She hit each other before two: premarital said there were two actual no house suite

Courtroom. Evening news

Three years ago, two mothers in Hangzhou wansong College dating resort to child bride and form in-laws. Three years of children after divorce “former in-laws” two people, recently met in the Wan song Academy of drama. Meet, children love entanglements between three years into my mind, two gray-haired mother fights.

Her mother tied the man’s mother in the head and chest trauma, was 10th, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau detention punishment of a fine of 500 Yuan. Police punishment is too heavy, the woman’s mother sued the Shangcheng district, Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau and the Tribunal.

Wansong College, due to Liang Shan-po and Chu Ying-tai “classmate read all three contained” legend is known for, is a Hangzhou renowned dating, mostly parents with their children’s information, see eye of exchanging contact information further contact.

On March 16, in the Hangzhou Shangcheng District Court in the case, pull out of this war between two mothers and resentment.

“When his mother took the leaflets say very good Oh, son in the civil service, there were two houses. Results such as married but don’t have a House, son-in-law to our home, eat our use of our, living expenses are not taken out a penny. “In court, the woman’s mother said:” also, who was only two months old their children, son-in-law would be ignored, often two or three back in the Middle, said to be in the works, in fact, a foot massage shop, we were called out of the House in the middle. ”

Last year, having a family the couple divorced. It made her mother feels sorry for her daughter, because the son-in-law is her first phase.

At that time, she met his mother in the wansong College, listening to introduce the action of the heart, thinking daughter is 36 years old, quickly led to the marriage. The other son is 39 years old, after meeting both their children feel comfortable, not long after they married.

After the awkward marriage, seeing her daughter from the “unmarried”, became “divorced with children”, the woman’s mother continued to run into wansong College, wants to help you find the right kind of “affinity”. Unexpectedly, the coincidental encounter at flyer introduced the son of his mother.

Daughter up to inhuman, her mother couldn’t help but emotion, rushed to pull people around saying he was a victim, had been tricked.

“I haven’t come, got a blow back. I ran, she’d play to edge, I took out my cell phone to 110, knocked her to the ground, cell phones are broken. “The groom’s mother in the Court complaint.

Both the frame and into the police station. Shangcheng District Public Security Bureau according to the survey results, the woman’s mother, 10th of detention, punishment of a fine of 500 Yuan.

“She gave me a push, I do, my foot was injured was crippled for more than a week, why punish me so heavy? “After the end of detention, the woman’s mother sued, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau and dismiss the written decision of administrative penalty.

On March 17, the surging News learned from the Shangcheng District Court, was not in court in the case ruled that will be judgment day.

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