Tall and handsome with more than 50 years old “rich woman” Flash who know each other in debt

V Court of Xishan District, Kunming city in Yunnan province staged a siblings love divorce story in the civil courts, the heroine Dafang is more than 20 years older than her husband, said her husband Commander: “know, she claims to be the second generation, dressed as ‘ white Phu ‘, I didn’t know that she is not married, and I want a divorce. “Dafang refused to give up, trial told the judge:” I’m not, before I came to court by taking poison…… “the judge quickly 120 call, originally, Dafang poison is false.

“White Phu” to meet the “tall and handsome”

Big Fang is more than 50 years old, there was a marriage. Several years ago more than 30 years of the Shanghai man handsome handsome guy. “I was born in the cadres families, is a second generation … …” Dafang said several properties they own, dressed as his “white Phu”.

Although Fong more than 20 years older than he, but the Commander was determined with the “rich woman”, after a brief relationship, both parties registered for marriage in Kunming. After marriage, the Commander found that wives are neither Guan Er dai, nor rich at home was often a variety of creditors to harass them, life was poor. Commander wanted to live a rich life after the fall, Xishan District Court for divorce proceedings, said the divorce only, nothing else.

Xishan District Court the same day, the two sides met in court, Dafang “PLoP” sound to his knees in front of the Commander, pleading not to divorce, the show did not shake the resolve of Commander, this marriage is far from settled.

Woman claiming to be in court by taking poison

During the hearing, Dafang told the judge: “I hate divorce, stand, 2 hours ago, I came to participate in the hearing of the Court after taking poison, I would prove that life in the ‘ love ‘, if you are divorced, I only have died……”

Host judge Ge Lingqiu to immediately adjourn, 120 emergency phone call quickly.

After more than 10 minutes, 120 ambulances arrived at the Court, assisted by the Marshal, Dafang was taken to a hospital.

After the rescue of the medical, test results came out, all inspection reports show that the patient does not take any poisons, all normal body.

She then evolve?

Dafang is a graduate of Academy of the Performing Arts Department, please? Gregory judge cannot help but recall the Dafang Xishan District, to receive court summons by the Court for the first time, saying patients with advanced lung cancer, talk and cough, after a rapid coughing, there was a pool of blood on a handkerchief of Dafang … …

Later, the Commander told the judge: Dafang was in debt by a creditor when pulled to the Public Security Bureau of Xishan District, a police station, also posed as patients with advanced lung cancer, coughing and finally coughed up a puddle of blood. “She’s blood products in advance in a handkerchief, pretending to cough for a while, they coughed up blood. ”

The next morning, Ge Lingqiu judge when you come to the hospital to see Dafang, the doctor on duty told the judge: night, Dafang himself and went back home.

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