Sophomore girls into school loan borrowing in the hotel suicide 570,000 is topless

Minnan network April 14 daughters, bear’s eyes wet with tears, while the wife is too sad and unable to walk, need family support. Yesterday, they suffer loss of daughter grief comes as Hotline call the sea pass 95060, sobbing tragedy, appeals to students, parents and school loans against the society, hope not to let the tragedy unfold.

The tragedy took place on April 11 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, in Quanzhou City College student Street near a hotel in the East, bear’s daughter, the Xiamen Huaxia Academy sophomore in school-school girl dream (a pseudonym), involvement in school loans, excessive debt pressure and DUN phone harassment, committed suicide.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters from the fortress the sea police station, East station was informed that, following a preliminary investigation, like a suicide.

IOU photo for dream alive

Suspected derivative loss depression committed suicide after school loans

Yesterday afternoon, Mr bear, he is from sanming jiangle, a dyeing factory in Shi Shi Jin Shang Zhen. Dream daughter, born in 1997, huasha College in Xiamen is a sophomore this year.

11th “5 o’clock in the afternoon, I received a police station phone, says my daughter is dead. “Xiong said that news of the sudden, he can’t believe that he and his family have arrived. Today, the daughter cold body lying in the Tivoli Park funeral home.

According to Mr bear, April 10 at 9 o’clock, daughter staying at Hotel. According to the monitor screen, before the 10 o’clock that night, in and out twice, was to cover the hotel WiFi password once, and was carrying a black bag. Until the next day (11th) at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and have not walked out of the room. Subsequently, the hotel staff to police. 110 and 120lai to the scene, but the girl has no signs of life.

According to the relevant person in charge of the police station in the East, according to the monitor screen, guests staying at Hotel to the emergency call during this time, no relevant personnel. Room was closed, the need to break into. Meanwhile, inside the room with Windows closed and leaving charcoal embers. After investigation, the judge committed suicide by burning charcoal.

A little after 8 o’clock last evening, sea reporter was informed by the dreamlike counselor Chen, in her eyes, and dream of polite, optimistic, good relations with students. On February 27, the campus about the loan, Mr Chen has been interviewed as a dream, but the dream gives a clear answer, has paid clear. In response, Chen believed the dream, there will be no further follow up.

So, why dream involved in school loans? since the incident, family members are unknown. But Chen said in the previous communication, like a dream told her that in the business of purchasing derivatives, may lose money, to embark on school loans, deeper end. Chen said that the campus credits, they have stressed on many occasions, but penetration is very big, impossible.

Many times money her daughter also received DUN “naked”

11:35 on April 10, dream sent by using the letter to her father’s last words. She said, “Dad, I really love you, from small to large, I have done so many things wrong, you have to forgive me, but this time, I really feel very tired. “

“Forgive me this unfilial girl, got a wayward! has been humiliated in front of you, is very bad. “The dream,” said Shun you, haven’t had time to make money, and if there is a next life, Dad, I’m all for you. I’m sorry, dad. Do take care of Grandma and Grandpa. “According to Mr bear introduced, and her daughter is sent the young son information, hope my brother taking care of MOM and dad and Grandma and Grandpa.

Xiong recalled, the first on February 22, he received a collection letter text, daughter on the SMS message is full. Borrow money from his daughter saying she was looking for someone on the Internet is probably the 21800. Xiong made big brother working in Jinjiang, Xiamen with the money for her daughter, help her pay for that. On April 1, he received another reminder calls, Xiong daughter immediately to 4000 Yuan, his daughter told him that almost paid off.

Xiong did not expect is that on April 5, the nude photos of his wife’s cell phone received her upper body, they just made a picture, said nothing. This time, bear, and also her daughter 14000 Yuan. Xiong asked his daughter owed a total of how much money, tell her to go home, help her with my family, but his daughter can’t tell how much money is owed, determined to make money in a part time job.

According to Xiong’s text message, reporters found the sea, dream involved in campus credit of at least 5, this borrowed, flashing silver, cash loan, happy flowers, cash card. 1:18 P.M. to 17:28 yesterday, bear in Quanzhou city, East Gate of the police station, also from Beijing, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Xiamen, 9-way reminder phone call to, this does not include the call his wife on the phone.

“This borrowed” platform to lend students Mr Lin, through account check credit function you can see like a dream on the platform of the borrowing: borrowing in an aggregate amount of 570985, the cumulative number of 257, current arrears amount 56455.33 Yuan.

