Shenyang police beat “suspects” causing multiple injuries and finally found had got the wrong man

Monitoring took Jia Yufei was beaten by four men.

“My brother last night by several people beaten, then handcuffed away Liaoning Police Chase suspect caught later said was wrong. Whether or not my brother suspects, police will be able to do this? ” The morning of April 14, Jia Yudan to Dahe River in Yichuan County, Luoyang City residents client journalist reflected.

14th morning, lying in a hospital bed, but “hurt all over” being Jia Yufei, rivers reported River client reporter recounts his nightmarish experience: the night of 13th, Jia Yufei was in hospital and talking to people, suddenly there are four men, dressed in civilian clothes, apart from anything else around he kicked and punched. Then, Jia Yufei was handcuffed and forcibly bundled into a car, “then after identity verification, only to discover that the wrong person, the whole process did not show me any documents and formalities. ”

Subsequently, the Dahe newspaper River clients from Yichuan County Police, 4 men who beat Jia Yufei, Police Department in Shenyang, Liaoning province, the public really has got the wrong man, the other units had been sent to deal with the matter.

The incident: the door being hit, the batterer who has a strong taste?

According to Jia Yudan introduced, her brother and lived in the same neighborhood, 8:30 P.M. 13th, she drove back home from the company have not changed his clothes, he heard the door of the court fight. Run downstairs, she saw the 5-year-olds stood crying brother Jia Yufei was beaten by 4 young men. When confronted each other in a side, one young man and came back in his arm hammer fists.

14th at 11 o’clock in the morning, the reporter met with lay in a hospital bed in Yichuan County people’s Hospital transfusion Jia Yufei. Reporters noted that he was dressed in white t-shirts, still leaving footprints. Also has chafed about the wrist injury, also has a scar on his face and head tumors have not been eliminated.

Reporter Jia Yufei told the River River the client, the time of the incident, he was chatting with people in the hospital, then a young man came to ask where the toilet is. Inform each other that young men did not go to the toilet but turned and left. After the young men left, went to a car parked on the roadside next to the Audi brand for Yu C3065P, then came down from the car of 3 men, four of them very slowly toward him.

“After four people came, around me beaten, someone kicked me, someone with a MOP stick me, someone pulled my hair towards the wall, others throwing handcuffs on me. “Jia Yufei said that beatings during his smell a strong smell of alcohol four people will ask” what, are drunk, why can’t I “, the other would answer” is that you, grab you. ”

Jia Yufei said, beat continued has a few minutes Bell Hou, four a people will he handcuffed Shang handcuffs, a name wearing cowboy coat of young men again put he pulled into car within, and from vehicles right door into car within, hard pulled pulled handcuffs led to he wrist more at contusion, then and from he body climbed past from vehicles left door out, during also with leg top has several Xia he of waist. He was trying to get rid of each other out of the car, was beaten on the ground again, and later, in the case of sister Jia Yudan persuasion failed, Jia Yufei was left the four men into the Audi car. Jia Yudan was made to the police.

River news River the client on her deathbed, Jia Yufei reporters about his injury.

Reason: phone verification, have found that “got the wrong man”

Jia Yufei said after the cars immediately and on the passenger seat in the car who was wearing a purple red jacket men said to him, “you break”, and asked him to give a social security number. Then, wearing a cowboy’s young people began to call to verify.

“When the people are covered, do not know what the other party said, after the young man hung up the phone, the man on the passenger seat and hit my chest two fists, punched the face, and say they are handling, I need to meet them. “Jia Yufei recalled, then each other and Jia Yufei again identity card number,” Cowboys “call again to verify, hung up the phone still says Jia Yufei” 犯法 “.

“Finally someone had called in to say that, by ID number and photo checks, not find the catch Jia Yufei. At this time, the four Audi stopped at the intersection of bayi road and Renmin road, not long after they opened the door to let me get off. “Jia Yufei said after getting off the passenger seat the man said to him:” it’s okay, you can go home now. ”

“Four of them covered with wine, and consequently do not make it clear that just hit me up, even the police should also provide documents or procedures? even if I break or hit it this way?” Rivers reported River client reporter, Jia Yufei said angrily.

