Shaanxi Bank Court refused to cooperate with the judge to open 500,000 tickets

Huashang News (reporter Zeng Chun Zhou Jinzhu) judges of the on-site investigation to verify the information by law, banks are refusing to carry out an investigation obligation. The next day, the court fined 500,000 yuan fine served on the banking decision.

Research mortgage information

Two judges went to the Bank to investigate

Liu xinxing is a judge in Hanzhong city intermediate people’s Court to the Executive Board a few days ago, he implementation of a private lending case, needs to be the implementation of auction house. Before the auction, he sought to enforce was informed by people, is executed in Xian, the property, a mortgage in Qujiang, current loan have not finished.

If the House is lending, so unable to transfer after the auction. Loan information to clear the House, do the judges homes have applied for the investigation of the housing mortgage information to the Hanzhong, Hanzhong decision lawful investigation and verification.

On March 13, the Hanzhong practitioners found in the Bank’s consumer credit Center, upon presentation of a work permit and certificate on mission, forward assist to the head of the inquiry. Lee said, head of the Bank’s consumer credit going upstairs to ask leaders did not show up one hour later. Judges repeatedly asked Bank staff during the period, urging Lee to appear on several occasions. However, Lee said, implementation of the letter of assist query judges had no effect, obligations refuses to perform to assist the inquiry. In the implementation of the judge’s interpretation of the law and to inform after refusing to perform assisted discovery obligations of legal consequences, Lee has refused to assist.

Court: getting 500,000 penalty decision Bank Visa

Hanzhong homes provide a live video show: Lee does not view the documents of people such as Liu xinxing, with as much room, Liu xinxing ran, ever explained, followed by Lee with documents of people such as Liu xinxing, look again claimed that letters of assist are invalid and require a letter of introduction. Liu xinxing says letter is outside the law demands is not legal, but not Lee insists he did not ask for a reference.

“Video is recorded in the us, after Lee refused to cooperate with the only recorded. “Yesterday, Liu xinxing told Chinese reporters on March 13 after the Bank investigation rejected, they will record video back to the hospital in Hanzhong, after decision, the Bank is refusing to comply with investigation obligation, impose a fine of 500,000 yuan limit paid before March 23, 2017. If you do not obey this decision may, upon receipt of the written decision, to the Shaanxi Provincial higher people’s Court for reconsideration, reconsideration does not stop during execution. If the bank refuses to pay the fine, the courts will enforce.

Said Liu xinxing, on March 14, the Hanzhong Institute sent two bailiffs arrived at Xian, and together they went to the Bank, served on the penalty decision, but the Bank refused to sign.

If you do not pay fines

On bank-related persons judicial detention

It is understood that the Supreme People’s Court, people’s Bank of China on standardizing the earlier execution and financial institutions to assist in the implementation of the article, the people’s Court when the query is executed in the deposits of all financial institutions, law enforcement officers I card should be produced and implemented corporate card and issued by the Court to assist in query credit advice, and financial institutions should assist with enquiries immediately.

Liu Nova telled penalty basis of 500,000 yuan for 114th civil procedure provisions of articles, has an obligation to assist in the investigation, the unit performed, refusing to assist in the search, seizure, freezing or transfer, sell property, the unit amount of penalty, less than RMB 50,000 yuan and 1 million Yuan. “The inquiry found in Hanzhong, Li as bank staff, are very actively resists help in querying, but not pushing, beatings and other acts of violence, so fine to get the middle value of 500,000 yuan. ”

China business news reporter was informed that if the banks fail to pay a fine of 500,000 yuan in March 23, Hanzhong homes can be based on civil law, to judicial custody Lee and Branch Manager, and to the supervisory organ or branch of superior authority disciplinary administration of Justice recommendations.

Apologize to the persons concerned

The Bank’s higher authorities involved in the investigation

Yesterday morning, Qujiang the Bank staff said the leadership in that 15th night after being fined 500,000 yuan in Hanzhong, had an urgent meeting 16th have begun investigations, and to report to the province line. Current provincial Bank offices and has been involved in investigating the matter.

China commercial news reporters learned that Lee, head of bank credit have been rushed to the hospital in Hanzhong apologized.

The Bank official said, the line is currently investigating the matter, and said the provincial authorities will respond on the matter, but by the 16th, at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, Chinese reporters have not been back.

On thing, Northwest University University people law college associate professor Li Kangning said, Bank has tie Court Survey of obligations, judge show documents Hou, still was Bank bewilders, description Bank aspects is has fault of, and Court made of 500,000 yuan of fine, is law according to rules of, “punishment on has perform assist survey obligations of people and units has warning meaning, not perform obligations, eventually will by legal of punishment. ”

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