Ramen noodles in Chengdu brother burst red resigned 20 days to ask for a raise with your boss Tan Beng

March 21 in an interview the night before, agreed to meet an upscale hotel downtown, 31, Tian Bo interview with reporters agreed only half an hour.

Tian Bo was a master ramen, in networking because of its ramen enchanting dance becomes famous. Popular all kinds of opportunities and temptations, challenge and change, was unexpected by him.

12 days ago, Tian Bo resigned from the restaurant. After the hit, he has become an Internet host, sit on 480,000 fans, light tips up to 20,000 yuan from business invitations and interviews with the media has been … … But also to worldwide fame after, differences with restaurant manager Tian Bo, strangers with your colleagues, and became popular after 20 days to resign.

It all stems from a network becomes famous.

Departure: Ramen little brother became popular 20 days after resignation

The afternoon of March 20, huanglongxi area, a “town” noodle shop door, dynamic musical accompaniment, a “ramen brother” body dancing ramen, to attract customers.

Than the root itself, dance to music more popular ramen brother, lap after lap surrounded the Ramen brother visitors, keep taking pictures with his mobile phone video, just an array of expressions will cause a scream. But the visitors soon found clues: “network is not this guy! “” The pulled noodles are not original! ”

Indeed, the enchanting dance of hand-pulled noodles “ramen brother” Tian Bo, have already left.

On February 22, huanglongxi scenic network of La Mian Xiao getianbo become famous and enchanting charm with the music of the movement was emulated by netizens and even tourists comes to Chengdu Tian Bo. Network under Carnival, Tian Bo sit on 480,000 fans, specialized encyclopedia of networking cards, Twitter-related topics “# pulled noodles while dancing #” 4.27 million people read, Chengdu commercial daily of Tian Bo before broadcast, watch also reached 4.73 million.

Tian Bo post left the town a restaurant where he once worked, is now some ramen chef turns into battle, combined with the song drunken wants to attract customers. Huang Zhen Yi Gen Mian restaurant next door, also found a ramen chef figure is more like Tian Bo, body size, sometimes winking with customers, attract traffic.

In fact, on March 11, Tian Bo officially resigned from Fame in just 20 days. Huanglongxi scenic numerous dance music ramen brother, Tian Bo is “pirated”.

• Changed after Red

Owner: four times to talk about resignation from 3000 Yuan a month about 10,000

Swimming in the noodle shop owner, Tian Bo’s departure was inevitable. “He became popular after the expansion, is no longer the Ramen chef. ”

Tour, says Mr Tian Bo’s departure, due to worldwide fame after pay and holiday issues raised. He did not expect, because an unexpected hit and Huff had almost 2 years with boss and employee, “where he went and I don’t know why he has his own way of life. I swear to anyone, I have never booked him for his phone number. ”

Popular joy was quickly diluted. “The day after the popular, Tian Bo said some 300,000 a year and ask him to go, this is a tentative tone. Then negotiate terms with the boss, the boss agreed to give him a monthly salary between 9000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan, but have to sign a contract, Tian Bo did not agree. He called for salary rise to 150,000, boss said it could not meet this requirement, so Tian Bo left. “The wife of Liu said, when Tian Bo before entering the store, only 3000 Yuan a month. In her mind, this is Tian Bo fourth talk about resignation, “previous is disguised a rise, Tian Bo wants to come back, I wouldn’t have him. ”

In addition to the pay, Ms Liu Tian Bo started playing after the popular “big,” “after the popular tourists specifically come for Tian Bo dumped, to five bowls. Master Tian Bo let location being jilt, ready to untie the apron to rest. Tian Bo said, ‘ interpretation, I just dumped five bowls. ”

She felt Tian Bo requires more and more, “all workers in the shop two days off per month, Tian Bo to worldwide fame after their 4-5 days off each month. “She cited another example:” daily working time is 8 o’clock in the morning, Tian Bo shop play phone, toilet slow work didn’t begin until 9 o’clock. ”

Shop accused Tian Bo admitted that after the red, indeed little. “Red is basically after they were dumped every day a lot of people pull me over this or that (photos), there are tourists and journalists. “Tian Bo said that the restaurant’s ramen is almost half his at a later stage only one-fourth.

