Sichuan calm period to first divorce: divorce was stopped after 85

Reporter Tian Xue Jiao

On March 17, the anyue County, Sichuan province Ziyang city people’s Court disclosed for a pair of “85 after” husband and wife divorce proceedings, March 8 at the hospital’s first “divorce a cooling off period” notice, limit the couple calm 3 months, not to each other during a divorce. It is reported that this is also the province’s first “divorce a cooling off period” notice.

This “divorce a cooling off period” notice of anyue County Court of new “family juvenile court” issued, notice by the President of the Tribunal after a day refined form.

85 after the couple divorced for trifles, the court give notice of calm

17th, the family of anyue County Court Juvenile Court introduced President Jiang Xinru, in February this year, a young woman went to the courts, requirements and to divorce her husband.

After a court investigation found that after the couple were 85, after the marriage, because disputes over trifles such as often occurs with children, “had one fight later, the woman had run away from home. “The trial judge introduced Li Hongting, the woman migrant after two years back in anyue County and to institute divorce proceedings in the courts.

Li Hongting said that through understanding the couple dispute, largely because young, tempers on both sides, “stuck to his personality, divorce may be impulsive. ”

In March this year, during a court hearing, the woman’s willingness to give up the “just man were cooler. “Li Hongting said that after the trial ended, the Court decision issued for the couple” divorced a cooling off period “notice.

Notice cool limit 3 months notice to develop one day

Jiang Xinru said, because it is the province’s first “divorce a cooling off period” notice, no instrument can refer to, the format and wording of the notice, he passes the day carefully formed. “A long text to counseling the couple, very earnestly, and especially refers to both children, hope this can save their marriage. ”

“A cooling off period of divorce” notices gave the couple 3 months “a cooling off period of divorce”, and the basic requirements: “calm down period, both sides should keep calm and reason, think carefully, in principle, not to each other for divorce. A cooling off period is legally binding on the parties, and may not refuse without good reason. ”

Jiang Xinru said calm prior to the expiration of within the 7th they can under the circumstances, apply to the Court for an appropriate extension. Calm period, if both sides have good or consensus, or to court family or juvenile court signed agreement for withdrawal of prosecution.

Henan, Shanghai and other places have been piloted, Sichuan has started as many pilot

Jiang Xinru introduced this “divorce a cooling off period” notice is the innovations of anyue County Court, also has certain laws. “The Supreme People’s Court on family justice and the working mechanism reform in comments, maintain stable marital and family relations reform goals of the relevant requirements. ”

“According to the spirit of the High Court, we have established a new family juvenile division, and refinement of the requirements of this is trial in January 2017, run. “Said Jiang Xinru, the Tribunal judge dealing with family and juvenile criminal cases are heard in public.

According to reports, the early 2016, according to the Supreme People’s Court, deployment, pilot reform of Henan in the family some court trial work in a number of grass-roots courts in divorce proceedings, trying 3-6 month cooling off period system of divorce. In addition, the Shanghai part of grass-roots courts also launched the pilot system.

“Right now, our province has also launched a pilot, a number of grass-roots courts became a pilot. “Jiang Xinru said.

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