Shanxi murder man 22 years later was given a suspended death penalty has been released due to lack of evidence

On August 24, 1995, the village of zhangzi County of Changzhi city, Shanxi province, song Xiang Guo, a murder occurred in the West, Zhang Airong is found dead at home by family members of the deceased. Police then husband Zhang Cunxiu Zhang Airong, as suspects, but have not been able to find his or her own. When everyone thought the case there will be no progress, Zhang Cunxiu was surrendered back in March this year. However, after being held for more than 10 days, Zhang Cunxiu was released, and this caused Zhang Airong family hatred … …

On May 3, 2016, Zhang Cunxiu were formally arrested.

On January 10, 2017, the intermediate people’s Court of Changzhi city, Shanxi province, a public hearing of the case, and on March 2, 2017 Zhang Cunxiu the defendant is guilty of murder, sentenced to death penalty with a two-year reprieve.

Court by trial identified, accused Zhang Cunxiu and wife Zhang Airong long-term feelings discord, August 25, 1995 8 o’clock Xu, accused Zhang Cunxiu for trivia and Zhang Airong occurred disputed, holding sticks times hit Zhang Airong head, to Zhang Airong coma fell Hou, holding chopper cut hit Zhang Airong Hou neck a knife, to Zhang Airong spot death Hou fled site, by Changzhi City police judicial identification Center identification: Zhang Airong Department head facial was blunt sex objects times hit to serious brain injury merged neck was sharp device cut cut to cervical away from broken and death. On March 20, 2016, accused Zhang Cunxiu the initiative to zhangzi song Cun station surrendered.

Court ruled Zhang Cunxiu the defendant is guilty of murder, sentenced to death penalty with a two-year reprieve, deprived of political rights for life, and civil compensation to the plaintiff, Zhang Airong children 25484.5.

Zhang Cunxiu accept the verdict without appeal.

1995 a murder, why after 22 years to be heard?

March 2016, Zhang Cunxiu the initiative surrendered, why didn’t immediately arrest?

Exactly what happened that year, Zhang Cunxiu brandished a knife and kill his wife?

For 21 years, where he has fled to, make a living by what?

As early as last April, news 117 journalists began to report the case, into the Shanxi Changzhi zhangzi XI Guo, Zhang Airong found the dead family, also met Zhang Cunxiu has not been arrested, and he was interviewed.

Zhang Cunxiu told reporters that he will lose under the pain killer, because Zhang Airong contempt against him in marriage and long-term apathy, so he could not stand, he hates Zhang Airong.

Hearing this year, saw Zhang Cunxiu Zhang Airong children, “the things that he did to his regret, but there is also resentment. “The daughter of Zhang Airong said.

(Scene of the year, the House had collapsed)

Pool of blood, her neck almost broken

At noon on the day of the crime, Zhang Xiaoyun Zhang Fei came home from school with his brother, grandmother’s mother that morning did not see them, let them go. My brother came home, found the door lock, separated by a door and sees the blood on the floor of the House, he immediately ran back to Grandma’s house call.

Xiao Yun entered the House and saw his mother lying in the main room the floor by the bed, split neck, lost a lot of blood, she thought her mother was still alive at that time.

Chattels of Xiao Yun Zhang Rongzhi reported the case to police soon arrived and Xiao Yun and his brother was taken away by family, uncle Ren Yong to stay in the scene. “Didn’t know how serious and later police had carried to the yard, and body lift head jerked down and nearly fell down, we found that neck almost broken, only attached to the flesh. “Ren Yongxian says,” I listen to the analysis in the field of public security, said no trace of fighting scene, possibly to stun people with a stick, then cut his neck with a knife, and that investigators found a knife cannot cut so deep and may repeatedly cut, as well as meat. “Ren Yongxian said while gesticulated cutting action.

Ren Yong remembers, he was together with the police at the scene looking for the murder weapon, was found under the bed of a bloody kitchen knife, there is a stick on the ground.

After the incident, police quickly lock the suspect for husband Zhang Cunxiu Zhang Airong, at which point he had disappeared. Some villagers told Zhang Airong family, see Zhang Cunxiu locked the door to the West for lunch that day.