Quanzhou girlfriends also said it did not find work consumption

Junior Middle School girlfriends dream light rain He Xiaolin (pseudonym), dream has been restored in Quanzhou for 3 days.

April 7, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and dream train to Quanzhou interview. Boss Lin knows dream is heavily in school loan, promised to help her 10,000 yuan, and let her in the company’s customer service, 9:30 A.M. up to 8:30, 4000 Yuan per month, with wages to pay back the money.

10:30 A.M. April 8, dream to work on time. More than 5 o’clock in the afternoon the same day, dream received “happy flower” reminder messages, your partner is going like a dream that night at 9 o’clock, or else her ious and buy a wreath for her parents and teacher in the past.

Dream screenshots send collection letter rain, say they are powerless, wanted to jump from the 26 floor, back to light rain sent me a screenshot, sleeping pills how much can die. Light rain hurry to call the little Linda rushed to find her at the overseas Chinese University, little Linda persuaded back to the dorm like a dream.

8th, 9th for two nights, such as dreams are lived in little Linda hostel. 10th around 9 o’clock, dream called Xiao ling, said she paid money as soon as possible, and find a part-time, but very late after work hours, in order not to disturb the small Lynn, she moved out. 小琳 after class to a dream phone, texting was no answer. 11 o’clock, dream up a circle of friends, “I really don’t like this world.” Light rain, small after seeing Linda, dream-parents, have been sending text messages to her phone, no answer.

“Dream life without buying expensive mobile phones, clothes, cosmetics, or travel, she borrowed a lot of money, are used to rob Peter to pay Paul. “Dream as girlfriends, drizzle and Xiao ling is not clear like a dream, when to start the campus credit, except that she is known in the small ad posted at the school gate for these platforms.

Secret “this borrowed”:

By platform for individuals to lend large amounts of needed topless

“This borrowed” platform to lend students Mr Lin, “to borrow this” is a third-party platform, as long as the sign on the platform, you can register the platform to borrow or lend money to others, the borrowing that is.

Mr Lam said, as long as the borrower on the platform publishes loan information, fill in the reason for borrowing, loan amount and the annual interest rate, to specific friends or “this borrowed” ring of friends push, click on news you can choose to borrow, and borrowing to pay online. Subject can receive a loan many people borrowed per loan promissory note will be automatically generated. Each loan and deposit of hundreds of party b to party consultations.

Mr Lin, every day is loan for a week, 5 days, both parties will be counted into the principal of the deposit; 16 days late, party platform, putting up information of party a special collection on the Internet selling, using them to beg for money; 72 days overdue, will party online credit blacklisted, all campus credit platforms are no longer lending to that person.

Mr Lam said, because the party throughout the country, party b will only lend to students, amounts in thousands of Yuan, he admits, so going back to the greater probability of. “If a one-time borrowing large sums of money on it or not, we will also ask for nude photos. “

Fast essay

Campus loans age threshold for the bullpen shut the cat

Recently, the CBRC issued the guidance on banking risk control pointed out that to steadily push forward the financial risks of Internet governance, promote the steady development of compliance. Focus on campus imperative rectifications. The college students under 18 years of age is prohibited provided NET loan services.

In recent years, campus credit chaos caused by worrying, loans to college students have a huge impact on the one hand, on the other hand the campus credit turmoil severely disrupted the financial order, school loan collection is derived from the various social problems. Compare loan undergraduates on campus, such as economic hardship, help business, loans to schools on campus, students hurt concept, idea, is too great.

Financial loans to prevent chaos, and international practices, as well as the financial rules are required, that loans must be considering an applicant’s credit and assets. Although credit is generally no flaws of college students in school, but general personal assets to zero, that is, loans only available with credit, such a collection of loans through illegal means only.

Under the existing education system, formally entered the threshold of University students almost 18 years of age. So, it is prohibited to students under 18 years of age provides campus credit, it’s a joke, not only without any binding effect also provides campus credit organizations or individuals to be reassured.

Campus loans remains the essence of commercial loans, not because the objects are college students can disregard the law, unlimited relaxation conditions to lower the threshold. Should support financial innovation and development of the Internet, but financial supervision and financial departments should also regulate the Internet, not in the name of encouraging unconditional support. Financial supervision Department should be a total ban on school loans, any college student with no assets to provide loans should be regarded as illegal, clean campus credits cannot be likened to, start, tried to use the bullpen shut the cat, they might also be self-defeating, laughable.

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