongs to master Wang.

It is understood that although the results have come out, but the case has not been finally sentenced, according to BA-court staff, got the report of their trial date, identification of costs may be borne by the losing party.

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