Family without too much focus on Zhang Cunxiu’s whereabouts at the time, about a burial Zhang Airong is a tricky thing, she first needs to be fixed can be buried, but no one is willing to take over the living in the village, and finally, master shadow puppets from the village to a coffin outside, wearing bandages under the arm and then wrapped around the neck, and finally Zhang Airong head fixed, are buried.

(Zhang Airong portrait)

Take care of things when you are finished, Zhang Cunxiu has completely run away. “It was summer, we grow corn, higher than a man’s cornfields, people inside a diamond, simply could not be found. After the incident, we and the police to go to the mountain of stone looking for a relatives of Zhang Cunxiu, but he’s not here, said Zhang Cunxiu, did not know where he had gone. “Ren Yongxian said.

Families didn’t continue to track the progress of cases, they think, people ran, clues are gone, and where to find it. Xiao yun was sent to her uncle, brother Peter brought up by my aunt, life continues.

Mother went days, small clouds most of the memory is the grandmother of tears, sobbed at the grave of the great aunt, as well as the junior high school after his mother’s grave almost every day feeling of suffocation.

Murderer confessed, but the police lack of complete evidence chain

On March 19, 2016, Zhang received calls from zhangzi County Public Security Bureau, said Zhang Cunxiu back himself, he admitted that he killed Zhang Airong.

Zhang Fei and uncle Ren Yongxian, xiaojiu went to the police with Zhang Xuguang, recorded confession left after the phone call, the police said, they can go back, will contact them.

Family, Zhang Cunxiu the punishment this time, Zhang Airong rum.

But on April 2, Zhang Airong sister Chang Zhang Cunxiu were seen in the village, he is walking in the village like an ordinary villager with no police to follow. “He laughed at me! “Zhang Rong said, the smile made her very angry.

Zhang also met Zhang Cunxiu in the village, he scolded pointing to Zhang Cunxiu, Zhang Cunxiu routinely give him a “smile.” “He was laughing at us home? Because he killed nothing. “Zhang Airong younger brother Zhang Xuguang said.

Compared to that of the unknown, Zhang Cunxiu again gave the family a deeper stimulation. “He didn’t let it go, since coming back, I’ll be sure to put him in prison. “Xiao Yun Zhang Jiaren common goals is the idea.

On April 5, after Ching Ming Festival holidays, family first came to seek explanation zhangzi County Prosecutor’s Office, Prosecutor in charge of the case told them that of Zhang Cunxiu is not arrested, because of insufficient evidence, whether physical evidence or lack of material evidence, required public Security Bureau supplementary evidence, Zhang Cunxiu is currently under residential surveillance.

Family turned around and went back to zhangzi County Public Security Bureau, police investigators said the time has passed for more than 20 years, laws have changed, of evidence requirements are changed, felt the evidence provided by the police is sufficient, but the public prosecutor’s Office is still not arrested, they have no choice.

Zhang Jiaren again returned to the Prosecutor’s Office, would like to make sure we really lack any evidence. “When prosecutors gave us a figure of speech, he said, such as a homicide, murder knife is gone, how can this evidence be called complete it? We knew at that time, the Prosecutor may be implying that we. “Xiao Yun said.

Zhang Jiatuo who work within the public security system of the relatives read the dossier on the case, relatives said that lack of evidence in this case was very ill, crucial evidence–the knife attack, was missing. “Me twice to call Hu Caofei police officer of the police in charge of the case, asked if his knife was not found. He said the knife for the first time, said he was looking for a second time, this call I had recorded. “Xiao Yun said.

On April 14, 117 news reporter arrived at zhangzi County Public Security Bureau, Wang received reporter, the Secretary in charge of criminal cases, Wang told reporters that handling the high requirements of evidence now, murder is different from ordinary criminal cases. “Zhang Cunxiu from the first, said people were killed, he said the day the couple had an argument, eventually led to his murder, but the evidentiary requirements to present, with only his confession cannot be convicted, need to form a chain of evidence. “Mr Wong said.

Secretary Joseph Wong said that because the case was still in the supplementary investigation phase, so the police what evidence currently available did not elaborate on, reporters asked further whether the murder weapon was missing, Secretary Joseph WONG has not clearly answered.

