Taiwanese women to see Grandpa finally racing after police stopped to help steer your

Beijing, March 27, according to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” report, the “thank you for that moment to keep me warm to them. “Share a few days ago to see Grandpa last time, hurry drag racing was stopped by the police, after the tears from her description of the reason police didn’t pursue not only helped clear to hospitals, and give comfort, she couldn’t help crying in the hospital holding the Green police.

Information diagram. Source: Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”.

Netizens on the Internet posting said, received notice from hospital, Grandpa, to her one last time, hurry along Lu Biao, the netizens were stopped by the police. Users lift the helmet lens, with tears on his face watching the police said: “I’m sorry, my grandfather was dying in the hospital, please, please, don’t stop me, how much I paid, I give you driver’s license ID card, please don’t stop me now”.

Unexpectedly, the police not only to her billing, also asked Netizen’s grandfather in “hospital”, more because of concerns about friends riding motorcycles, drill to drill is too dangerous to finally open the siren to help users make way to the hospital.

Netizens thought to hospitals, the police will leave, did not think of them at the entrance to the ward until friends grandfather left, completing all the formalities to help her. Police concerned with netizens commented, “to come”, Internet users cried and said to him, “I have no family, I did not rely on in this world.”

Police also warmly to comfort her, “my son is as big as you, he to study at XX University, or you would be my daughter. “Friends after listening to him can’t help crying in the hospital holding the Green police.

Netizens said, uncertain public it will harm the cops were called, so I chose to use anonymous platform to thank them, “thank you for help me to clear them, thank you for that moment to keep me warm.”

Others praised “the police really are great people of Taiwan nanny”, “too”, and also some netizens joked “if he wants to introduce you to his son,” also read NPA netizens responded by saying: “to serve the people, it is our pleasure”.

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