Shandong investigated 10 tons of “stinky feet salt” hands rub smell

[Summary] “smelly feet salt” packaging and quality salt don’t seem different, but opened later in the hand with a twist, or as long as a heat, you will have a stench emanates.

Found the problem collection of salt storage.

In recent days, friends “stinky feet salt” it’s fire. 17th, Yan Wu learned that journalists in Taian city, Shandong province, last week, Tai fan Zhen also identified the “stinky” salt.

“Last week, we received the report, consumers bought salt foot odor. “17th salt works in Taian City Branch directly under the staff, they received reports of a small supermarket, culminating in a wholesale Department found 2 tons of fan Zhen from laiwu shipment of” smelly feet salt. ” “Upon receipt of the report began tracking source, that supermarket salt fan Zhen is a wholesale supply of goods. ”

“The salt content in the supermarket not much, we track fan Zhen is a wholesale Department to supply it. This wholesale is a private wholesale, do not have wholesale rights. Later, according to the information provided by wholesale, we learn that this wholesale salt was purchased from laiwu, the matter reported to the salt works in laiwu city, laiwu, according to clues found in 8 feet of salt. “Salt in Taian City Branch directly under the Secretary introduced, seized at the scene they are detected with a simple approach, this batch of iodine in salt, but most of the well and rock salt drilling solution mining process, water injection brine of dissolved mineral salts removed by drilling, if a brine operation in the process is not in place, easily primary hydrogen sulfide into the vacuum salt making process. “Is the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide a colorless gas, salt products contain foot odor, derived from it. “When the people in the choice of salt, due attention to the salt-producing areas. “Long-term consumption of salt, be harmful to the human body. ”

Reporters found that “smelly feet salt” package suddenly looks no different with the quality of the salt, but opened later in the hand with a twist, or as long as a heat, you will have a stench emanates.

According to the seizures, these salts are mainly two kinds, both iodized table salt, and belongs to deep wells of rock salt. Number of samples for a series 800 grams, another 400 grams. Manufacturers for the Condor in pingdingshan, Henan province, salt industry limited liability company, branded as “Yu Ying”.

(Qilu evening news • Shandong one point reporters Hou Haiyan)

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