Students answer the phone is lying to nearly 60,000 Yuan or self portrait reproduced each other naked

Cheating woman

Transfer details

Nanchang news network recently, women small (not his real name) received a strange phone call, the other claiming to be couriers, hand Wuchang Bank sent her credit card bills, the woman thought he had lost his identity card, suspected fraudulent, panicked after God. In express member of “assist” Xia, woman reported has “police”, and phone that head of “police” is said she involvement has with illegal money-laundering case, but she can first make money, through bail awaiting trial of method avoid was arrested, woman thought, even “police” are so said has, that must not wrong, but woman from Shi will began a step step to criminals set of trap, was fraud 60,000 yuan and also self-timer has nude as to other.

“The express” said send us arrears of foreign banks

This year April 1, Nanchang a University of graduate small Xu (pseudonym) received a claiming to be is express member of phone, that “Express member” said she has a from Wuhan Wuchang a Bank of express, express Shang said she in this bank handle has a Zhang lines for 10,000 yuan of credit card, consumption has more than 9,000 more but has been didn’t also money, now Bank Xia has notices, requirements small Xu must to also money.

“I have been studying in Nanchang, have never been to Wuchang, how to brush there credit cards still owes money? “Little after hearing this feel very confused, but remember that he ever lost ID cards, it was suspected that someone with her identity card after the credit card is fraudulent, think about it, a small panic God, say police.

But “express” immediately, he is calm and “kind” little called the “Wuhan City Public Security Bureau” phone call. Soon, little received a claim to be “officers” phone call and was told that she was involved in illegal money-laundering case, suspects it is because Xu lost ID cards, apply for bank credit cards.

“Liu said the financial criminal cases and cases at the confidential level. “Little Xu recalled, they told her, and it must not tell the people around you.

In order to avoid “the police” arrest to pay a sum of money?

When Xu learned that his allegedly illegal money-laundering case, was very upset. “‘ Police officer Liu ‘ told me to the confidentiality of cases, going to first open a nearby hotel room, superior ‘ Captain Li ‘ will tell me what to do next.” Little said he was very worried about, said they had.

“‘ Captain ‘, and I say that we should first freeze all assets, to a nearby bank for a new card, all the more than 10,000 yuan in their accounts transferred to a new card, but do not open SMS service”. Xiao Xu said, then the ‘ Captain ‘ and issued another directive, “he said the police prepared to arrest me, but the way you can bail to avoid arrest, but to pay a sum of money. ”

A small calculation, by way of the mobile money transfer, she has turned over more than 60,000 dollars to the other party, “borrowed 15000 from boyfriends, relatives borrowed 30,000 yuan, a friend borrowed a 3300, and I own more than 10,000 yuan. ”

Next, other and proposed has next requirements: let small Xu took Xia himself of nude as, reason is this up illegal money-laundering case in the a name crime suspects account, and small Xu occurred has sex relationship, and allegations has small Xu body parts of some features, for example: chest has moles, thigh Shang has scar,, although think this requirements is too, but to proved himself of innocent, small Xu also is according to other of requirements shooting has photos and video, through social software to has other.

“I was shocked, little says you must have cheated, which is certainly not the public security organs. “When the boyfriend after that, small and they admit they cheated.

Currently, Xu has reported the case to police red Valley beach of Nanchang City Branch, the case is under further investigation.

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