Shandong liaocheng “Dun”: don’t pay sticker I can’t bear to watch nude

[Abstract] Yu ming had heard the most extreme DUN, “loan shark who make each other naked nude photos, if you do not repay the money put nude local poles, then even I can’t watch this, this line will end sooner or later. ”

“Dun man” Du Zhihao life frozen in the early hours of April 15, 2016.

Despite judgement in the more bit witnesses are has confirmed, Du Zhihao with off Xia pants of extreme way insult has Yu Huan of mother Su Yinxia, but Du Zhihao of wife Liu Qiqi (pseudonym) on daily characters said, she still unwilling to admitted this is, “are is rumors,” she said: “he not that people, regardless of he do what are is to this home, let we has a better of life. ”

Yu Huan’s first-instance judgments shows that Liu Qiqi was born in 1989, Du Zhihao after getting married in 2010, gave birth to twins, and after two years, and gave birth to twins. As for the future, she says “own zaguomaitie I will pull the child.”

In fact, it is like a knife to the insult to his mother before Du Zhihao, “violent DUN” is located in Hebei, Shandong, Henan and Shandong liaocheng guanxian, is nothing new.

Liaocheng “stabbed insult mother” case judgement of first instance.

Behind the real estate company, investment company

Guan County, known as “bearing Township” said, local people said proudly in an interview: “there are no bearings cannot be bought. ”

In 2010, the Guan County Industrial Park development began around the same time, Su Yinxia own source of major industry and trade company moved into the Park, the main bearings.

Guan Yu Huan’s mother Su Yinxia in companies within the industrial park. Figure/Wang Ruifeng

Also in 2010, established Wu Xue, Guan Chang investment limited, registered capital of RMB 10 million. Two years later, Wu Xue Guan established taihe real estate development company, registered capital of RMB 10 million. Reports said Wu Xuezhan to real estate companies high interest rates get fed, to attract society miscellaneous personnel engaged in loan sharking and debt collection business.

July 2014 guanxian County meeting of the leading industrial economic operation analysis in County, “said County industrial economy growth this year slow, downward trend.” He also pointed out that problems of bearing industry, the “low-end products, was bearing enterprises run by large, hard to survive. ”

The leaders also said some business loans, but due to time constraints and many bank loan approval procedures, long time, but the warranty company, or go the way of borrowing.

Wu Xue company to pick up a lot of business.

Aunt Yu Huan Yu Xiurong told the daily figure, Su Yinxia wants to make the company bigger, just keep sending money, except to take the outer banks or loan sharks. Their boss of a bearing company and also posted on the Internet said a funds shortage in the management of the company, in the case of formal channels to meet the needs, risks a usurious loan, the boss also DUN threats.

In order to understand the local folk debit and credit situation, figures linked to the once daily in liaocheng city, as a manager of an investment company, Guan Yu ming (not his real name).

“I saw disgrace to mothers from the Internet thing, I was on the ground for this, too many things like this a few years earlier, but outsiders said it sounds fresh, and sentence is too heavy, hence we have such a high degree of attention. “Yu ming said.

He said he withdrew from the 2015 line, “because the boss rolled money to run, then realized that this wide of the mark. “Yu ming says,” we speak louder is the investment company even though their heart knows, we did it is usury. ”

Nothing to do, one month’s net earned 150,000

Usury, in local jargon, Guan “blast”. This is Mahjong terminology, to usury, meaning that high interest rate loans money to others.

“When I first start on usury, or is around 2011, when many people in the County do this overnight. Our relocation in many places, people took the demolition had nowhere to spend, some local officials and dignitaries, wealthy, do not want to put the money in the Bank, bank interest rate was too low. ”

Yu ming said, around 2012, went to the Bank to deposit annual interest rate of death was about 5 minutes, but to save money on the investment company, monthly interest rates of at least 5 minutes. “What is this concept? You put 100,000 dollars on investment firms, each Moonlight interest give you 5000 dollars, have monthly salaries are higher than many people. ”

Around the year 2012, at that time, Guan as investment companies, big and small, like malignant tumors, Guan spread to main street. People remember Yang Lei, Guan, “spread among the local Word, Guan, to invest their money in companies is the only way to narrow the gap. At that time, our small town streets, the sudden appearance of many millions of cars, a lot of people looking for work, and crush all want to work in investment companies, when usury, the road sideways, rich. ”

Yang Lei said: “the investment company black and white choice, invest their own money in the company want to make money, there are all kinds of people, there are some people who have the power. ”

Yu ming witnessed the luxury of investment companies, “in the company of people every night to go to KTV consumer day blast, consumption in the evening. ”

His impression, he let the highest interest is 1 5 interest, which interest each month 15%. “The man is a local business owner, Word of mouth is good, cash flow will not be open, short of 1 million, say a month, I happen to have more than 1 million account, I call him the money at that time, a month later, he I had 1.15 million. ”

Nothing to do, a month earn 150,000. Yu ming put their experience to help investment companies more customers. But as more and more investment company, lending out more and more, “and some people in order to make money to mortgage their House to the Bank, loans from the Bank, and we are investing in the company. “Yu ming gradually realized that was wrong.

“A lot of corporate money, as long as they did not pay on time, is only going to get more often is the principal paid off early, and interest roll higher than the principal, online, now so popular that enterprise is that we employ specialized fighter, was going out and force you to pay back the money. ”

“I can’t watch this”

In the private lending system, DUN is called a “push”.

The end of 2016, Shandong TV reporter found in the survey, DUN industry in Shandong province has formed a huge industrial chain. Dun’s Internet chat groups, some violent videos of Dun was used as a training material widely circulated. In an internal training video about instigating “tear” violence DUN: collection is a lifelong collections, after the death of heritage collections. “It’s first FA, but outside the law, it is not all FA. …… I’ve been staring at you, regularly playing you up … … Wish to burn your House, selling your baby…… “

According to Yu ming introduction, DUN, followed throughout the day is the most common way, “is looking for teen people, doing nothing, is with the debtor, eating, toilet, laksa at you, makes you a perfect nuisance. ”

Later, the local Dun, Guan began upgrading. “Splashing red paint at the entrance of the enterprise, and threaten the elderly and children at home, no longer was a place people get close for a few days.” Yu ming had heard the most extreme DUN, “loan shark who make each other naked nude photos, if you do not repay the money put nude local poles, then even I can’t watch this, this line will end sooner or later. ”

Nothing wrong with premonition of Yu ming.

As early as 2012, not far away in the East, Guan ping, private lending caused quite a stir. The Jinan times to “lending to rich dreams crushed village” as its theme, zouping private lending is reported to reach 100 billion yuan scale, eventually ended in crash tragedy. At that time, more than 30 people died because of the folk debit and credit disputes.

“Sure enough, current events was known throughout the country. Touch nothing can touch usury, so how many people are killed. “Yu ming sighed.

Online Yu Huan Su Yinxia mother to a “petition”, Su Yinxia expresses your regret concerning the participation in private lending: “we strayed into usurious trap, harm himself or hurt anyone else. ”

Has been proud of Mencius in their hometown, Guan left through the ages quote: wealth, and true, and should never be corrupted by it. More recently, Guan, most foreigners became known: usury, disgrace to mother, to life imprisonment.

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