Sophomore girls middle child stabbed them to death in the trunk back to home

Angolan online according to Anhui daily news recently, Hefei College campus tragedy happening again, Wang a College sophomore girl in the dormitory bathroom has given birth to a baby boy, holding a pair of scissors to stab our children, and stuffed into a suitcase and take it back to the yellow mountain home. The case was exposed after Wang surrendered some parents took their, the police have been involved in the investigation.

The tragedy took place on March 15 at noon, Wang was one person in the school’s dormitory, after their baby boy in the bathroom, crying for fear that the boy will be exposed, scissors and stabbed a child to death in the panic, then put it in the trunk. The next morning, Wang took the suitcase back to the yellow mountain home to inform her parents. Wang’s parents after learning of the situation, police immediately rushed to the area with her Yixian County surrendered, followed by Wang, a local police control.

At present, Wang School of Hefei baohe police criminal investigation departments have rushed to the Yi Xian, in conjunction with the local police to investigate the case.

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