The world’s oldest man died in Italy at age 117 years old

Picture from the Italian State TV website

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the oldest old AIMA·molanuo, 15th in the world in their home in a small town in Northern Italy Verbania died at age 117.

AIMA·molanuo was born on November 29, 1899, she is born in the world in 19th century, and the last one is still alive and is now the fifth oldest man on record. Her life spanned three centuries, has witnessed two world wars, and has gone through more than 90 session of the Government of Italy.

Allegedly, before he died, Marano has not get out of the House for several years, she has always insisted on living alone, until 2015 a full-time attendant. Marano said in an interview before her longevity secret is three eggs a day, two of them raw, cooked food. Her family doctor thought that from Marano longevity genes. Her mother lived to be 91 years old, two sisters at least centenarian. In addition, MO Leno strong character and rule of life is great help to live longer. (CCTV Deng Zongyu)

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