Rich girl caught induced by lack of family care: parents no more than six years home

27 year old man Wang came to Beijing to make a living, because “hurry for money” found a male public relations profession, hostesses, follow not only sleep, also accompany drug addicts. Although he earned a lot of money, but because of a gambling space. A few days ago, Chaoyang, according to reports of the police, in a hotel near SanLiTun Wang and foreman Ah Kun captured. Under further investigation, the police caught a female guest Li Zhao of friends, as well as a drug. It is understood that Lee was a rich second generation, although the opening sports car living in a mansion, but a lack of parental guidance, and eventually contracted drug. Currently four were detained by the police.

Illegal to earn quick money for one night to lose 200,000

Recently, the Chaoyang people’s reporting to the police, a young man carrying ice in a hotel room near the SanLiTun. Soon, the police arrived at the hotel, a man in control. The man, aged 27, was a tall, handsome face. He said Wang, usually in a KTV waitressing. “I’ll be with female guests sing, drink. If done well, can earn 500 Yuan a night tip. Sometimes the captain will fail to arrange for guests to accompany sleep. , “Wang said, because the family has no money, he came to Beijing to make a living alone, so” no pick “. And what he called the “job” is to engage in the sex trade. “Every time I go with sleeping guests are forty or fifty years old woman, they were rich. I can make a qianbabai Yuan a night. ”

Wang said that he was in Beijing to make a lot of money, and bought a Mustang cars worth 500,000 yuan. But because he has the bad habit of gambling, so often lose money. “Had saved up some money in the new year. But Jinhua bar playing one night, lost nearly 200,000 yuan. Only working again. “Wang said, although usually earn more money, but spending too much, in order to have more guests, he needs to spend money to go to the gym and facelift,” nose-PIN. ”

Arrested for selling ice hotel was captured

Wang’s account, the businesses are Captain Ah Kun introduced him. “Ah Kun are KTV captain, 30 years old this year. He introduced me to a guest before. A few days ago, he sent me the app, saying that is going to give me a bigger work, female guests are particularly wealthy, is a returnee, can earn 5000 Yuan a night with her, but with her drug addiction. “Wang says, this 5000 Yuan, unhusked rice to take 1000 Yuan as a Commission, he would get only 4000 Yuan. But because she had lost the money, try so hard to make money, that was down. Before you go, Ah Kun told him to dress “tide”, and gave him a small bag of methamphetamine, was he in the cigarette case, “is how much ice I do not know. ”

Day at 11 o’clock, Ah Kun Wang, caught by the police in the room. Facing police questioning, unhusked rice insisted that they do not know the drug thing, did not know Wang prostitution here. He said Wang just called here “play a game”. But the police soon found clues from Ah Kun’s cell phone records. It turns out that Ah Kun contact for customer and talk about price in advance. Xiao Wang is responsible for accompanying women to take drugs, introduction of fees is 5000 Yuan. Pack a small bag of methamphetamine in the price is 1500 Yuan. Proof positive, Ah Kun and Wang are not excuses, no longer speak in silence.

At present, both detained by the police for selling methamphetamine.

Drug-related home of a rich family falls in French

That night, about Wang’s drug-addicted female guest did not show up. However, police have not given up, according to clues for further investigation and soon found some small drug guests Wang Xiao Li. Investigators found that Lee did not work, nor business, access is open more than 2 million Yuan worth of luxury cars, is a typical rich girl.
After work, the police came to Xiao Li in yizhuang development zone Park 9-storey residence. Beijing morning news reporters learned that the apartment belongs to a closed upscale community, Xiao Li duplex apartment has more than 100 square meters, valued at tens of millions of Yuan, usually she was the only one to live.

Catch that day, civilian police in Lee found that at that time she was with another man in the room. Civilian police will be small and male control and found Lee, Mike’s clutter at home, clothes, living things thrown everywhere. On the coffee table in the room, was a curling.

Claiming to be neets drugs for weight loss

Lee told police, she was a real boomerang, 29 years old but has not been working, busy at home. Because my parents were working abroad, and lucrative, so she was not worried about the source of each month. Li said that her life is to buy clothes and go out every day consumption. She said that every time you buy new clothes and threw old clothes so that you can wear new clothes every day. Lee lived a life of well-fed, but she has not met, in order to thrill, she was infected with a drug. According to her account of drug-taking is looking to lose weight. However, the Beijing morning news reporters learned from the police, and she is 155 cm tall, weighing less than 80 pounds, losing weight is no more than an excuse. Since the tainted with drugs, Li met a lot of toxic friends, including male public relation worker Xiao Wang and Zhao an, in her house on the line. Soon, Xiao Li was brought back to the police station by police for further investigation.

Parents living abroad for many years did not meet

After returning to the police station, Xiao Li and somewhat excited. She said, just drugs soon, knowing that drug use is illegal, but did not realize the seriousness of the problem and now regret. “My father was in Germany when the doctor, his mother as a teacher in the United States. Parents have not returned for six years. They just fixed give me 50,000 a month pocket money, otherwise I. I know that drug use is wrong, but please don’t let me in, because I am applying to migrate to if you have a criminal record, certainly not approved. “Xiao Li begged police said.

Li said that alone make her a lot of pain for a long time. “I don’t have any hobbies, except go out and play, is at home, have a particularly boring. “Xiao Li said mother has just promised this year, let her live with immigration to the United States. Not only that, but can also be arranged for her to go to a television host of the English channel. Good life are within reach, but she will face legal punishment. “I didn’t know because of drugs, and all my life has been disrupted and broken dreams to go to the United States. ”

In addition, the friends of the poison in the civilian police in Lee Cho found on him a lot of ice. According to an account of Zhao, the Meth is he prepared to deal with Xiao Li. But have not had time, he was caught by the police. Currently, Li, Wang, Ah Kun, Zhao four per person was detained by the police, the case is under further investigation.

Expert analysis

Lack of family with no sense of belonging

Psychological experts travel to the case said that in recent years, rich drug like Xiao Li’s situation became more common. He said that in most cases, these rich second generation busy working parents, and can give children a very good material life, but neglected the spiritual care and education for children. Parents often know how to make huge money to repair the shortcomings cannot accompany the child, but failed to give them proper care. Cases like small Li’s parents, although it gave her 50,000 a month pocket money, but have been reunited after six years of returning a. This is an important factor leading to Xiao Li’s spiritual emptiness.

You say most of the idle rich in the inner emptiness and insecurity. In this case, they fail to get proper guidance from parents, and drug use as a crutch and “thrill” approach. You say, many wealthy second generation lacking a known, admitted feeling, they feel no sense of belonging, and then want to use drugs to change their own lives. “Like Xiao Li, no job, can only rely on their parents for money, she is not on the psychological sense of identity, you will want to do some exciting things to change their lives. They are more vulnerable to the temptation of drugs than the general population. “The material conditions of their peers is difficult to reach without correct spiritual guidance, and so more easily than ordinary children’s addiction and wallow.

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