The first anniversary of the death of Wei Zexi: IVF failed hopes parents

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The morning of April 2, Wei Haiquan went to the cemetery to see his son.

“With his favorite duck and dim sum. Your aunt, crying was rare in crash. “In the past year, the middle-aged man’s voice becomes hoarse, kind of dumb.

Day six lunar new year in early March, Wei Zexi lunar calendar anniversary. Wei Haiquan duck as snack and placed in front of the tombstone, to talk with my son to say for a long time. Since he couldn’t say anything, she cried, gasping for air on.

A year ago today, Wang Li Wei Zexi 22 year old son suffering from synovial Sarcoma treatment, left this world.

She thought life fire has been extinguished, “no goal”.

Son his last wish: “MOM, I go after, you must find a way to have another child. ”

After half a year of hard work, spanned over 3 eggs, Wang Li and Wei Haiquan finally got two healthy embryos. If a successful implantation of the fertilized egg, then it means that she is able to get pregnant again.

Twists and turns

Strips of egg material into the body, all of a sudden, the egg was taken out.

“Empty. “Hear this sentence, lie in the dark egg room, Wang Li’s heart also sinks into the darkness.

“What is available? “Before b-observed 3 eggs, since he was still optimistic,” two of three may not be paired? ”

“Is no eggs in the follicles. “The doctor told her, ultrasound follicle that looks good, is likely to be unable to fertilize the empty follicle.

Her eyes, afraid to listen to the second result.

“Or is empty. “Operating under the doctor’s voice and body as if came from a very cold place, she scored at the bottom.

But 3 days before the test results are more desperate: the only healthy follicle, without success.

On my way back, Wei Hai did not speak, but his face.

This is their second egg retrieval experience last month, prior to this, since he has successfully matched a healthy fertilized egg.

In November, in preparation for the first egg, she hit 9-day pin, doctors gave her a homemade medicine. “Day 6, a large amount of good results. “After baby is also expensive enough, they have” care “.

But fear loss of ovarian follicles. Those carrying heavy expectations of small bubbles, when there are 4, it becomes 2. “Why is 2? ”

“Flow. “Doctor of sanitization in women of this age, egg loss is all too common.

Maternal and child health hospital in Shaanxi Province for the first time for a checkup when doctors did not ultimately have much hope.

At the hospital, since he had never seen more than their families her bilateral fallopian tube is blocked, pinning their hopes on natural childbirth, apparently impossible.

“Test-tube baby” this technique, they have heard before, but never learn more about, but Wei Zexi the night before that left this world, called them to him and explain they try IVF, and then to have a child, “for me to take care of you.”

“Age of 43 is a snag”, Li said the doctor, 43 years before women of childbearing age, higher average quality eggs, belonging to the “younger” older women like her, not to mention hard and risk of pregnancy, but the probability of success, it’s hard to say.

“If God gives, we would stay. “Wei Hai is afraid, no matter, don’t know what life can be placed.

3 months ago, and they still can’t hold out any hope.

When medical indicators are not encouraging. Through daily figures should contact Mrs Wei Haiquan, from the West coast of the United States to find the most advanced hospital doctors to help watch our diagnosis.

“Do you come to Beijing (in vitro fertilization), economic difficulties, just give me the ID card photograph, I have given you tickets. “Mr surnamed Dai in Beijing hospitals, have been watching the couple, willing to provide financial and technical help.

Wei Haiquan ultimately did not accept it.

He did not want to owe favors. In order to treat Wei Zexi, the family has hosted too many people of good will.

They decided, in XI ‘ an, try again once, make a few more, increase the probability of success.

Third try after just 10 days, after the PIN, since he had only one egg this time. Fortunately, healthy egg fertilization success.

3 eggs, 5 follicles, finally became 2 healthy embryos.


Vehicle at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour from the subway station to the district. When passing track or speed bumps, speed is also halved, Wei Haiquan hits the brakes slowly, lest Britain to back Wang Li.

The doctor lying flat is conducive to smooth this little embryo implantation. Usually, less than 10 minutes away, this time by more than 20 minutes.

Is outside a restaurant for lunch, a plate of tofu, a pot of spicy noodle soup, a meat, since he like to eat spicy food.

“The doctor said not to eat spicy food,” Wei Hai to think of it, didn’t stay, “would you like to eat! ”

It took 87 dollars meal, counts as the pregnancies achieved “initial victory” celebrations. Home, it is Wang Li juggle, Wei Haiquan has never been down to the kitchen. After eating this, he begins to adapt to the new roles, for older women at home, wash your hands doing porridge.

Back home, the first thing is to take the medicine and injections. Cool oily liquids by intramuscular injection into Li’s body used to regulate ovulation and pregnancy hormones. For some time, since he left buttock had sat down with pain.

