Short term rental platform “the destroyed room” events: there are tenants on the floor concrete

With the rise of the sharing economy, their empty houses rented out as many homeowners choose through the network platform. However, recent, well-known rental platform on Airbnb’s two tenants uncivil but was frustrated by landlords, is occurring at the end of last year, “drama student destroyed House on” event (as described in the Shanghai morning post () on December 23, 2016 A10); the second is 12 in Hangzhou tenant last month “the destroyed room” event. Shared rental how to guarantee their own security has become the focus.

Reporters found Airbnb as a platform for rental and not a strict management system, and no real-name authentication, security deposit system is useless, but rely more on personal integrity to hold, this also exposes a shared rental in the area of safety and security risks.

Bedroom and kitchen is a mess

Last December, the Shanghai residents Cathy received a drama student’s order on Airbnb, the other to “shoot graduation work” on loan by Ms Wang’s House. In fact, it was a film crew came in shooting, then once after the end, Cathy finds their bedroom, the kitchen is a mess, Handprint, machine print on the wall, no less than ten. Afterwards, the student and the crew refused to come forward to rehabilitate.

“Drama student destroyed House on” handling of the situation, Airbnb yesterday responded: after investigation, this event in the landlords and tenants with Airbnb platform after an initial Exchange, bypassing the Airbnb official pay way through third-party trading platforms. Landlord find tenant the room is a mess and turned to Airbnb platform claims. Airbnb in accordance with company procedures and provisions inform the landlord, because of its “not traded through official payments channels”, being unable to satisfy their claims.

Airbnb said, depending on the platform process and provisions to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both landlord and tenant, users go through the formal process for housing reservations. Airbnb listings is easy, the tenant must be using Airbnb’s official platform to book and pay. Because it is only through Airbnb platform to complete the transaction in order to ensure that guests enjoy Airbnb service terms, cancellation policy, and refund policy guarantee schemes, the landlord, and the landlord protection insurance plans and other guarantees of protection. In the above case, the landlord did not use Airbnb’s official platform for trading, leading to its access to Airbnb about system security.

On the floor leaving three crap

Just last month, Airbnb of another bad influence “the destroyed room” event. Hangzhou Lee hanging in his house rental on Airbnb, results from 12 tenants opened “bomb lying” noise after the House became a garbage dump, and had left on the floor in the room three crap.

Ms Li said she is for the goodness of experience abroad accommodation before choosing to hang their decorated House on rent on Airbnb. The end of February she received an order, tenants said they would meet in the Hangzhou Tourism friends, on March 3, will accommodate 6 people, but 12 people for dinner. She doubts that so many people are gathering, it will mess up the House, also contacted customer service platform to express their concerns, but customer service says, because there was no party, cannot cancel orders because of the doubts, or face penalties and losses by the landlord. In desperation, she had to order.

The next day, when Lee to receive room, found the room turned into a garbage dump, cigarette-wine bottles everywhere, sticky floor got to move the shoes, the furniture was removed, was nailed with nails on the wall of the living room, is the most disgusting, there were three crap on the floor! She found the tenant seek explanation, but says it can only apologise not compensation, find the platform, found Airbnb has not received from the tenant’s security deposit.

For this incident, Airbnb responded by saying that after the incident, the first time they get in touch with the landlord, and the official micro-blog show that the attitude and position on this issue, must have zero tolerance for such events, the tenant concerned has been banned. While actively assisting landlords get protection fund and deposit, current landlord has compensated. Airbnb said cases of this happening only on the platform.

For users to create credit memos

Platform security questioned, Airbnb respond, “said Airbnb trust is built bridges between landlord and tenant, is the cornerstone of the development of Airbnb. ”

Airbnb said that in order to effectively protect the rights of landlords, set the platform has a number of security measures, including through risk analysis requirements of landlords and tenants to provide their true identity and achieve maximum transparency. Landlord may require the tenant to provide valid identity documents such as ID cards. Platform through an open and transparent evaluation and feedback for each user had created credit records, improve the safety of platforms.

“In addition, we have a team of more than 250 employees of the global confidence and security service team, you can user problems online help available 24 hours a day. “Said Airbnb, the platform also provides landlord protection insurance and landlord insurance plan of up to $1 million, and ensure the safety of users and availability. False listings and poor tenants, once the investigation will take the appropriate measures, which included removing bad listings and identification technologies, and make the bad tenant can no longer be used Airbnb platform.

Three major risks

From the “drama student on destroyed room”, “12 tenants destroyed room”, regardless of whether access to the corresponding economic damages, landlords have become the biggest victims, after all, who do not want to spoil his house. The lack of security, also became Airbnb this type of short term rental platform exposes the biggest problem.

No mandatory standards

Reporters learned that both rental housing and rent on Airbnb, conditions are very loose, the platform has not yet established strict rules and regulations. Especially for guest rooms at basically no requirements. Depending on the platform provides that landlords are able to develop appropriate housing codes, such as occupancy, pet, whether you smoke, whether you can run the party, before arrival to tenant demands compliance.

In practice, however, such a binding in the housing code is extremely low, encounter bad tenants, basically ignored, code of Ms LI’s House, for instance, has the following: no smoking, not suitable for pets, do not allow parties and activities, but all tenants had violated.

No authentication

Another hidden Airbnb, is unable to authenticate.

As Airbnb is mainly for private houses, houses or bed and breakfasts, occupancy tenants only need to register an account, through the platform under a single, can be directly admitted, not for identification and authentication, on the number of actual occupancy tenant status and was unable to exercise effective control.

Since there is no real-name authentication, in the event of bad tenants “the destroyed room” incident, the platforms also lack the means to restrict on the parties. As in Hangzhou “the destroyed room” during the incident, Airbnb tenant concerned can also be “banned”. But tenant change the account, you can continue booking.

No deposit protection

Deposit system is a common means for lodging, but Airbnb deposit system, basically useless.

Reporters found that through the Airbnb rental, rental order is confirmed in the process, the platform will provide an option to pay a deposit, the official explanation was confirmed reservation housing tenant is responsible for damage up to this amount. If the landlord finds houses damaged, you can claim against the tenant within 14 days after checkout. But in fact, Airbnb this deposit will not be charged to the tenant at all, many in the book House of the tenant told reporters on the platform, they used Airbnb has never paid the deposit, after this problem occurs, the landlord is hard to get compensation from the tenant’s security deposit.

Industry perspectives

Need to catch up on “credit” and “supervision” two short planks

For Airbnb series of “the destroyed room” event, industry analysis, which may be foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market, faced unaccustomed reflected.

Tourism commercial observation joint founder Cheng Tuo said, as shared economic of representative enterprise, Airbnb in abroad smooth development main based on compared perfect of social credit system, but in into China market Hou, will faced a local of of through, because China consumers in accommodation habits, and language, and culture habits, and travel habits and experience value Shang has is strong of China features, and Europe, national differences huge, this is many foreign company landing China Shi will encountered of problem.

The industry believes that, the current domestic housing market is still in the early stages of development, Airbnb has exposed the problem, and indeed the general problem in the field. Shared housing development needed patch is “credit” and “supervision” and two short boards.

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