Transparent than mysterious creatures appear in Myanmar Beach globefish poison hundreds of times

“Burmese Chinese” this time, East Bay of Bengal forming storms Maaratha, suddenness, swept Myanmar in Beach famous for attractions. Inhabitants of the sea, in addition to losses, also brought a number of mythical creatures.

After the storm, these transparent with a purple “little guys” gathered on the beach, attracting many people watching.

Little partners will certainly say: “small, why isn’t this jellyfish, a cow! “By the relevant departments explained, this little guy is called jellyfish, Jellyfish of the genus, is live in the intestines of a cavity in the sea mollusk, a hemisphere-shaped body.

If you are on the beach, seeing these beautiful little thing, would want to reach out and touch it? If you have the idea, small advise you, don’t do it! Because you may die!

Jellyfish toxin toxicity of Tetrodotoxin 450 times

Fresh jellyfish nematocyst containing poison, toxin by many kinds of polypeptide composition. Toxicity of jellyfish toxin Tetrodotoxin is 450 times. Jellyfish tentacles on the cnida to protect themselves, tentacles come here, will be wound up and POPs a balloon barbed wire, into the body, releasing peptide toxin, which is the way jelly fish to protect themselves. When people break tentacles, it still stuck to the wound, continues to poison. Regardless of the jellyfish anyway, even into debris washes up on the beach, its tentacles can sting.

One medical experts said, because human skin thin tender at most easy sting injury, Sting injury Hou General can in number minutes within appeared shock like of sting sense, number hours Hou injury district gradually appeared line-like arranged of has Erythema of blood rash, like was whip beat had like, itch and burning, light who can in 20 days around self-healing; serious who will occurred allergy sex shock symptoms or acute pulmonary edema,, if rescue than Shi, this class sting injury patients can in short time within death.

Bloody case: from curiosity to pick up a piece of jelly fish, aged 4, Sting, death

This doom and gloom began, from a trip! Family with a 4 year old daughter to the beach to play. 4 beauty her hand holding a jellyfish asked her mother: “MOM, what is it, what is it? “Mother hurried past and sees that, and kick the jellyfish, but because of a leg injury.

On shore, families found on mother and daughter both legs are jelly fish sting out of the Red “lock” and the child was crying with pain crying, mother is the pain is unbearable. Subsequently, the family drove children to local hospitals. However it is unfortunate children rescue is not valid is passed away.

Please remember, jellyfish’s most lethal to children!

A doctor said children likely to be a jellyfish sting, because more infested with jellyfish in shallow water, adults like playing in the Sham Shui Po District, and most of their children due to reasons such as height, can only play in the shallow water and compared with adults, compensatory weak heart and lung function of children, severe Cardiac involvement after being stung, prone to life-threatening. Therefore, the child should pay attention to after being stung, adult after being stung, don’t be too scared, because only a physique very sensitive person can cause serious symptoms, and most people will not die.

Stung by jellyfish do after?

Visitors to sea water, once stung by jellyfish, conditional, and wear gloves to remove the tentacles, or use a thick coat, tweezers, small sticks, gently detach the jellyfish tentacles from the skin. Do not use hands to touch and rub the sting site, this will accelerate the toxin release.

With a dry towel along in the same direction, put the thorns capsule dropped, if there are no towels, clean with sand where the spiny capsule. Then, with SOAP and water, soda, or other alkaline substances to reduce the absorption of toxins. Don’t get mineral water or alcohol rinse, or thorn capsule will release toxins in the body.

What symptoms appear after sting?

After being stung, the patient will feel tingling, burning or itching, Sting appears at cord-like arrangement of erythema, papules, if multiple stings by jellyfish, occurs in patients with difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or heart failure, shock, drowsiness, edema, severe will die.

How to avoid jellyfish stings?

Jellyfish live in the intestines of a cavity in the sea molluscs, hemispherical shape, so when you’re at sea phytoplankton, jellyfish-like objects, not driven by curiosity to touch them, it is the best way to avoid.

Now comes as the hot season, the parents take their children to the beach to play, but have long had in mind!

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