Who you think the face shop, Tian Bo “ungrateful”. “I’m the Tian Bo fame behind. “He said, back in February, like playing APP quickly he found fancy Tian Bo, a clown, his fancy ramen Tian Bo quick live broadcast platform on the video, hot on the major networks quickly, swarms of media step broke the threshold of restaurants, visitors also come with fever. “I made that video, he can do Red? ”

Another reason no maneuvering on both sides is, you think Tian Bo reticulocyte limited effect, “and there were only 6 days that business is good, then back. I suggest a floor or 6000, then red and then a cut. I do business with people like this, you have to create profit for me I just want you. ”

Eventually, the two sides failed to reach an agreement, Tian Bo quit.

• After popular criticism

Colleague stranger “he came, everyone’s leaving”

This sudden network burst red, Tian Bo also caught criticism from colleagues.

“To what degree is it? The four of us eat at the table, he (Tanami) sits over, everyone’s leaving. “Noodle shop owner, Mr Liu said. Tian Bo after the sudden popularity in many places, his dissatisfaction with the Tian Bo. “Fei, he told reporters that he does not represent the restaurant, may not be representative of huanglongxi, he only represents himself. But we are a team! ”

Tian Bo had to work with colleagues in red (not his real name), Tian Bo has changed, “he loved joking with colleagues before speaking, to worldwide fame after becoming more arrogant, love talking to colleagues, throwing out just sitting in the corner, playing on my own mobile phone, play live. ”

Another was incensed by Red thing was when she said Tian Bo in the face of media, denying the restaurant others efforts: “the most charming eyes is to teach him the shop of Lin 孃孃, in the first two days of a media interview, Tian Bo admitted that Lin 孃孃 to teach her, followed does not recognize, said he taught himself! “Red has some grievances. Lin 孃孃, I don’t care, “he admits it or not has little effect on me, I just do my job. “Tian Bo insists,” swing’s eyes when, actions are my own, not other people’s education “.

Tian Bo said in the broadcast, also make colleagues feel angry. “Live, said Tian Bo colleagues envy him sometimes talk to him, I felt we excluded him, means to us sucking up to you? “Colleagues Mei Mei (not his real name) did not understand,” his character is a bit like someone else holding him. ”

Colleagues accused Tian Bo admitted he does play in the working gap phone, “but I didn’t play before red, why not say it? “For Mr Yu You discontent, he is full of fire:” the boss wants to take me on and shop, and I hope that I am who I am, do not equate with anything. ”

• After the popular interest

Sit on 480,000 fans, host a total of 20,000 tips

After the resignation from the restaurant, returned to pengshan Tian Bo home. The first day, he slept at home with my cousin for the second day in pengshan town. Separation of 40 days ‘ wages plus bonus for a total of 10,000 yuan, said Tian Bo saved up, he felt his jeans, muttered the dress pants you can wear.

Network suddenly becomes famous, was surprised by Tian Bo. After the red, many people also threw an olive branch to him, the highest a proposed annual salary of $300,000. “I was rebuffed. A lot of people want to call me the past, but I didn’t. This does not believe outside, unsafe. I think mesh red, Red Red you get Nan for a long time? “More and more tourists from Xinjiang, XI ‘ an, Shanghai, Hunan, came to see left, there are girls that like Tian Bo, Tian Bo own steelyard,” but can you believe it? Isn’t very practical. ”

February red days, brings far more than Tian Bo in the past 31 years. Never graduated from junior high school, 15-year old Tian Bo began working site, take-away, vehicle did, ate a lot. 2015 issued by Tian Bo 10 friends are mobile games, long didn’t work, Tian Bo began to work in huanglongxi a noodle shop, 3000 Yuan a month. It never occurred to him and a network becomes famous, changed his fate.

Following the resignation of he is not worried about problems at work. After the popular, quick on the live platform, Tian Bo, 480,000 fans live hundreds of thousands of comments, cumulative fans tips more than 20,000 yuan.

In February this year, after the network becomes famous, Tian Bo register their own live accounts, not broadcast live over the Internet on a regular basis, broadcast the main contents of his answer user questions. This live account soon fire up, netizens start as he “gifts”. “And the live platform after dividends, I get 20,000 reward bonuses. “He said.

