This wear uniforms playing the guitar night becomes famous! GAO finished kneeling

Holding the guitar in school uniform, although most of our youth are not like this, but this is still a symbol of too many memories of youth.

School uniform rumpled, the guitar does not play so well, it is impossible to play too well, as long as they can produce a fairly pleasant sound, was enough to attract across the girl’s eyes.

But the primary school boy who just graduated, you have to tease sister age era and playing the sultry sister, already have passed, but this does not preclude the guitar he had done a superb job in hand.

This video these days on the Internet explosion fire, even once sitting in the Tsinghua University the short tight cropping on the grass harp teacher, have forwarded this tweet.

Roll Grand guess, maybe Gao may also feel that before the video, although his good cough, but as a fine young man who plays the guitar, there is a sort of British gas.

But after watching this video, he left these words: “read, hit music! Second half of life only whistle! “In this regard, the roll you just want to say, in my next life, I even do not blow the whistle.

Other than the GAO Xiaosong, China’s first guitar player Li Yan Liang also forwarded to this tweet, although without making a “hit music” flag, but also professional technical analysis, gives “junior strong China strong” rating.

There are many users of young surprised her talent and collaborators, deeply impressed. Comment: after seeing the video, look is playing with the glory of the King’s younger brother on the couch, really wanted was beaten in the past.

This shocked Gao, Li Yan Liang and other cafes, as well as numerous online guitar junior, what exactly is it?

The guitar boy named Liu Jiazhuo on video, those uniforms are not to contain soft brushed green paint, but this is reading the six-grade pupil at that time real armor.

Baiyin, Gansu province, Liu Jiazhuo was born in an ordinary family, his father is silver, the first generation of musicians.

At the age of 4, when other children are looking forward to birthday received a transformers when Liu Jiazhuo received his gift from his father–a flower.

Watching dad bought control of book taught, was at the time, Liu Jiazhuo his music laid the Foundation. When he was 7, and uncle to home, he is a really good guitar teacher.

After listening to Liu Jiazhuo shells of the sea, uncle surprised, asked Kerry if he was willing to talk to him to learn guitar, nodded jiazhuo very happy. A few days later, from Uncle jiazhuo took the first own guitar in his hand.

When new to guitar, Liu Jiazhuo, and like all of us, but just doing the exercise properly Basic. A few years later, however, when jiazhuo saw Matsui save your online playing of the Rider, was shocked that he knew for the first time, that was able to play the guitar so amazing.

Matsui bless your

Then, he starts to look for the video to start watching, usually groping herself, and let that Uncle Uncle for advice. But this does not satisfy the curiosity and love of Liu Jiazhuo for fingerstyle.

Since then, only 10 year old Liu Jiazhuo completely hooked on the guitar, he took off his guitar video downloads on the Internet, and then use the player to slow down, look at again and again.

Stumbled from the start, to then be able to go down, in this age of little friends only knew watching cartoons, Liu Jiazhuo’s guitar skills have been leaps of progress.

At one point, Liu Jiazhuo’s piano is broken, no conditions for a decent guitar for him. But for Liu Jiazhuo, without guitars, the whole people around, I don’t know why.

So, was read the Liu Jiazhuo was contacted on a production of guitar manufacturers, promise they recorded 2 videos each month, has been used for 2 years, manufacturers finally agreed to give Liu Jiazhuo to sponsor a new guitar.

When I think about ten years old, only four or five grade primary school students all day, do not know why. Last weekend classes, learn guitar, learn to play the piano, learn to paint, but everyone knows that even the interest is not.

Interest in such self-deception, but the comfort of parents and vanity, teacher and certainly not taught well, finally you get a useless certificate examination, everybody’s happy.

In contrast, Liu Jiazhuo environment isn’t very good, but a ten-year old child inside that focus on love, enough to put the thing to do.

On June 1 last year, Liu Jiazhuo in grade six the last children’s Day party. Each student prepared a varied program, Liu Jiazhuo also went to the classroom carrying a guitar.

Other students sing, dance got warm applause, but when Liu Jiazhuo holding the guitar when I walked to the middle of the classroom, is no one speak to him, and talk all the time.

Liu Jiazhuo began to bite the bullet and bomb, but more awkward, then he can’t hear the piano. Liu Jiazhuo, “Huff” carrying a guitar play from the teacher’s Office on the first floor to third floor Office. Liu Jiazhuo of the more excited, playing all the way to the attendance Office, but had to lock the door.

Facing the sudden Liu Jiazhuo, the teachers are very enthusiastic and that went viral on the Web of the Thunderstruck AC/DC song is one taken by a teacher.

Liu Jiazhuo says “Tommy Emmanuel, oshio, song Jing Yougui is my favorite guitarist, but what I admire most is Tommy big God. “Now, he is trying a little closer to these masters.

In the b station, youku, Tencent, he found traces of Liu Jiazhuo, his finger ring can be said to have a little fame, and even some fans.

We talked about the most, some netizens questioned Liu Jiazhuo’s late playing video through accelerated, Liu Jiazhuo made no verbal response. Just and shoot a video, video, he put an alarm clock in front of the camera. Second hand uniform move forcefully hit users in the face.

Talk about dreams, Liu Jiazhuo said: my parents earned a living, I hope that at a later date and continuously improve their level, to rely on their own ability to change the conditions at home one day.

Started learning the guitar at age 7 and Liu Jiazhuo never worry about young, small hands, hands hurt all sorts of problems don’t have conditions to buy a guitar, contact the manufacturer to obtain on their own sponsorship; guitar no listeners, he scoured the building bombs to everyone.

You admire his genius, but didn’t see his hard work, dedication and persistence. When you’re still hesitant, complained when he had just left a go figure.

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