To run two hospitals less, Wei Haiquan Li personally shot, at least two doses a day. Figure/Han Yi

Shot by Wei Haiquan help. In the days to treat Wei Zexi, the father had become half the nurses, able to give his son a shot. “Butt into four parts, the right corner piece, tucked in doesn’t hurt. ”

Dense needle arrangement around the stretch marks, into secret links between two lives were bred. When Wei Zexi, Wang Li, 24, body light like bird, maternity leave, she began work three shifts.

Grows older once again breed becomes very painful. A small growth, larger bruises every night, Wang Li to do 30-minute heat. Hot Pack therapy instrument was bought by Wei Zexi sick to cope with chemotherapy.

Progesterone hormone is not easily absorbed. The butt of many patients have been lumpy. Day two, since he need to keep kneading, let the drug successfully played.

Wei Hai pulled out ahead of potatoes in the refrigerator, on the temperature. Hot compress well, slice, stamped, swelling and help absorption.

Wei Haiquan Wang Li-cut potato chips in the kitchen, use cold compresses to help drug absorption. Figure/Han Yi


At first, since he does not want the child.

“How difficult it is raising a baby. “Wei Zexi scene seemed to be in front of her, hurt early on, open off and on to two fingers, why not kick. She can’t stand, finally implemented a cesarean.

Boys 6 Jin 82, health. Since he felt this knife got hurt, but that was the happiest of her life, the most complete one.

Wei Zexi childhood photos

On February 18, 1994, a boy named Wei Zexi. This later with Baidu PPC, Putian hospitals earn reflects a not open around a name at the time, but since he conceived for October dropped meat, she and Wei Haiquan want a lifetime to protect lives.

“I didn’t do it. “Wang Li while sweeping the bedroom bed while saying son know better, she could not accept.

But whether accept or not accept, my son will never come back to eat hot pot chicken, with a lively birthday.

“19940218” this string of numbers, wzx attached three letters, into the home WiFi password. Connect to the wireless network, the couple through the password, watch online has never stopped, Wei Zexi-related articles.<, but thought his son’s taste, rather than the final result.

Couple have been concerned about reports of Wei Zexi.

Bedroom bed, lay a copy of the magazine, in 2016, the last issue, Wei Zexi was included in the “memories”. “Maybe my son only in that year, negligibly appeared in this period of history, but he’s really writing articles like this, wind up behind. ”

Requests to interview the phone never stopped. Media inviting them to attend the “staged” Conference of the consumer party and person of the year, Wei Haiquan rarely have the energy to deal with. “The son is gone, these things have any meaning? ”

He persuaded Wang Li, a trip to a tangdi hospital run.


This is a repeated process of suffering.

Each time you fail, all hope dashed. Now, since he is protected, usually restless, she only was allowed to lay in bed.

Wei Hai the slightest whiff of tension.

Lunch, called Li Wei Haiquan to buy some noodles to cook. First time not connected, dialed a second time.

Second time was quickly picked up, Wei Haiquan was there very tense: “How do you, not comfortable? ”

“This is really uncomfortable, I am calling you to buy some noodles. ”

“Hey, you send a micro-believe it or not! Phone, you scared me! “Wei Haiquan kinda urgent.

In addition to the physical suffering of various inspection and continuous injections, Wang Li sat on the bus and subway from xianyang to XI ‘ an, can’t want sons.

“Is this the line West to the doctor is. “Wei XI after chemotherapy, hair graying, sat on the bus, there will be a child curiously looking over here.

The insurance card to the hospital, was cut to an angle, always reminding the couple, son is gone.

But Wei Zexi traces in this House, has not disappeared. Cell phone screen saver photos, WiFi passwords, portrait in the bedroom. Two people chatting, five sentences should have at least one sentence in the West.

Photo Wei Zexi left mother only smiles, almost every day since he took over. Figure/Han Yi

“The West at that time, can be beautiful! “Watching the news on TV, Wei Haiquan immediately remembered together with my son during the debate, two people can debate for hours lianhongbozicu,” I argue he! ”

Li watched Alex two debates, laughing, it was a perfect little house, “three of them together.”

Son away for the first few months, the couple had just one thought in mind, “accompany you go West.” Air is frozen at home, occasionally broke the silence, only tears and sighs.

Since I decided to have a child, two people seem to have a new purpose. Since he sat down on the bed to eat fruit, Wei Haiquan oranges cut into small pieces into small pieces, insert toothpicks, end to the bed, looking with soft.

“When did I enjoy this treatment. “Since he took over a small bowl and eat, there is a subtle smile on his face.

On February 28, the test results come out, the first transplant failed. Since he had to take a long time to tone the body. But two people did not want to give up.

“After the baby, certainly not stupid. “Since half a year, this is the first time Wei Haiquan thought” in the future “,” like his brother, smart! ”

Wei Haiquan hopes to have a boy, like Wei Zexi.

Originally, he wanted to comply with her son’s wishes, named Wei Zhaixi. Later, they want to change two words, called zhexi.

“There is no get out of here, hope that the Greek Cypriot side. ”

(Since he is not his real name)

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