Suspected money trap door spiders are rare species in Yunnan province in China, found only 6

On March 16, zhaotong, Yunnan Miao dam village in yanjin corn fields found a spider-like creature, odd-looking, butt round pattern on top. Upon enquiry, it is a scientific name for the rare spider web spider on the Richter scale, only found in China 6.

Allegedly, the Richter scale disc Web Spiders-trapdoor spider web spider of the genus animals from the morphological characteristics, is one of the most in line with China’s earliest recorded spider, also known as money trap door spiders. Usually dark brown legs to scale for short, found in the southwestern United States and the tropical and subtropical regions. Points can be up to 15 centimeters (6 inches), single-pipe or branch. Money trap door spiders docile except when hunting, or idle in the pipes. Adult money menzhuxiong spider 23-28 mm in length, females length 23-30 mm, no difference in female and male body color, the newly discovered spider. Tail rounded, pattern, named after the ancient coins, the number of rare, very rare. (CCTV reporter Tao Shifei)

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