The problem in zhangzi County Procuratorate have been answered, Lee the Attorney-General in charge of the case said that the chopper as a weapon, submitted by public security organs at present does not come up, but the show, when this evidence was extracted. “This is a very crucial evidence. “Lee the Attorney-General said.

Nature of the case, Attorney-General Li said Zhang Cunxiu was arrested for murder, it should have no objection.

Mystery: love is good, but why kill?

Zhang Cunxiu and XI Guo, Zhang Airong is people. After the accident, Zhang Cunxiu brothers still live in the village, for so many years, when the other party does not exist between the two families.

Zhang Cunxiu come back, Zhang Airong family not to come to him. “I want to go, but my family won’t let me go, I urge. “Xiao Yun said she didn’t want to go to Zhang Cunxiu, the only idea is to see him cut his two knives.

In 1984, Zhang Xiaoyun was born not long after, my parents divorced. Zhang Airong with daughter and 5 year old son lives alone. In 1987, Zhang Airong remarriage, marriage was Zhang Cunxiu, but did not get a marriage license.

Zhang Cunxiu slightly larger than Zhang Airong, a family he never been married, no children of their own, they feel good so he can two children of Zhang Airong. In fact, they are not happy with Zhang Cunxiu, this man pays, but Zhang Airong and her two children, remarriage choice is very small.

Zhang Cunxiu in the marriage market initiative less, his family was so poor, more than 30 years old is still a Bachelor.

Zhang Cunxiu has a bad relationship with the two children, Zhang Xiaoyun and his brother had never called him “Daddy”, Zhang Fei does not want to see Zhang Cunxiu, simply staying at Grandma’s House for a long time. “The way he never had a father. “Zhang Xiaoyun said that this was her brother and I share the same feelings, Zhang Cunxiu daily and hardly speak to them,” my third grade switched to find a village primary school principals write a letter of introduction, and his introduction is the daughter of his brother, because he didn’t know what my name is. ”

Zhang Airong is a short temper, and on top of that, Zhang Cunxiu temper shriveled, everyone knows their relationship strained. “No fate. “A villager said.

In family view, Zhang Airong is mainly in supporting the whole family after marriage, Zhang Cunxiu do not want to work, let him go to the farm, he was carrying a hoe to Tanabe, sat in the shade under the trees, the point has come back. Zhang Airong that seven or eight acres of land are responsible not only for home, small business and others to make money, but the family is still very poor. “Other people from Hebei baigou barge package, my mother and other people help to sell. Fair where there is a temple, where covered with hanging bag, I go too. One time my mom sold the package back to the village, I hope Zhang Cunxiu to meet my mother, but I say half an hour, he did not move. “Zhang Xiaoyun said.

They often quarrel. “One time she (Zhang Airong) threw everything out, meaning leave it, however, but she does not walk. “Zhang Cunxiu’s elder brother.

In the countryside, emotional indifference, couples are not uncommon, Zhang Cunxiu and Zhang Airong despite feeling bad, always not to kill, so why killing Zhang Cunxiu Zhang Airong, families still do not know.

Sister Chang Jung is remembered in an accident the day before she and her sister go to the County, sister says to buy a pair of shoes made for Zhang Cunxiu shoes. The night before the accident, Zhang Cunxiu Zhang Airong is brother-in-law of brick factories and nephew, Ren Xiaodong spent the night. “The rain that night, I told uncle that, tomorrow to get some money for him to buy his clothes the next morning, he got back up, I heard, my aunt is not. “Ren Xiaodong said.

Why do you want to kill her? Because I hate her.

Interview with Zhang Jiaren, local villagers and police, it can be restored when the tragedy of the situation. But Zhang Cunxiu why he could not kill his wife? The day of the accident, what happened between he and Zhang Airong? For 21 years, where he has fled to, make a living by what?

No one answered questions for more than 20 years and, ultimately, Zhang Cunxiu said the answer.

Until a year ago, 117 news reporters at the home of Zhang Cunxiu brother, seen sitting on a sofa, wearing a dark blue sweater, Zhang Cunxiu, listening to his somewhat slow but clear memories of what happened that year, mystery is solved – by one by one

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