Shandong “primary schools on the island,” the only teacher: 28 years, boating students

↑ The Chinese boat transporting students to and from school.

Shandong Jining Nanyang town, weishan gate village is a small village built on the island, village area less than 1 square km, in addition to several families living on the island also has a primary school. The principal of this school, is the only Chinese teacher has held for 28 years.

In order to ensure the students safely to and from school, is also a Chinese “boatman”, he sooner or later his boat transporting students. When you contact the teacher, he repeated, “I have nothing to write, is the common teacher.”

In 1989, the companions choose to go out to work, from small village grew up in the gate under construction chose Chinese return to their hometown, gate primary school under construction to become a “teachers”, “what is taught, more when there are dozens of students, we have about 5 teachers, but the number started out. ”

With the decline of student teachers stay, say Chinese, this year is the number of students a minimum of one year, only 7 students, and he was the only one.

“Here in the Lake District, all incomes have high or low, but in general are not very good. “The Chinese said that working young people choose to go in the village area of Jiangsu, children with their parents went out,” but as long as there are students in the village, we must have primary schools and teachers. ”

For this reason, starting from 20 teaching Chinese for 28 years. Now he teaches one or two courses in grade, third grade, students will be able to enjoy the town’s primary school, “language, mathematics, moral teaching, sports, music, let the students ‘ all-round development. ”

48 years old Chinese, and often feel powerless, “now the book’s content is not the same as before, the teacher I was the only one, I did feel a bit tired. ”

In addition to teaching, daily boat transporting students, and strain ageing some Chinese.

Nanyang town north of weishanhu Lake hinterland area contains 83 large and small natural Islands, from travelling on the island, and no special shuttle traffic boat, villagers go out on their own boats.

And Chinese students scattered in different islands, 6 in the morning, he starts to row a boat to pick up the students go to school, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and then ship off each take students home.

In the winter, Nanyang Lake freezes, wife to shuttle children with Chinese wife shaved ice in the front opening, behind Chinese rowing, boating trips, insisted the Chinese for more than 20 years.

Adhere to the student one of the reasons for Chinese, is worried that parents can’t be bothered, and do not allow children to keep reading, “our parents felt reading a waste of time, waste of money, rather than grow up out of work. “But in the eyes of Chinese, knowledge is the best way to change Lake child destiny, he could not bear to see kids dropping out

In addition to the student, has repeatedly used his wages to fund Chinese students from poor family, for more than 20 years, has funded more than more than 30 students, “mainly is to give the students pay tuition fees, but later are nine years of compulsory education, tuition and textbooks are free. ”

In recent years, the cultivation of Chinese student groups out of the island, built gate village 6 people had been admitted to University, 4 were admitted to graduate school. Referred to his student, started all of a sudden opened up Chinese, “they will come back and see me, specially in the new year to come over my house for a visit. ”

Told Chinese reporters, watching other teachers or other school work, or go out to work, nor is he thought to get a cushy job, but needs someone to teach village children knowledge, his brooding and decided to stay.

As he grew older, issues relevant to the Chinese are starting to consider retirement, at present, he is, and Nanyang town government and education consultations identified to take over his new teacher, “but there are no suitable candidates. ”

↑ Children Chinese class.

“Chinese dialogue”

“I think you have to let Gates village children learn, stay”

Surging News: Gates primary school is built when founded?

Chinese: built before gates elementary school is a private school, later transformed into a public school. Private school is a private school before liberation, our classrooms are built by the State Government, the State funds to our Lake District built new buildings, this semester, we just moved to a new building for the school. Previously posted waters in our village, when the elementary school was built on the lake surrounded by a, school has been put out after more than 10 years after the problem has become a dangerous.

Surging News: How do students in the school? How often do most students and teachers?

Chinese: used to have up to dozens of students, there are about 5 teachers and later teach teacher or go to other places, or quit my job to go to work. Now, more and more young people out of work in the village, to work with local school children, fewer students.

Students this year is minimal, 7 students, only one teacher, one or two levels here, a third-year will go to the primary school in the town, but far from the village.

I now teach language, math, physical education, music, some subjects are taught in primary schools, to children’s comprehensive development, previously well, teachers can show otherwise, but it is my own, and books from before, did feel a bit tired.

Surging News: do students eat lunch in the school? You need to do for lunch?

Chinese: no lunch, but each weekend to buy, prepare, and students for lunch at school, free lunch, a dollar for a meal, eat bread and fruit, students thought it was OK, had enough to eat.

Used to direct distribution in the County, but here in the Lake District, it is not convenient for transportation, about ten miles from the town, they could never send, to the bad, so we will be ready for students on the weekends.

Surging News: I hear you’ve been rowing in kids, is starting from when?

Chinese: began more than 20 years ago, transportation in our village, the villagers went out to his boat. Children in school on the island, mostly on the other island, the children collection in one place, the other one by one to pick. Is more than 6 points in the morning, afternoon is more than 4 points. My wife does not work, will shuttle with me, but this time she’s not feeling well, to regular checks.

Surging News: I heard that you also frequently support families in especially difficult student, total number of students funded for so many years?

Chinese: 30 a few, not many. Largely is student tuition fees, school tuition because before, not now. Since I only have one child, monthly wages to maintain life at home, so I feel it’s OK, you can afford. But my family don’t support me to do now understand me.

Surging News: have you ever thought about leaving the school, to a better environment, the school as a teacher?

Chinese: to be honest, really wanted to before, but I think it’s going to make students built gate village, so he stayed. But I also do it for long, not quite, I now also with the village party branch Secretary in the village and town in leading consultations on this matter, but have yet to find the right person to take over, is too biased, young people don’t want to come.

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