The six dragon figure of over 300 million yuan in South Song dynasty diaspora overseas when sold in New York in late Qing dynasty

Chenrong of the six dragon

New York, March 15, at seven o’clock in the evening local time, enveloped in a Blizzard in New York, highly-anticipated Fujita Museum of ancient Chinese art treasures at Christie’s New York on schedule to open the hammer. Chenrong the six dragon figure of $43.5 million (approximately RMB 300 million) price hammer, and Commission US $48.9675 million. Buyer is not known.

Chenrong six dragons map (detail)

From the Song dynasty painter chenrong (active in the 13th century) the hands of the six dragon is one of the most dramatic items. On the towel in the Preface: chenrong six dragon original choice. This auction valuation USD 1,200,000 1,800,000, for $1 million, are added directly to the $10 million competition eventually Wei Wei of the telephone and a man in the field, with 43.5 million dollars (about 300 million yuan) the fall of the hammer, and Commission US $48.9675 million.

Christie’s New York scene

Fujita Art Museum collection includes many important paintings in song and Yuan dynasties, including six beautiful hand roll, roll collectors on seal and copious art-directory of Royal treasures in China–record of the shiqu, proof roll former Emperor (1711-1799).

Chenrong the six dragon chart of local

It is reported that Christie Fujita Art Museum in New York six the shiqu description work deal totals of about 869 million Yuan (Commission). Which, chenrong six dragon figure sold price 48.9675 million dollars, Zhao Lingrang goose group figure sold price 27.1275 million dollars, Li Gong scales bridge Alliance figure sold price 17.6075 million dollars, Han Gan horse sex figure sold price 17.0475 million dollars, Wang Mian snow Mei figure sold price 8.6475 million dollars, Zhao Mengfu wash horse figure sold price 4.5035 million dollars, amounted to 123.901 million dollars, collection Yuan about 854 million Yuan.

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Fujita Art Museum hid the painting six shiqu Royal collection picture after gathering the volume will go from here?

Wen/Zhang Zi-Ning

Royal collection picture has a long history in China, dating back to the Eastern Jin dynasty by Fourth century at the latest within the House collection. Painting, impression, always at a time of change, decline in destruction of Greek boos; world peace, however long, again in good present. This constant rotation for thousands years ago, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty period of the codification of the shiqu, painting and calligraphy appreciation of the Royal family then went up to the top! More than hundred years, the revolution succeeded, Jian Guo Regent Zai feng resigned at the end of living in Tianjin, Palace of the last emperor, Puyi, was born in alcohol at the age of six. New year’s Republic of China was founded the following year and Xiaogong Wang Puwei raise pay for Puyi restoration, most antique objects except the painting in March, sold to a Japanese antiques dealer named Jiro in the mountains. Founded the Chamber of antique dealers, and Prince Gong’s mansion in New York the following year 1913 heritage auctions, its catalogue receives heritage 536; March 5 to 6th of the same year the Prince Gong’s mansion in London Auction catalogue of cultural relics has accepted a total of 211, directory home also noted “the descendants of Emperor Daoguang Gong Wang Puwei from Beijing.”

On February 22, 1915, Zhang Binfang alcohol Palace steward (steward Zhang Wenzhi) description in the shiqu early, sequel to Tang, song and Yuan in six volumes sold paintings to mountain Chamber of Commerce, and writings (see attached map). Mountain Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in Osaka, I do not know when, and this six-volume painting has been sold and the Fujita family in Osaka. Fujita Art Museum’s collection began when Mr Mogi Fujita (1841-1912), and after his death the collection passed to two sons, incorporated Fujita Art Museum was established in 1951, 1954 officially opened.
Published in 1983 King series China painting combined catalogue third volume Japan article I Museum, included Fujita Gallery Tang, and five, and song, and Yuan, and Ming, and clear painting 36 pieces (JM 14), which that including this six volume in the of Han Gan, and Zhao Lingrang, and chenrong three volume; 1998 published of Japan where China painting directory sequel, is and income biography for Li Gonglin of nine song figure a volume (number 513). Funny thing is, alcohol’s mansion sold six paintings with mountain Chamber of Commerce, Zhao Lingrang, Wang Mian, Chen Rong, Li Gonglin four volumes are collectors of “Prince Gong printing”, but this square and common Emperor’s six different for Yi Xin, or for printing a small gong Wang Puwei? The collection of the Prince Gong mansion paintings are famous, such as the jinluji of the calm, such as Tang Hangan according to Eve white. Alcohol House sold in six volumes, Zhao rang a curly tail “Prince Gong print” one “gift” printing, part of or derived from CI XI Queen Mother a gift.

Alcohol Palace sold six paintings with mountain Chamber of Commerce, stored in the Royal Library in the Qianlong period. Six volume in the except chenrong six dragon figure description Yu shiqu treasure bookcase sequel (1793 into book) outside, its rest five volume are description Yu early series (1745 into book); and six volume in the except biography for Zhao Mengfu of wash horse figure volume in shiqu treasure bookcase description in the as “inferior” outside, another five volume are for “fine” (chenrong six dragon figure volume package towel inside has “authentic fine” words). Tang Hangan of the horse and the lineation of the temporary Alliance of the two volumes, early into books in the shiqu, Qianlong continued adding poems syndrome differentiation clause, so the text not written by Yu Chu video. Fujita Art Museum collection in six volumes, four-volume title General of Emperor Qianlong, dating the earliest of the wash is Zhao’s horse, volume, when Qianlong problem in 1735 for the Port-au-Prince; latest is the temporary Alliance of Li Gonglin, problems in 1786, which span more than half a century. Many seal of six volumes on the Emperor, first used in Port-au-Prince, “Prince Bao Bao” (of the washing horses), and after his abdication as “too Emperor” (the bridge Alliance map volumes) is printed.

Biography for Tang Hangan horse sex figure volume and Shanghai Museum by hid biography for five back Zhao Yan adjustable Ma TU volume, two horse of attitude similar, worth for further of compared research; Li Gonglin bridge Alliance Hou paragraph (Qianlong problem General yihou) and Beijing Palace () by hid Yuan Chen and the of of bridge Alliance composition similar, but Qian paragraph is more out nearly 400 cm, about occupies full figure one-third, depicting Tang Qin King Li Shimin (that later of Emperor Taizong) Yu Wude nine years (626) in Changan suburb of bridge and Turkic Alliance of history story To study this value in the context a more complete picture of the subject. Southern Song chenrongmolongtu has handed down new, different calligraphy styles, such as: Boston Museum hid the Kowloon Map volumes, the Guangdong Provincial Museum of the molong map axes, while the six Dragons from the Fujita Art Museum map volume problem recognition is another style, is also worth exploring.

Therefore, the Fujita Art Museum collection shiqu description of six paintings, whether it is the study of art history or history of Emperor Qianlong, is a rare set of rare and precious cultural relics.

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