On live in practiced hands the other day, Tian Bo announced his resignation to his fans because a passing: “something bad to say. ”

After the hit and the future

New cultural show can no longer simply hand-pulled noodles

Following the resignation of Tian Bo’s first job was two days of commercial speech in the rum. For two days, 4000 Yuan, three points. Before than ramen noodles, making money seems to be easier. 3 people including Tian Bo and friends, staying at downtown hotel, free shuttle service to the new Convention and Exhibition Center. Staying at fancy hotels, Tian Bo and some are not comfortable. Even the mini-bar drinks, he is more accustomed to buying from outside 2 bucks a bottle of nongfu spring.

Everything is new, old town restaurant, ramen chef once, once every 100 pounds, is over. “This time, never wanted to go back again, also cannot go back anymore. ”

Tian Bo says he is no longer a simple noodle master. He told reporters that apart from the two days of rum commercial speech, he also found a new job, but he is not willing to disclose the details of the job. “New work was associated with the left, but not simply dumped. We were working, and are spaced out and contact some people these days, they are right, I would like to root as a culture passed down. ”

He said his new job, cultural performances, can no longer simply hand-pulled noodles, “I am exploring new things. “He said mysteriously.

This sudden network becomes famous, and bring great change to the Tian Bo, until now still makes him difficult to adapt. “Earn more than before, but I’d rather go back to the previous (so-so) level. “Finished two seconds, Tian Bo hasten to add,” but was too tired before, a contradiction is. ”

Parents: after fame, he called us “I’m not afraid to laugh”

At home people, Tian Bo left it into. The night of March 10, Tian Bo rode his motorcycle back from huanglongxi located in pengshan Jiang Kou Zhen Hua village home. “MOM, I quit. “Tian Bo told the news of the resignation by his mother Wang xiuying. “Quit? I quit, don’t do what you have to do it? “Wang xiuying surprised, but only reluctantly in response to a question,” which you, big man, their own things to deal with. ”

22nd, the Chengdu business newspaper found Tian Bo home. Mother Wang xiuying said son these days are not coming back, “should be out there looking for work. “The resignation of his son, Wang xiuying feels it is a pity,” began to pull only the year before that he works in ya face, later of huanglongxi. This was about a year, the starting salary of two thousand or three thousand Yuan, and later up to 3500, 4000 to 5000, along the way is not easy. Up to 5000, is only less than two months later, he is ready to resign, some wondered. “Wang xiuying said huanglongxi at work, son home every day,” every day at seven in the morning to go out riding a motorcycle, come back until eight or nine o’clock at night and sometimes later, especially in winter as cold, really hard. Now he says it does not do, is not married, now still going to car to House, this didn’t work. ”

Even though the son was resigned not to discuss with family, but day son of my family was very pleased. “Starting from work, he would not spend a penny, wages also gave the most to the home, there are 4000 and he’ll give me 3500, I just leave a little pocket money. “Wang xiuying said, because the working relationship, her husband has been working at the double, I work at a local dairy farm,” I more than 4 points in the morning and coming home, 8 o’clock come back, so many times we chat together when not many, many things are his own, and never let the heart. ”

In addition to these, another Wang xiuying and other friends feel happy about is that the son since huanglongxi ramen became cheerful lot. “Ever seen people won’t notice, and say a few words on the blush, sometimes see people buried his head back home rather than go out to play. “Wang xiuying said, but now it’s a lot better,” especially after his fire, at that time, gave us a call, said that a lot of media interviews he now ramen whether lilaysi give me a dance, is not afraid of being laughed at. ”

Son’s sudden burst of red, Wang xiuying sees son for years you don’t see on the other side. Just recently, when he resigned the day after, as the video is booming, many people in the village made to Tian Bo in the Act of performing a Ramen in front of everyone. Tian Bo then dance up a rope in front of, and this scene just for mother to see. “This is the first time for so many years to see him in front of everyone to do this action. “Wang xiuying said.

This coincided with the video “enchanting” ramen compared to little brother, has a great contrast, Ferial Tian Bo exceptions within. 22nd, reporters visited a local neighbor, assessment of Tian Bo is introverted. “See I don’t often talk only dolls in some of his classmates will open. “Village shop owner describes.

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