Jia Yufei told reporters that he got off, said nothing and let four people go. Sister Jia Yudan Chengguan police station came and Yichuan County Public Security Bureau. Four men tried to drive away, Jia Yudan out of the car. Zhihou, Chengguan police station will be both to the police station for processing. Jia Yudan said later at the police station, they learned that batterers are police in Shenyang city, Liaoning province.

“I was engaged in Garden works, never has been to Shenyang, had never conducted any business to Shenyang, Shenyang police why they went into my house arrest?” Jia Yufei has puzzled.

Survey: monitoring took beatings, being multiple contusions residential play

In order to prove himself and his brother, Jia Yudan provides reporters with the brother home video information about the monitoring throughout the beating taken by.

Journalists view the surveillance video provided by Jia Yudan found that beginning, Jia Yufei chatting with people at the door.

13th 8:36 P.M. 10 seconds, Jia Yudan driving home. At the door, Jia Yudan 5-year-olds get off to Uncle Jia Yufei;

8:37 38 seconds, a man came over and had a short chat with Jia Yufei people communication;

8:38 59 seconds, from car 4 men to Jia Yufei, has not produced any documents and formalities to Jia Yufei, was last seen wearing a purple red jacket men took Jia Yufei’s left shoulder, will be stuck in a corner, the four began to beat Jia Yufei;

8:41, Jia Yufei was pulled into the car, while Jia Yudan tried to close the door to prevent them from leaving. From the car the two men began to beat Jia Yudan, friend also had been beaten. Jia Yufei rushed out of the car, was beaten by four people on the ground again;

8:42 35 seconds, Jia Yufei was carried in the car again.

Subsequently, Jia Yudan alarm, police came to the scene in a few minutes, police start inquiry.

Reporters check out Jia Yufei course record found, initially diagnosed as a concussion, contusion of the scalp, lower back contusion, hands bruise, contusion of the right lower limb, facial contusions. In particular: left frontal contusion of 3cm, deep in the subcutaneous; 3cm contusion to the right, deep into the subcutaneous, contusion of left corners, back multiple contusions, inner right thigh contusion.

Jia Yufei scars on the wrist.

Progress in beating the Shenyang police is currently investigating

Batterers are where the police? the day there drinking? why driving a Luoyang pictures of Audi cars to Yichuan catch? why would they catch Jia Yufei? with a series of questions, rivers reported River client reporter follows Jia Yudan Yichuan first came to Chengguan police station for information.

It is understood that the relevant person in charge of the police station in this matter, other civilian police in Shenyang city, Liaoning province, Yichuan County arrests suspects in this time, has references, certificates, lists that require dispatched to Luoyang City Public Security Bureau inspectors made a team record.

When Jia Yudan if asked to catch her brother’s? above head said: “no, no, if you want to really get you that evening (13th) won’t let you stay in the hospital. ”

Subsequently, Jia Yudan questioned each other all over alcohol, why not? the official explained that the police to the field of law enforcement, drink up, drink, alcohol testing local public security authorities had no right to the other side.

“But yesterday (13th), we has already escalate to the City Council and the Ministry, received the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department and the Henan provincial public security department after the delegate to them the alcohol test, but results are not yet out. “The official said, at present, the Luoyang municipal Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation, is not clear about the situation, several civilian police involved in Yichuan County Public Security Bureau economic investigation team for further investigation.

Then reporters follow Jia Yudan to Yichuan County Public Security Bureau, but still failed to meet four clients. Jia Yufei wives told reporters that after the incident, Yichuan County Public Security Bureau officials also have talked with them, and confirmed that the batterer tiexi district in Shenyang city, Liaoning province, the Public Security Bureau branch of police. 14th, Liaoning police sent to Yichuan about dealing with this matter.

Before as of press time, the Liaoning police have yet to get in touch with Jia Yufei.

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