Two “dinosaur egg” 14 network behind the red fruits “consumer code”

(Original title: two “dinosaur egg” 14 network behind the red fruits “consumer code”)

“The two Harrow Harrow citrus 8.8 Yuan, an avocado 13, two dinosaur eggs ’14 … … The 5 small fruits cost 35.8 Yuan, it’s expensive! ” Recently, Sun Ma Tang Jia bridge from Wenzhou City, people coming out of a fruit shop, mouth kept talking. She said that if up to grandson eat avocado nutrition, son and daughter-in-law wants to taste fresh “dinosaur egg”, reluctant to buy for her.

Reporter found that urban fruit store and import goods on supermarket shelves, a lot of fresh high “net red fruits”; shop fruit sellers, there are “unheard of” fruits in the sale, the price is “eating a little bit expensive.”

On the market

There are many “net red fruits”

Apple, banana, pear, known as the fruit of “third kind”. Today, the fruit becomes more abundant in the market, and even some “net red fruits”, such as fruit, carrots, citrus, avocado, Harrow rake, also known as “dinosaur egg” Chile flakes.

Fashion show in New York since the movie star Shishi Liu after she love to eat baby carrots, which the United States brands “bot farms” baby carrots “fire”. Wenzhou native e-commerce platform: “cats” launched with baby carrots, specification “340 grams of X5 bags” priced at 138, date last sold hundreds. A importer of goods to the supermarket in the urban areas, 210 grams of fruit, carrot in a prominent position, price per bag of 19.9 Yuan.

Carrot nutrient-rich, market price is close to the people and who would usually take a bite in public?, however, as “net red” after the pursuit of “healthy” young people couldn’t help but think of “root”. “As a snack, crunchy and sweet, and quite good. “In” hot cat “order bought 5 bags of fruit, carrot, says Ms. “Hot cat” appears on the line, fruits, carrots sold quite well.

“Looks like a grenade, tastes like SOAP” avocado, for the vest called the avocado, and recently, more fire “net red fruits”. It is worth mentioning that, avocado or pounds to sell but on the selling, a 13 Yuan. Some young mothers to buy avocado puree for baby, some white-collar women prefer eating, claiming to have a slimming effect.

Intellectual imports “dinosaur egg” nuclear small fleshy, 8 to 10 Pack retail price of 60 Yuan. In addition, in the circle of friends, Harrow rake citrus sale introduces the Basic is “not much inventory, sell out prices”; in some fruit shop, price around 34 Yuan per kg.

Net purchase “expensive fruit”

They can pay by installments

In addition to “net red fruits”, the online shopping market has also recently appeared on “expensive fruit.”

Citizen Wu last year in Japan when tasting the local sweet-Indian green, still can’t forget. A few days ago, she would like to buy online, price made her jump: Japan imported sweet printed green 650g a list of 350 Yuan, 750g to 850g a list of 480 Yuan. Eventually, she “looked thirsty”, swallowing swallowing did not start.

If Japan green price is not outrageous, then online or some fresh fruit prices really let you unthinkable. For example: a Japanese melon of a head office of the brand of fruit and vegetable sale, known as the melon in the “local payments”, a PCs priced at 9688.88; Dragon fruit in Colombia “200gx12 box” price 2588.88; ripe Hawaii papaya, 6 to 8 pieces and price 1186.88 … … According to online shopping page shows that these “expensive fruit” can pay by installments.

“Such an expensive fruit, I should not buy it. “Yesterday, reporters interviewed nearly 30 people in the market, most people say price thousands of Yuan’s fruit” can only look at the hunger pangs-not “. Only 2 people, said hundreds of “grapes in Japan” you can buy a try.

By “plan package” sells well

Sales price limits

Friends, fruit in the Sun more and more. “After all, bask in the LV and sports car too hard, wobble-plate print, avocado and radishes will be much more convenient, but also a way to demonstrate their own quality of life!” Fang fang of the public is a little white collar, she particularly liked the avocado, tossed salad, milk shakes, sprinkle with pepper in the oven … … Different way of eating that she felt healthy and “cutesy”.

Once, avocados are a minority, but now almost every trendy restaurants or salad bar has its shadow. Data show that in 2011, imports only 31,800 kilograms of avocado in China; and in 2016, imports amounted to 15 million kilograms. People in the industry estimate, more than 26 million kilograms of avocados this year to enter the Chinese market.

Number engaged in wholesale fruit industry believes that, “net red fruit” appears, is inseparable from “planning package”, hit the “health”, “fashion” labels, or a star plus, we sense, on the tall, and tastes good, sales leapt on the nature. But for those who often priced hundreds of Yuan, even thousands of Yuan of “expensive fruits”, “after all, such a high price out there, most people buy a meat, but still hurts, unable to eat open belly, sales of natural limits.”

News +

Fruit imports subject to our sales directory

At present, some “net red fruits” in foreign countries. It is understood that for imported fresh fruits have a stringent quarantine system in China. Prohibiting the posting of fresh fruits and carry-on; to import fresh fruit orchards, packing plant registration, who intend to export to China of fruit orchards, packing plants are required to register as required in the exporting State. Directory of sales in the domestic market than fruits, are illegally imported.

Recently, the State General Administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine of the latest version of the access access to fresh fruit type and the output directory of the country/region, including Thailand, Malaysia and other 42 countries and regions nearly 50 kinds of fresh fruit, this is the first update since September 2016, this update adds Peru blueberries and nectarines Chile two fruit varieties for official entry.

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